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  1. I bought them in store in So Cal. I checked the web and did not see them. It seems the charger is slow charge and each bay is independent. I like this as it is easier on the batteries so the should last longer.
  2. Garmin is introducing the new Garmin Edge 705 and 605 in December. They are bike specific and will be able to take maps in color.
  3. For just under $30, you get the following: Charger 8 AA cells 4 AAA cells 2 C cell converters 2 D cell converters Storage box I thought it was a pretty good deal.
  4. Check out the new 7xx series. I was going to buy the 660 but I think I will wait since the 7xx series can store up to 10 routes.
  5. I currently own a 60 CSx which I have used for my auto travel. I have found it to be great for outdoors but not so good for auto use. I travel about 10 times a year, so it gets use in my rental cars. 60 CSx Drawbacks: Small Screen - Harder to see, must take attention off road. No voice - In metro areas with lots of freeways/intersections, I find myself looking at it frequently because of all the beeps. Buttons only - A touchscreen is easier for interfacing with the device. This is mostly an issue when auto routing. Auto units I am considering: Nuvi 660 or 650 - Is the Bluetooth in this any good? That is the only advantage of the 660 and I already have an ok hands free speaker. Expensive and just a wider screen than most others. Streetpilot 7200 - No Sirf III, which kills the deal but I love the huge screen. TomTom GO 720 - Uses non Garmin software so possibly more $$$ to update all my devices. I am partial to Garmin as I already use the software. Can I download trips from my PC on any of these units? I do not need FM transmitters. I do want voice with text to speach. Bigger the screen the better. I do not want to go back to pre Sirf II chips. Any suggestions of other units?
  6. I own a 60 CSx with Navigator and am considering a GPS for in car travel. when in a new city, it gets tough to watch the screen at every prompt and found your post as I am looking for a GPS with a voice. I am thinking Nuvi 650.
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