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  1. Lot's of good videos on Youtube. Just search "Geocaching".
  2. Me too! I was afraid it was malware. Good to hear it's just a Geocaching.com bug. YES!
  3. Nope. Double click on Finds don't work. Thanks for ideas anyway.
  4. That won't work. Waypoints are not stored in the memory that you have access to via USB connection. One thing you might try is to click Find twice, to bring up the list of the last 50 waypoints you visited. I believe this list is maintained separately from the internal waypoints (meaning it's a actual list of waypoints, and not just pointers to the originals).
  5. Thanks, Prime Suspect. I shall try the double click on "finds" and let y'all know if it works. Otherwise, will get to revisit the area and see if I can locate my own hides! Definately lesson learned!
  6. Ran one 15 minutes ago. No return.
  7. Went on a camping trip. Hid 4 new caches. Before I had time to log the new hides on Geocaching.com, I was planning another trip, so deleted all geocaches on my Garmin 60CXS. DOH! Did not realize it also deleted the caches on "calendar" page. Is there any way to retrieve the deleted information on my GPS'r???
  8. Its true. He caches under the name of Alamogul. I've met Alamogal, he's no Chuck Norris.
  9. So simple. No Sign = No find. No excuses, log a note.
  10. Agreed! I think it would be a great Event game!
  11. My problem was very similar. I would get the GC code in notes, but nothing else. My only suggestion is to make sure microsoft 2.0 net or whatever is downloaded to your computer. Google it if you need help downloading. I'm no techie, but hope this helps.
  12. I swear there are Travel Bug Thieves in some areas. They must just check Geocaching.com for TB's and go out to the cache and take them. I've noticed most TB's in Northern AZ along I40 seem to disappear. So sad.
  13. I hear your frustration. I spent a considerable amount of time this afternoon, first climbing down a steep hill with plenty of thorny bushes to slow my decent, and then bushwacking my way through seriously dense bush/trees. I swear something grabbed my leg at one point. My GPS showed that I was right on top of the cache, but it was no where to be found. I managed to leave the area with a 6" gash on my leg dripping blood (yes I shouldn't have been wearing shorts). But I'm still looking forward to my next cache After three years of Geocaching the Arizona Deserts and Mountains, my Caching Mantra is " I Feel the Need To Bleed. Let's Go Geocaching!" It's hard to put on long pants when it's 100 degrees outside!!
  14. It's the honor system. Do what you feel comfortable with. Wanna log 100 caches sitting at the computer tonight after simply reading the listing, go ahead.
  15. Concentrate on Caches that have a good description and a good hint about size/location. Utilize all map options. Starting out without a GPS is a great way to see if Geocaching is for you without investing any money!
  16. I found it necessary to purchase City Navigator North America for my 60CSX. As I remember, the 60CSX only comes with main highways and roads. The City Navigator was well worth the investmant. I paid $80.00 at REI for the DVD. Topo maps just confuse the hell out of me.
  17. In my opinion not taking the time to properly find the cache and sign the log indicates a tendancy to not follow the other "ethics" of Geocaching. Like being careful to put the cache back exactly like you found it, taking some good swag and leaving nothing, or taking a TB or Geocoin and just keeping it cause it looks cool, or taking the time to CITO once in awhile. I'm just sayin'!
  18. Always enjoy a good Geocaching video, and that was good! Make some more!
  19. I get the cheap ones from Walmart because I keep leaving them behind at cache GZ's! Think I have gone thru 4 in three years.
  20. I cached for six months without a GPS. It's a great way to start out before you invest any money in a GPS. One of the greatest benefits of Geocaching is discovering new, interesting places you never would have gone if it weren't for seeking a cache. I enjoyed that part whether I located the cache or not!
  21. Yeah, you could buy a book, but I think it's more fun to "learn as you go". You already know the important thing, get out and find some caches! The more you cache, the more you learn. Sure you'll make some mistakes, we all do, just part of Geocaching Fun!!
  22. This was logged on July 5 on a cache in northern AZ. How can a real geocacher claim a "FIND" on a cache he didn't even touch! "We didn't sign the log as there was a family sitting in their car within 50 feet using their cell phone. With all the 4th of July traffic we couldn't take the container out of its location without someone seeing us." YUP! Might as well sit at your computer and start logging "FINDS" Woo-hoo!
  23. Muggles bad people. Watch you find cache. Wait til you leave. Go get cache. Take TB's out of cache to keep, or just take the whole darn cache. Poof. Cache gone forever.
  24. Go "your profile". Click on the "(yours)" following "(Geocaches)" up at the top there.
  25. Here's what I'm talking about. GC1AQN5. There is a series of caches along an urban bike trail in Flagstaff. Many of the cache descriptions say "bring your own writing utensil". Check out Logs for Ecoleaf on July 2nd.
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