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  1. I'm surprised no one's come up with this one yet: Just ask them to mooooove out of the way!
  2. Welcome back Chris, nothing much has change!
  3. Of all the space out on Salisbury Plain why did they have to build Stonehenge so close to a busy holiday route?
  4. Male, cache alone cause no one will come with me! Not even out of curiosity!
  5. Thought I was clever, driving up from Southampton to take FTF on Ben Rinnes 575 miles by car or 456 miles by crow! GCZHXN A Hill for all Seasons
  6. How about: Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo Foxtrot Golf Hotel India Juliet Kilo Lima Mike November Oscar Papa Qubec Romeo Sierra Tango Uniform Victor Whisky Xray Yankee Zulu They all sound like unusual and unique words that will not be confused in a normal sentence! Sorry... have I lost the thread somewhere?
  7. Outstanding! Parked at Baggator Gate and wandered along the bridleway to Wheal Prosper then stolled across to South Tavy Head then mosey'd on up to Cut Hill then mooched on over to Fur Tor then after a small diversion meandered our way down stream to Watern Oke then ambled across to The Fat Range Pole and finally drifted up to Lynch Tor before heading back to Baggator Gate. A most relaxing day after two previous intense days caching around Dartmoor. Many thanks to my travelling companions davy boy and Paul from Cantor Clan, of course not forgetting eight of the Cantor Clan's other legs!
  8. My TB Bond Street Confusion is on the list. Am I bovvered? Is this the face of concern? TBs, caches, geocoins? Me bovvered? Events, forums? Bovvered, me, bovvered? I ain't bovvered! Good luck with the event. Might even attend, if I can be bovvered!
  9. Surely they would have known which side of the border they were on from the broken red line on the surface of the water?
  10. I've been using my GPS in car for more years than I can remember! Originally bought a GPS for motorcycle rallying and over the years have measured with intrigue speedo differences. Generally I've found the car speedos I've assessed as more accurate than motorcycles. I've found the difference is normally up to 10% that's 63 mph GPS at 70 mph speedo, however I've generally seen an average of -5 mph at 60/70 mph. Best I've seen is a Land Rover Defender 90 I hired from Manchester for a 2000 mile business trip in Scotland, I was seeing -1.5 mph at 60 mph! I once owned a '89 reg Volvo 760GLE returning -2 mph at 70 mph and have recently measured my Directors Merc 320CLS (in black so we've nicknamed it Batmobile!) at the same. As for my current crop of travel bugs, P99GPS -4.5 at 60 mph (Garmin iQue3600), P100GPS -5 at 70 mph (Garmin Quest2) and P111GPS -4 at 70 mph (Garmin iQue3600).
  11. Anyone heard of Artfield Fell Wind Farm? I was a Project Manager on the logistics team for the transport of the turbines from Ayr Port to site near Stranraer. As part of the road route planning I was required to identify suitable temporary stopping locations for up to three vehicles at over 20m each (trucks with either blades or tower sections). When surveying laybys I would stand at one end and get a GPS mark, then instruct the GPS to goto the mark so walking to the other end of the layby would give me the distance/length of the layby! Calculating obstacles such as road curvatures, street furniture, bridges, etc require more precise methods using tape measures and/or lasers but for a rough calculation such as with the laybys using the GPS was a precise enough!
  12. I decided to press ahead with this idea last December after my second week in the Highlands and feeling in pretty good shape to carry into this year a fitness level required to take on the challenge! However after suffering reoccurring back problems for the last two months I've not been able to maintain my fitness. So what? I say, I've got time before the end of Jun! It's as very busy schedule I have with my work and related activities with some weekends taken up for such. My company is based in an office building in Winchester which has just been sold and the new landlords have given notice to all businesses in the building. I can only presume they wish to redevelop! So that's that then! There is no way I can now find time to dedicate to this challenge now I have to relocate my business whilst maintaining operations! Apologies to all who have shown interest and support, thanks. What I suggest is, if someone else would like to carry the idea forward and go ahead this year as planned please do, otherwise I'll be looking for another opportunity next year.
