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  1. Hmmm, let me re-read the original post... That was my experience with EC's, I rarely even bother with them (or virtuals for that matter) anymore. If platinum EC members can't do it right what do they expect from others? Lead by example
  2. I have had one of my EC logs deleted by the this very "Platinum Earthcacher" for not posting a pic of my face... however, when I read his reply to this post as well as look at his logs from previous posts of his EC finds there is absolutely something fishy if not down right WRONG about them... How can you log a EC cache in Colorado when you are in ALASKA!?!? Even though Cirrus may not be ARMY he definitely has a point. I am embarrassed for you!
  3. Just hit 18 this month... 2 more Army
  4. I would have to agree... it is not the container that makes the cache, rather the location/view/experience/uniqueness you have to go through to put pen to paper. I do not enjoy urban caches, but find myself doing them when I don’t have time to trek into the back woods, between errands in town or traveling on a tight schedule. I have found several outstanding urban caches that I never would have looked for had I edited my pq to exclude micros or a certain ratings intermixed with the trash cache-n-dashes. Everyone has done more than their share of lame caches. What would be nice is if there was some way for the rest of the caching community to rate caches so those who have not been to gz of a lame cache yet can avoid them. Recommendation; an additional option on the pq page that allowed you to only select caches above 60% or 75% approval rating (or whatever), similar to public bookmarks… long stretch I know. But there is that 1 in 50 (I’m being generous here) worthy urban cache that keeps me sifting through trash (literally, but only briefly in some instances) in search of the next “wow” factor. Size doesn’t matter… (colloquial expressions aside) I just want to be able to avoid downloading waypoints that suck! Quote from a fellow cacher: You know, xxxxxx and I tried some urban caching earlier this spring. We invited the grandparents (i.e. my parents) to come along for a nice walk and show them what all the geocaching hub-bub is about. It turned out to be a very lame experience. Embarrassing, actually. We were looking in ditches filled with trash and litter, behind some old industrial buildings, along the backsides of residential fences with overgrown weeds and crap everywhere... We found 10 caches and never logged any of them. That was the end of that!! How can “we” (collectively) clean up this hobby?
  5. I hope the word "crappie" didn't fall into your list of "Vulgar Language" or I'm gonna have to give up fishin
  6. Numbers are not everything, this is one of eight caches within a one mile radius... just how many should there be? Placement is important. Judging from your name and description of the Tyr origin, I would expect something a little more challenging, unique... a find would make someone feel victorious as if a battle was won, not just adding another smiley to their stats.
  7. AMEN!!! Are you running in November? You've got my vote!
  8. No problems with newbies hiding caches... just make sure the placement is well thought out and it is QUALITY. I don't know where the line between newbie and full fledged cacher is but I've seen people that have been caching long enough to know better put out some total crappie caches.
  9. OH!!! and one more grip, complaint whatever... LACK OF QUALITY CONTROL
  10. my frustrations are several, i doubt this forum will be read or help me get over them, alas here i begin... - tired of trash caches (caches that are in horrible areas, wth am i supposed to see here beside wino bottles and the stench of urine?) - tired of park and grab ftf braggers (anything over a 3/3 is worthy of posting an ftf in your log, other than that you aint got anything to brag about) - tired of micros off the trail (horrible vegetation destruction, not what caching is about) - tired of ridiculous hints or no hints (if i didn't need a clue i wouldn't be looking) - one thing I like... the ignore list and the ability to create other bookmarks (too bad I'd get booted if I published some of them)
  11. its sad, the number of caches have more than doubled in the past year in the state I live... a direct reflection to the level of quality going the other way
  12. I only give caches one shot now... if it is hidden in a bad area, bad coords or high muggle traffic it goes directly to the "bookmark" so I don't have to look at it anymore. Bad enough I had to drive out to it in the first place.
  13. Look for something greater than a 1/1... I like reading posts about lamp post FTF braggers, or any other park and grab for that matter. I don't keep track of my FTF's, but do remember one that went 6 months before being discovered. Key to being FTF... go long and work for it
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