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  1. I heard there may be one this year down in the Dry creek bike trail in Modesto, but I haven't seen any thing posted yet.
  2. Nevada - stick these coords in Google Earth: N 37° 41.647 W 115° 50.004 You will see that, in addition to the power trail, there is a side set of caches that make a picture of an Alien Head on the map. From Merced - it's about 275 miles as the crow files. So how long do you think it would take to do this run? And is there any thing between the start to the finish? I would probably be happy just hike around the aliens head.
  3. Where is this power trail at Photom?
  4. So who's up for S'Mores & Snores VI on May 28th weekend?? I will have to check my calender and get back with you?
  5. There are some boating caches at Hogan Reservoir and Camanche reservoirs which is up hwy 12 in the gold country and when the snow melts if you go up Hwy 4 you can go to Utica Unoin or Spicer reservoirs and there is also an event at Utica towards the end of may which you will need a Kayak for. Look up any 5 STAR terran Which will usually be a water cache. There is also one in lake Tahoe that you have to dive for. Good luck and hope to see you out there on the water.
  6. I'll ask the Merced County Spokesperson and post the answer here, stay tuned. Ya, Photom's been in their prison system for long enough to know all the guards by name. Looking forward to his report. Now that funny
  7. Hello Bill. Long time no see or hear. What the heck have you been doing since you have not been doing much caching? You just missed on great event. the 2nd Annual Winter Formal was a blast. Sorry not to see you there. Well maybe, just maybe, you will see fit to come to the 5th annual Snores and Smores event. Bill? Who's Bill? Photom? Is that you?? OMG. It is you! OMG. There is life on the forum!
  8. Matt only makes one post a year. He as used that one up already. LOL Funny greg HA HA HA O my god that makes two, what was I thinking. ya now everyone seems to use facebook huh? your good for 2 years now matt You know me i am old school. Why should I go any where else when I have a perfectly go fourm that isn't broken?
  9. Matt only makes one post a year. He as used that one up already. LOL Funny greg HA HA HA O my god that makes two, what was I thinking.
  10. Doesn't any one come to chat on the forum any more.
  11. I wouldn't worry about others, its about you. I've really enjoyed caching and the fun of finding them. But most of all its about the places caching has taken me, that I probably would have never gone if no one had hidden a cache there. And most of all the caching friend we make on the way. I wouldn't worry about other cheating them selfs.
  12. There is a cache in Sonora , California called Holy Macro (GC17WY1). It kinda sounds like the cache you are looking for but this cache is a Traditional cache. I hope this helps you out.
  13. What is a FLash Mobs????????? A large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual action for a brief time, then quickly disperse. Here's my favorite one on . Thanks guy for all the Info. I never knew things like this ever happend.
  14. Ops pressed the wrong button again? Yes count the family in on this one it's been a long time and is well due.
  15. Hi Chillin209 Its all ways nice to meet new local cachers. We the only advice I can give is to get out there and cache. The more you cache the more likely you will run into some body and the more you cache the easer it will be finding them. Hope to see you at an event some day. SB Junky
  16. Doesn't any body sleep at this time of the morning?
  17. Opps messed uip on the first one . Oh and add me to that list to.
  18. Yes, the folks who voted are are my MAC email list. It was a close vote -- sorry about the folks who can't make it. I'm surprised SCCS is not on it. I'll add you Scott. And, if anyone else wants to be in "MAC" - just say so. We have no rules, no officers, no dues, no meetings...
  19. Iam glad you said Harvick and not gordon! I'll say Gordon!! And I don't care what you guys want to throw my way . It's BECAUSE of Jeff Gordon that I have my husband and family. The 'guy next to me' at the Sears Point race in '98 bet me Jeff wouldn't win the race, and I said he would. He did, so 'that guy' owed me dinner!! The rest is history, and my husband still says he 'won' that bet. (you know, cuz I'm such a prize! ) Although besides Jeff, I'm also a Hamlin fan, so we'll see what happens this year! I did not even know Gordon was still racing. LOL LOL.
  20. You can go watch any of the games but collectively, the games are the sport. Geocaching doesn't have 'Game Night' so regardless when you're doing it... it's a sport. The reason we don't have a Game night is because the Game never stopes. it just keeps on going from sun up to sun up! :
  21. If he just slug them out the windows, how did he get cords for the cache locations? And how close where the cords to start with?
  22. Ok kim it depends on how you do it. If you drive up to it , get out of your car and walk five feet to it and find it and walk five feet back to your car it a game. Now on the other hand, If you get on your bike and ride ninteen miles in eight hours, and collect fifty or so caches, it a SPORT!
  23. Hay Greg and Kim, am I invited to this caching trip to? And it not Quantity, it Quality
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