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  1. I repeat: my post had NOTHING at all to do with religion. Zero, zippo nada. Didn't intend to imply that at all, Chad...Hope no offense was taken
  2. I don't see anything wrong with the question asking if there are other Pastors into Geocaching, any more than someone asking if there are any Iowans, bricklayers, fishermen, geologists, etc. into the hobby. Some people are looking for potential friends with a common bond in addition to Geocaching. Religion does seem to create a "hornet's nest", but it is part of life! Dick
  3. As a metal detectorist myself, I can assure you these devices are definitely not a scam....they work quite well, but like many other elecronic devices it takes some time to understand what the MDer is trying to tell you from the various signals it emits. I have used my MDer geocaching and also for locating Benchmarks. In addition, Geocaching takes us all to locations we would never have dreamed of going to on purpose, and quite often you may run across an area to return to just for the metal detecting...such as an abandoned town, homestead or picnic grove where rare finds can be abundant. MDing is a great hobby, and in fact it was info from an MD forum that alerted me to Geocaching...my recommendation is get one if you want one...they are a blast
  4. I'm sorry. I don't understand. Is that a problem? Other than if your item will fit in a given container what does size have to do with trading? No No, not a problem at all; Just was wanting to clarify a difference from a Micro to a Small, and I now see that some Micros can contain trade items, if large enough.....
  5. Yes, in the guidelines. Thanks; so trade items can definitely be part of some Micros
  6. I have found a number of "Micros" that have room for swag & TB's. Magnetic key cases and other smaller containers are often classified as "Micro", but could be classified as "Small" since there is some room for trade items. Is there any real guideline as to what constitutes a Micro? Dick
  7. My Geo-Buddy is our 11 year old grandson. He counts down the hours till we go out together; two weeks ago he visited us at our winter RV home in Florida. Man, did he love the experience, learning that Florida caching is quite different than back home in Iowa. I wouldn't trade our Geo experiences for anything; enjoy the new hobby
  8. We enjoy geocaching as a way to see "off the beaten path" areas we travel to. As an example, yesterday we traveled from our RV park in Ft. Pierce FL across the inland waterway to South Hutchinson Island. We spent the best part of the day here, not just caching, but seeing the attractions, walking the beach and enjoying a picnic lunch at one of the many beach parks on the island. We didn't set any finds records..that was not our intention...but we did have a blast and were totally pooped by the time we returned to the RV park.
  9. That should do it........the 100 is simple but very effective....good luck
  10. Though I've never encountered one (yet), a rabid animal is my greatest concern. The recent news event about a lady jogger who had a rabid fox latch onto her arm & not letting go as she ran a mile to her car, then finally getting it loose and locked in the trunk, is a very unnerving story. Has anyone here ever had an encounter with a rabid animal??
  11. We don't have any particular goals when it comes to caching, except when we're RVing in a different area...we line up side trips to see different parts of the area we are currently in, picking off a cache or two along the way. For us it's not about numbers as much as it is experiencing the areas we visit first hand as opposed to just "through the windshield"
  12. Good reminder, Bergie! Had an incident in our area this week; One hunter accidentally shot and killed his best friend. After calling 911 and leading authorities to the scene, the shooter then turned the gun on himself, commiting suicide. When planning to cache anywhere where there's even a remote chance of hunters being around, for Heaven's sake wear BLAZE ORANGE
  13. Congrats kullas!! What an opportune time to find this Benchmark; Hope you get to keep it Dick
  14. If this could be added as a Premium Member feature, it could sure help encourage more to donate the $30/year. For some, like me, it would be one of the best features of Premium Membership, in addition to doing my part to support the site. What I'd really like to see is a way to have unfound caches and benchmarks on the same map page together. And to be able to PQ benchmarks would be another great feature. Dick
  15. DNF's are part of the game; if you went fishing and caught one with every cast, you'd soon tire of the sport. I enjoy going back and reviewing past finds and DNF's, and have even, by reviewing past DNF's, found clues as to where I may have missed something, then go back and find the cache (or Benchmark). Your percentage of DNF's to Finds will improve as time goes by Dick
  16. Critics, complainers and grammar Nazis aren't exclusive to GC.Com; Every forum out there has their group of "perfectionists" who want to "recreate you in their own images". I understand your concern because I've been through this at other forums. Don't let this stop you from doing your best, and eventually you'll learn who these people are and soon the ability to "laugh off" their tirades will become second nature. Plus, I really like your daughter's ideas. Good Luck Dick
  17. Couple of great stories rockhounders and AZ. Still new to the BM hunting thing; enjoy accounts from experienced folks
  18. I have used this site, and it's very nice to see where the BMs are more than just one at a time. Just used it last night to plan today's BM hunting. I do have a problem, though. On our laptop PC (w/Verizon card) I get the maps & BMs just fine, but on our home computer just the map but no BMs show up. Anyone have a hint on what I need to do? I've refreshed, reloaded, clicked the Labels On/Off & nothing works. Any advice would sure be appreciated! Dick
  19. Answer 4 0f 3,754 I started a year ago with a little explorist 100, B/W, no maps, hand enter. Got it on sale for $35. Not in the least bit sorry about the decision, either. I've learned the hobby without hi-tech stress and possibly a wrong decision had I bought a hi-tech GPS right away. Now I'm ready to begin shopping for an upgrade and will always have the 100 as a back-up. Dick
  20. Agreed; even after just 31 finds, I've gotten into some rather unsafe predicaments. Like one in Florida where the trail was crawling with fire ants and wasps (plus a black snake or two); the cache owner sure didn't mention this I was more than happy to DNF this one
  21. Rotten, stinken, Iowegians....er, wait...never mind... Hey, we may not smell very good, Egami; but we sure are pretty
  22. The Topic is Prank Caches & This is a Forum for Discussion of Opinions; Why All the Name Calling and Personal Insults?
  23. I'm sorry if my posts came off as Negative; here's how I look at it: In reviewing the caching experiences I've had so far, if a surprise cache had been there to greet me, and I had been startled and jumped back, I could have twisted an ankle, broke a bone, got a poke in the eye from a branch, or fallen into a stream. And this is based on just 30 finds so far. Safety & Common Sense is my motto; Just don't want to hear about anyone being hurt due to someone else's idea of a cute trick. If you think this is Negative, SORRY
  24. You speak the truth, Drooling......All it takes is a few to ruin it for all of us, be it Geocaching, MDing or any outdoor sport/hobby!!
  25. If this is the future of geocaching, then I'm going back to the hobby I came from: Metal Detecting
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