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  1. I know you have already figured it out but you can find out easily in GSAK. View> Add/Remove Columns> Check the box for Found Count> OK. It would be the only cache with a number 2 in that column. Easy Peasy
  2. Seeing as the original poster has only posted four times ever and 3 were in this thread, perhaps it would have been more beneficial if you pointed them in the right direction of whatever you consider to be the "correct forum". My understanding is the problem has been rectified so should be working fine for your now lynnewill.
  3. I just created a route and it worked fine. I did not create it the way you suggested though. Try this, on the right side of your profile page closer to the bottom you will see User Routes, you can create a new route under there. I don't believe you can create a route from the map screen.
  4. Is it necessary? We are about to host our 9th CITO event, we have had newspaper, magazine and TV crews in past events. I no longer allow media, I find it causes a distraction at the event and we don't accomplish as much. Sure it's nice to be recognized for doing good, but if you are going to CITO just for media attention you are doing it for the wrong reasons IMO.
  5. Old link, try here http://centralontariogeocachers.com/wordpress/
  6. Exactly, this is your opportunity to create good relations with the TRCA. It would be bad form to have all your participants kicked out of the park on the day of the event so go ahead and reach out to them. If they say NO I am sure you can find another area worthy of a cleanup. Good luck with your first CITO event.
  7. *Sigh* I remember when CITO events were about people willingly giving their time back to the community and the lands that we enjoy. Long before it was about getting a souvenir or unlocking an achievement. Can it not just be about that any more? No offense but I'm starting to think people are missing the point of what CITO is all about.
  8. Never gonna happen, it contravenes the three basic rules of geocaching which are: 1) If you take something from the geocache (or "cache"), leave something of equal or greater value. 2) Write about your find in the cache logbook. 3) Log your experience at www.geocaching.com. Here is a helpful link http://www.geocaching.com/guide/
  9. In a case such as this I typically write a needs archive log something like this "Posting a needs archive on this one in hopes of grabbing a reviewers attention who can at the very least disable it. All previous requests for maintenance have gone unanswered and the cache is in terrible shape". Mrs T.
  10. Thank You for your reply, that is mostly how I understood it to be.
  11. Is it safe to "assume" that nothing has changed in the review process? Another trail club has also posted a similar statement banning caches but at the moment to the best of my knowledge nothing has changed on the review end of the process because its not as simple as saying "caches are not allowed".
  12. Congratulations!! I was so pleased to watch the video and see that you found it in good shape, you certainly deserved the reward of the most coveted first to find ... well done!!
  13. Oh that guy ... wow now I know who you mean! Best wishes Stormgren-X for a safe trip and the adventure of a lifetime!!
  14. Treknschmidt

    Bike Rack

    We have a Swagman 2 bike platform towing hitch rack. We really like it, we both drive trucks so its interchangeable to either vehicle. Its easy to use and remove. You won't go wrong with a hitch rack, we do recommend putting extra straps on for peace of mind there is a lot of movement and rub points on these types of racks.
  15. You need to write to Groundspeak with a link to your log just like Moun10Bike has stated. They had to fix it for our profile and they did it within two days of our request.
  16. We attended a 12-12-12 event and received no souvenir at all? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=86ae6955-7658-49e5-a381-b12d088d8e7f
  17. I never noticed until it was mentioned but you are correct we didn't get our souvenir and we attended a 12-12-12 event, I dated my log for the 12th but didn't actually write it until the 14th.
  18. This one was worth getting off the highway for when we drove to Disney in September http://coord.info/GC2D54
  19. 5.1%, we often have a lot of caches suffering with maintenance issues.
  20. Based on this statement alone I would quit. If its not fun is it worth doing?
  21. WoW factor or leave em dead!!!
  22. Interesting read, Thank You niraD
  23. What exactly was the problem?
  24. I concur! We've found 26 5/5s and I'd say there were only 2 that deserved the rating.
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