  13. My only thought is for some it would be more convenient to park at the end and some at the start. If we do hire the bus and it is a 50/50 ish split is it worth getting the bus to start at the finish, go to the start, do the trip to the finish, and then go to the start again. Perhaps I need to draw a map as that description was rubbish. :-) No problem working that one out, only 'cause I know you Alistair! Logistics suggest a good idea, finance suggests otherwise! Merseyventure, many thanks for your message, one step ahead of you I'd already ruled out minibus and driver on financial grounds! So to everyone out there I'm trawling for a volunteer to drive a minibus. For any prospective volunteer terms and conditions will apply, to protect my wallet mainly(!): Eligibility to drive regulations can be found on the DVLA website: http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/Drive...ions/DG_4022498 This is based on the rental of a 16 (17 incl driver) seat minibus from 09:00 Fri 29 Jun til 09:00 Mon 2 Jul Although the rental term will be paid by myself in advance you'll be required to cover the deposit You'll be required to collect the minibus in your name and return it as required by the rental company You'll be totally responsible for the minibus for the full duration of the hire For the event you'll be required to take rest/sleep during the periods the group is on the mountain The event is not a race to attempt the peaks in as quick a time as possible therefore I would expect you to take reqular driving breaks as necessary Passenger pickup will be from Bryn Gloch campsite evening of Fri 29 Jun to arrive Auchintee by first light Saturday morning The event will flow through to conclusion at Pen-y-Pass on completion of Snowdon with a final driven leg back to Bryn Gloch campsite sometime on the Sunday Please either reply to this topic or email me through my account if you wish to volunteer.
  14. A rather flippant topic title is the only relevance I can see to the topic opener! Are we talking "Sock puppets" or "alternative caching identity"? I have no "Sock puppets" but three "alternative caching identities" and they're all actively cached! It's all a big secret and I'm not telling anyone I've got them! www.Pyoung1s.co.uk As for the reasons... over a beer maybe!
  15. Thanks for that gem Richie, how many times have visitors to the lake district met a wall of coach coming at them! Commercialisation over common sense considering the nature of the roads around the lakes! The caching event will be submitted on the grounds that all who wish to attend will be responsible for their own transport arrangements. That's normal! However, I'm planning on personally funding a 16 seater minibus to depart Bryn Gloch on Fri 29 Jun via Auchintee, Wasdale, Pen-y-Pass arriving back at Bryn Gloch sometime on Sun 1 Jul. The options I'm working on: Hire minibus and driver and cover the cost Hire minibus and driver and recover a proportion of the cost per seat Rent a self drive minibus and trawl for volunteer driver Do nothing at all and leave participants to sort out amongst themselves Consider proposals from the floor! I'll make a decision on this aspect before I submit the cache event for publishing so I can necessarily agree a transport plan with the driver/operator and include it in the listing. But, before the fight for seats begin bear in mind this transport proposal is not new, read back through this topic, and I'm already sitting on (excuse the pun!) a list of first come first serve compiled mainly from this topic. More soon!
  16. Not forgotten this! Working on the subject of transport so should be moving this forward soon.
  17. Many thanks for everyone’s input on this especially to Deceangi for clarification of event cache criteria. The challenge event will be somewhat coincidental to PopUpPirate's organised camping event but we can liaise closer to the date regarding promotion of Geocampers meeting/joining the challenge on Snowdon. Obviously I will be looking to support the camping event by presenting a heap of collapsed bodies at the campsite “well” on the Sunday for resuscitation! I'll submit the event cache for approval in due time but it will follow this outline: Fri 29 Jun til Mon 2 Jul 2007. Start Achintee Ben Nevis finish Pen-y-Pass Snowdon. The event will be open to all, the criteria to log will be to sign the event logbook which will be carried by one of the group throughout the event (please don't try and flag us down during driven sections!). The challenge will be to complete Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon on a non stop journey over the weekend of the event and as part of the challenge group. Completion of the challenge will be those who are present with the group at the summit trig pillar of each mountain. The challenge will not be against the clock but starting from Achintee around 08:00 Sat 30 Jun the group would be expected to complete the challenge by having descended Snowdon by sunset Sun 1 Jul. All those completing the challenge will get their names entered on the cache listing and I'll probably knock up some sort of cheap and nasty certificate! Support: Provisional arrangements are in place for web based satellite tracking providing the Geocaching community the ability to monitor the group’s progress throughout the challenge both on foot and in vehicle. Subject to funding the provision of a minibus to transport from Snowdonia to Achintee and return, otherwise individuals will be responsible mutually within the challenge group to agree transport arrangements and drivers. Seats on the minibus will obviously be limited and will be first come first serve basis, the list is already open! I will book and confirm the number of seats in good time nearer the date. I would like a volunteer driver who will not be participating in the challenge. Those for whom the above Snowdonia plan is not convenient, transport arrangements will be their own responsibility. I would at this early point like to make it clear that the provision of the minibus is something I am personally prepared to fund out of my own pocket. Just because I've made the offer doesn't make me responsible for arranging transport for the whole group. Get your boots on, you’ve got 6 months to months to get prepared!
  18. Before I can move forward to establish a date could I please have clarification from our reviewers on this? The way I see it is the camping event is taking place in Snowdonia whereas the challenge is taking place across three countries albeit finishing in the same general location as the camping event. If the support event would not be allowed to run in parallel with the challenge then they would have to be almalgamated into one single event.
