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  1. Well done Ian24! Oh, and not forgetting... well done The Royles as well!
  2. Dan, da dan dan... dan Well done John/Sue/Chester!
  3. Well done Paul! Special concrats from the Paul Table Club!
  4. What a nightmare! Finally got a submission to the calendar before it got a submission out of me! Unfortunately it's logged a double entry. Email with details sent! Novel idea for a travel bug! Look forward to receiving the tracking number! Paul
  5. White Jeep, blah it's just another travel bug! To do list: Check contents of piggy bank! Add White Jeep "Preston" and all Wiltshire caches to Watchlist!
  6. Seen them but not even tempted Paul! No point in playing the game if one is not prepared to play it straight. Actually bagged about 70 TBs but some would have been hindered by being moved i.e. airport TB caches. Only scored those I've moved. What a month for TB scores! Well done Dallan72, 48 TBs, phew! What's up Brian, even Prince of Darkness was higher up the table than you this month and he only caches at night! You really do need to get out more! Good effort with COTM again, thanks.
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