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  1. After bending one of my walking poles leaping off Ben Nevis and using them as brakes, I've invested in a cool pair of spring loaded, air assisted Leki poles. Catch me if you can you mere mortals! Better not let my bergen out of my sight with so many loose rocks about! Just checked with Wasdale Head Inn, breakfast is for residents only. Hot snacks available around the back from 08:30. All being well I'll be lurking menacingly somewhere around the area in travel bug P111 GPS.
  2. With five days to go I can now see this event appearing over my calendar horizon! Driving up from Southampton Friday night via my Brother's in Blackpool to be in Wasdale Head by 8 o'clock Saturday morning. If you're not up with the kettle on Paul I'll be pulling your pegs out! Presuming you're roughing it in a tent of course! Will our contingent have any Geocaching banners on the camp site or am I looking for a "rather large bloke in a gorilla suit"?!
  3. Once you've sorted how to attach the GPS to your bike pay some consideration to the battery compartment. While you're bouncing and bumping around the countryside the batteries can shift loosing contact therefore shutting down the unit! Very annoying having to keep turning it back on! I use a Garmin GPS III+ on my mountain bike having replaced it on the motorbike with a Garmin GPS V. (Jury's still out on whether to upgrade to a quest yet!) I've been using the III+ on a mountain bike sucessfully for a number of years. Garmin offer a simple battery compartment accessory comprising a spring insert which stops the batteries moving. You have my assurance it works as the GPS has remained switched on even after I've been ejected from the saddle! Do remember though, an expensive GPS on a mountain bike with an over enthusiastic rider is not always a sensible option! Hope you can sort your application out. Ideal solution for getting round those long distance multi caches. One of the best I can remember doing was The Phillimore Clans "Poohsticks" in the Oxford area which I rattled round early one morning Aug 2004. Watch your speed on that one though! Also great for stringing caches together such as the Water of Leith event Edinburgh Sep 2004 with Highland Nick and the rest of our caching friends north of the wall, a dozen or so miles following the river through the city knocking off caches along the way. And then there was the pass of Glencoe.......... enjoy!
  4. For the same reasons as Haggis Hunter I've been metric for years. As for measuring in feet I can no longer fathom it out!
  5. Hi John, Have you considered arranging to meet with the cacher(s)? It's an offer I always make should anyone have difficulty with one of my caches. OK, you can't be too careful these days but bear in mind all cachers are registered with Groundspeak and are potentially authenticated/traceable through their email address. Not a secure guarantee of their good intentions though! Paul
  6. Well done John, only five years and another 750 caches till your tenth aniversary!
  7. Ah Brian, so you too survived the Mickledore scramble! I'm sure the path was sliding downwards underfoot as I was climbing up! That gully is deffinately not recommended for your plan Paul, too technical for the average walker. Don't miss the left fork on the way up Lingmell Gill! If you pre-programme a waypoint for the saddle 'tween the Pike and Lingmell that'll steer you in the correct direction.
  8. Another day, another mountain to climb! 12 Aug is a long way off at the moment but I've marked the date in my diary. Top marks for organising it Paul.
  9. Well done Stuey, the big one for Christmas maybe?!
  10. Great effort Alison, no wonder you've been looking like a Zombie!
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