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  1. Going to advertise these locally but first thought I'd offer them up here as I know there is a thriving camping community! All used but serviceable 2 x Deluxe folding campbeds 2 x Khyam folding chairs 1 x Sleeping mat inflatable (long/wide) Will sell job lot or individually You can check prices for similar new: Campbed Chair Sleeping mat Email me for details and photos, if you want them once you've seen the photos you can make me a sensible offer! Should be able to sort out delivery/collection locally but further afield from New Forest area will need to come to some sort of agreement/arrangement. Email communication only, I'll not respond through the forums!
  2. These caches are still up for adoption! Additionally the whole of My Ampshire series (GC1K8KV) is also up for adoption. There's at least one on the series which needs attention. I'm not going to be able to maintain any of these caches until at the earliest late in the year so as they come up with DNFs I'm going to have to archive them. I'd much rather they went to a good home!
  3. Following caches up for adoption in Wiltshire: GCW54K, GCW4HZ, GCT0MB and GCRXDC. Caches are mine under my account name Papakas Pack. Please PM me if you are interested.
  4. GC2NFY9 Apologies for the short notice but I've listed an event for 26 Feb Llanthony Priory north of Abergavenny. Social meet at 12:00. Camping is available on site facilities as close as you can get to wild camping without first wandering off into the wilderness! Night hike up onto Offa's Dyke 7 mile circular route. Please pass the word on to anyone you think would be interested. Many thanks, Paul
  5. If you're planning a trip down to Hampshire for a bit of night caching you may wish to contact the Prince of Darkness to check whether he's available to accompany you. Don't think he posts on here though, guess he's normally asleep during the day!
  6. Likewise! Anyone at the Cunning Cachers meet tomorrow night might like to scan the car park!
  7. Would anyone like to take Turtles Trail (GC1KDMP - 18 caches) and Ridgeway Ramble (GC188K3 - 12 caches) off my hands? (Papakas Pack account). Please PM me if you would and as necessary I'll guide you through the adoption process.
  8. Reminder for those interested in the challenge of night navigation in the mountains this event being held through Saturday night into Sunday morning 12/13 June is designed as a training event for the Welsh 3000s event published for 20 Aug. TAHA 4 is a 19 mile circular route over Scafell Pike (977m) and High Raise (762m) stepping off no later than 2200hrs! But also a reminder that you only have to walk as far as from your car across the car park to the assembled walking group to sign the log book and subsequently log your attendance for the event! If you're planning to be in the area please contact the organisor through the event listing to register your interest. The log book will be available from a good hour or so at the start, at the finish back at the same location and every where in between on the route! If you've not already registered your interest and would like to participate in the walk please contact the organisor soonest through the event listing providing a valid email address to which the electronic planning files can be sent including pace notes, waypoints and maps. Thanks to all those who have already registered their interest.
  9. Nothing new here! When I placed GCJQ6Q MIATBX Final Approach back in June 2004 it was after consultation with GMP at Manchester Airport. As given in the cache listing the cache was initally set up in a location next to the perimeter fence whilst I arranged a visit to it with GMP and Airport Security. Only the GMP Inspector at the time had previously heard of Geocaching and having made the visit the cache was retrieved having served its educational purpose! At the time we discussed their exclusion zone of 100m extension from all perimeter fences and around aircraft approach/take off corridors. The cache was eventually placed away from any airport security concerns, as was explained at the time also to avoid any unnessary occurances of Geocachers staring down the barrel of a gun whilst attempting to find the cache in such a sensitive area!
  10. If you plan to venture down New Forest/Hampshire give me shout! Also there's my TAHA 3 event in the South Downs on 3 Oct, if you don't feel you're up to the whole route you could always do part! SE Cachers as suggested would be a good group to link up with, quite an active bunch! Check out the next Cunning Cachers event!
  11. Many thanks to Deceangi for publishing Take A Hike Adventure 3 - Down South! You can marvel at Deceangi's reviewer handywork in the logs at GC1W0VR. Of course whilst you're visiting the page you may wish to read about the event and consider participating!
  12. Good luck with your attempt on the Chiltern Hundred it's a worthwhile and enjoyable challenge. I've completed the challenge three times now in each of my active Papakas Pack caching accounts albeit in parts. I found the proprietors of the Bell Inn in Chartridge very helpful by letting me leave my car in their parking area especially when caching through the night. Once you've plotted the three rings you'll discover Chartridge a good central point for two of the rings and a well paved walk towards Chesham to access the third. As to whether the same parking is good for the bonus, well you are 109 (100 at least) caches from finding out!
  13. I'm wandering around the New Forest this Sunday (29th) with a couple of friends who are preparing for a national 3 peaks attempt at the end of April. I've planned a 15 mile circular route stepping off at 09:00 and taking a break at a pub enroute! It will be at a brisk pace though and intention is to visit half a dozen or more caches that are close the the chosen route. If you're in the area and want to walk or just meet up please drop me a line through my email and I'll return with the route and pace notes.