  19. Let's keep the events seperate! I wouldn't want to tread on anyones toes either! I see no requirement to amalgamate the events as each would be viable in their own right. Could I have verification from approvers that in principle the following would be acceptable subject to final approval: 1. Camping event 29 Jun-1 Jul 2. 3 peaks challenge event 30 Jun-1 Jul 3. 3 peaks support event 30 Jun-1 Jul Thanks again for everyones input. I wouldn't want to put anyone off by pressing for a 24 hour completion albeit at the summits but given that the group would have to start from a car park and return to a car park the information given so far is good for end to end planning purposes. It's a challenge but I would like the whole group to achieve reaching each summit but most importantly to enjoy the 3 peaks experience! Going back to my opening post the basic rule of completing this challenge is that each individual participant must reach the summit trigpoints. I see there being time and opportunity for bagging some of the mountain caches we'll be walking past!
  20. Timeline comments agreed but I stress they are purely a guideline to put the idea into some sort of perspective. Accepted we'll not be running up each mountain nor travelling between in Subaru Imprezas! Thanks again Hazel! I would like to go with the camping weekend of Fri 29 Jun til Sun 1 Jul as that will: not clash with the carryon camping event effectively zapping some of the interest in the challenge event give us the benefit of the Friday park and return on Sunday generate further interest and participation in the supporting event Interested in booking a long weekend holiday? We'll need to get the date squared away at this eary point to avoid any further potential clashes!
  21. Thanks for your initial response, what’s the response to Summer Public Holiday weekend Fri 1 Jun to Mon 4 Jun 07? Don't be put off by the timeline I've posted, it is an example of a 24 hour attack on the challenge but I'd prefer to work to a realistic timeline that would widen attendance. However, using the timeline posted here's putting it into perspective based on the above possible date: Sat 2 Jun 08:00 depart Achintee ascend Ben Nevis 12:00 depart summit 14:00 depart Achintee for England 19:00 depart Wasdale ascend Scafell Pike 21:30 depart summit 22:30 depart Wasdale for Wales Sun 3 Jun 02:30 depart Pen-y-Pass ascend Snowdon 05:00 depart summit 06:30 arrive Pen-y-Pass Again that’s based on completion in 24 hours. For it to be viable as a “challenge” I believe it must keep rolling through to completion. Take a look the timeline, add the odd hour in here and there and it will be clear that Scafell Pike will be a night ascent. Given that the whole event would be subject to safe weather conditions, a night ascent on Scafell Pike in favourable conditions should be no cause for concern! Something that becomes a lot clearer is there are many physical and technical challenges to this proposed event! Given that we would be going at a more sedate pace Snowdon would clearly be a daylight ascent! Thanks Hazel for your reply. Should the Summer Public Holiday weekend be accepted, a camping event in Snowdonia would provide a starting point on the Friday to park a few cars and arrange a minibus to depart for Scotland. Could we have some response please from our Geocamping community?!
  22. Ben Nevis -> Scafell Pike -> Snowdon That's the challenge! We've had a number of events now taking on the mountains individually so is anyone, apart from myself of course(!), interested in take on all three? I'd like to open this up now so that I can pick up on any potential interest and once Christmas is out of the way get cracking on necessarily arranging something. Here's my considerations: I suggest avoid going for a 24 hour in order to open the challenge up to more participants. However if there's enough interest.....! Two events, one logable as those who complete the challenge, the other for those who participate either on individual mountains or meet/support along the way. Primary event would start at Achintee for Ben Nevis ascent and finish at Pen-y-Pass for Snowdon descent. Each participant must reach the trigpoint pillar on each summit! If there's enough interest I would look into funding for the hire of a minibus and ask for a supporting volunteer to drive. I have already engaged in discussion for the provision of web based satellite tracking whereby people can view progress of the challenge on each mountain and along the route in between. This would greatly help supporters physically link up along the way. A date would need to be set in consideration of one day to meet in Scotland, two days for the event and one day to get home from Wales. So a Public Holiday weekend perhaps? To help your consideration here is a rough outline of a typical 3 peaks challenge: Ben Nevis ascent 7.8kms climb 1300m (43->1343m) 4hrs, descent 2hrs Achintee to Wasdale 5hr Scafell Pike ascent 4.3kms climb 920m (57->977m) 2.5hrs, descent 1hrs Wasdale to Pen-y-Pass 4 hr Snowdon ascent 5.4kms climb 794m (291->1085m) 2.5hrs, descent 1.5hrs Total time 22.5 hrs but then we if we're not going for a 24 hour challenge we'll have time to bag one or two caches along the way! What's your thoughts?
  23. Alright, here it is... "The lion has taken a breather!" Appologies Brian... just couldn't resist! Tracking number was ******! edited to remove TB no to insure no false logging by Deceangi (Now I'm seriously in trouble!!)
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