  14. Hi, just a reminder of event GC1K7F1 TAHA 2 - Centre of GB stepping off from Dunsop Bridge at 06:00 Sat 4th April. If you'd like to attend but don't wish to take part in the walk please note the event is open to all and attendance can be claimed by those who sign the logbook which will be available as given in the event listing. If you'd like to attend the walk and haven't already registered please log your interest on the event listing and I'll get back to you with the route details. Here's hoping for weather like we've just had last weekend! Looking ahead, I've already prepared TAHA 3 - Yorkshire 3 Peaks which, when the system allows, I'm planning to conduct on the Sunday of August public holiday. Anyone like to organise a camping event for the weekend in Horton in Ribblesdale?
  15. At 30% night caching overall average I guess I'd be interested! As for the Prince of Darkness, well what can I say!
  16. Big apologies if this has already been identified but it's good as a refresher especially to those who have recently discovered Geocaching and are mitigating their starting costs. Tesco Direct have three Garmin handheld models at half price. Basic model eTrex now for under £45 incl postage or if you pick up from a nominated store just under £40. I'll go back to sleep now!!
  17. TAHA 2 published at GC1K7F1. Sat 4 Apr 2009 stepping off from Dunsop Bridge at first light, circular route returning by last light. 20 miles of tracks and open terrain visiting the centre of GB (incl isles!) plus a handful of remote caches and trigpoints along the way. Plenty of waterproofing on the boots for this one! Good opportunity for some quality mileage in preparation for a couple more leg stretching TAHAs I have planned for later in the year! Please register your interest on the cache listing.
  18. With the first TAHA challenge event stepping off at 21:30 Fri 31 Oct I'm already looking at the next challenge that being the Yorkshire Three Peaks. In conjunction with this challenge event I wonder if someone would be prepared to organise a camping event in the area providing a seperate social event. A local cacher would be a good candidate and for a venue there appears to be potential at Knight Stainforth Hall, Little Stainforth. However if any of our national camping event organisers are interested....! Please PM me so we can begin working on setting a date for this. Additionally I'm planning on going for the National Three Peaks next year. What's the interest and would anyone like to suggest some dates?
  19. I regularly use a gps to measure out areas in conjunction with logistical surveys such as that for out of gauge potential load holding points in laybys and motorway service areas. A lot easier and more accurate than having to park up and pace out an area, simply take a mark at one end and drive to the other and note the distance from the mark! Very handy when surveying in busy areas such as container ports or out on the open road! I seem to recall reading somewhere that there's an organisation that uses gps to track targets then to guide a missile half way round the world to destroy. Hope their's is a bit more accurate than my old GPSIII+ "gps indicates we're coming up over the DZ [drop zone], signal the pilot to open the bomb bay doors ready for us to jump" (unconfirmed reports that special forces carried out HALO [high altitude low opening] jumps from the bomb bay of a Vulcan bomber during operations to reclaim the Falkland Islands)
  20. Just to advise anyone planning to participate in event GC1FA91 have just 3 or 4 training weekends to get themselves ready! Good luck!
  21. GC1FA91 gone live. You thought it was all over but show two fingers to the British weather and carry on walking into the winter! Grab your pack and "Take A Hike" 31 Oct North Yorkshire Moors! Adventure 1 challenge yourself to the Lyke Wake Walk!
  22. Yes, dry out indeed! Having survived a rain lashed, wind blown day in the mountains on Saturday I digested Sunday morning's weather forecast along with a hearty breakfast at the Red Lion before heading down the road to Hundred House! Key point of note, "showers although heavy at times will be short lived as they're pushed along by strong winds." An accurate forecast for a change! Only needed waterproofs for warmth whilst waiting rendezvous at the two key trigpoints during the day. I set out on a 16 mile walk meeting the group at the two trigs whilst they did the first then return to Hundred House for lunch before heading out for the second. Enjoyed the cache at Allt Dderw especially for it's sheltered location! Was like a different world down there out of the elements and for while it seemed like it was the middle of summer?! Well done Rob for clearing all Wales trigpoints and apart from the event I believe you actually bagged a physical cache as well! Thanks Mark and Liane for organising the event and to all who braved the elements to attend.
  23. Good luck chaps! I'd have been tempted to tab a few miles with you but for Basingstokes Big Wheel on Sunday. Also blown out my plans to go all night caching with SP! No, I'm going to have to force myself to lounge around home on Saturday!
  24. Pick myself up of the floor....! Seriously, glad to see you're OK, presume it was the bicycle you dropped and not the motorcycle? I'm off to a motorcycling weekend 12/13 up in the Peak District. Haven't told them I'm not taking the Bandit, the campsite is at the foot of Kinder which has proved to much of a temptation! Walk off the site, 11 miles, 3 trigs, 2 mountains and back to site, quality! Suppose I ought to do a cache search on the area, oops back on topic....
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