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  1. Nuvi 500 $500 Nuvi 560 $700 Nuvi 570 $700 Nuvi 5x0W series $700+ The Nuvi 5x0's will come out the week after you purchase a Nuvi 500 I doubt this. They will not want to dig too deeply into thier auto Nuvis or their hand helds so I see these having limited functionality so hard core users will still go the separate routes for GPSr use. At least that is what I would do if I had Garmin's history. I guess an alternative to AAs is to buy a boatload of replacement batteries for this. I still like the idea of a 5000 and my new OR better than this solution.
  2. Battery life is going to be an issue for any sort of serious back country use. Whether kayaking or backpacking, this would be an issue for me. I would like to see a AA option as well. I figured this was coming when the 255 came out with topos and replaceable battery. Is there such thing as a AA pack that can power a USB device? It is a hobbled vehicle unit though. No street names which I find to be a nice feature so I do not need to look at the unit.
  3. I am not sure why everyone is failing the Oregon before it even has extensive use. The 60, 72, Legend and Vista units are all good units. Garmin has one bad launch and they suddenly are all garbage. I agree that Garmin is dumbing down their units too much but I have confidence that they can do better than the CO.
  4. It should do both... One is called "Moving average" and the other "Overall Average". Just shows you know not of what you speak..... That looks like an OR screen. If you read my post again, you will notice I said the OR does do this but my Edge does not. Much more important to me and other cyclists that the Edge does this.
  5. I did not use the 60 side by side with the OR but I think this description sums it up pretty well. The OR takes a little work to see. It also helps tremendously to turn the shading off. The shading causes a green screen, which is harder to see while removing the shading sets the maps to an off white color. The really sad thing Garmin could have solved all this by allowing some options for display scheme. I am also pretty miffed that the OR allows for an avg speed while moving but my Edge 705 calculates avg speed even when I am stopped. Just shows that the designers of the unit have little idea of what their target markets want.
  6. Just picked it up from REI. When I plug it into a cigarette lighter I get the PC connection screen. Do I need a special adapter to run it off the power in my car?
  7. Not to drag this too much off of topic, but the 205 concerns me with battery life. It would need to be constantly recharged for any backpacking expeditions I do. That and no ability to load routes, which I do for ease of use in the field. The Nuvi would also be bad for my kayaking, not being waterproof. IMO the Nuvis are quite a few steps behing my 60CSx. Their only advatages being touchscreen, bigger screen and speech. Having said all that, I will probably pick up a Nuvi 5000 when they get a bit cheaper. That would work well for my SUV. Thanks for all the feedback! Sounds like I may be headed to REI this weekend.
  8. I am not normally an early adopter but the UI on the 60CSx is a frustration for me. Ever since I bought a car unit, I have been waiting for a touchscreen unit for backpacking. I have gift certificates for Amazon so I wanted to buy from them but it is still backordered there. Now, with the feedback on the screen, I am a little leary about ordering one and am thinking about buying from REI. This would get it to me sooner with a better return policy but I would need to pay tax and shipping (gas, 80 mile round trip for me). Any idea when Amazon will get units?
  9. As I stated above, routing will provide you with an elevation profile of your route.
  10. Better yet, just stay away. The only reason I ever walk in there is to get hands on experience with something. I will only purchase from them if I am desperate and out of options. Their service has been extremely poor since I was knee high to a grasshopper.
  11. No, 24k does allow you to create routes. I use them to plan distance and elevation changes for my trips on the PC but have never tried to route on the GPSR.
  12. Except the old CDs were a pain to load since you needed the VD in the drive to do it. I dumped them just for that reason.
  13. ANY reason, as in too stupid to operate the unit? I get the impression this may account for a lot of their returns. I have a low-tech friend who returns many high-tech items because they "don't work". REI always excludes GPS units from the 20% off.
  14. Garmin National Parks does. It comes in very handy when programming routes on trails. I really wish topo had that feature for trails as well.
  15. For my needs, I like a generic cell phone case that can be bought at Lowes for around $8.00. You can get them either in blue, yellow, or black. It has a very sturdy metal belt clip, plus a large nylon belt loop, and a small metal ring that a carabiner can be fastened to, to secure to a backpack. It has a velcro flap that comes over the top of the GPSr just to the side of the antenna. You do have to take it out to the case to see it but it slides in and out nicely. I use a screen protector so I don't use a case with a clear vinyl window (the two will stick together). Why do you need an antenna with a 60CSx? Their sensitivity to pick up satellite reception is outstanding, about the only reports I have ever seen where they won't pick up is in commercial aircraft in seats that are not next to the window. And long tunnels. I lose reception in long tunnels as well.
  16. <y understanding is that TT only provides map updates for free for one year. After that, you need to pay. I also prefer Mapsource to the 3rd party software required by TT for trip planning on the PC. I am not sure if Garmin still provides a DVD upon request with the purshase of one of their road GPS units.
  17. Funny enough, that is the go live date for my company's $400 million SAP switchover. I am leaving town...
  18. Thanks! Although now I have another reason to upgrade...not sure if that is good or bad...
  19. Has anyone confirmed that it is a source map issue and not a Garmin issue? I know some also say that the roads are off on topo as well.
  20. Bookmarked now. Many thanks. Sounds like I'd be ok with the 300 but the extra memory and the ability to have all of TOPO in addition to all of CN on the unit makes the 400t sound pretty nice. I read the FAQ but it was not completely clear. If I buy the 400t, will that eat up any of the 4-5000 map segments allowed? To me, that is reason alone to get the t since topo has hundreds of times more segments than any other map.
  21. I care more about what it does than when it comes out. If they give it the functionality of the 60CSx, I will buy in. I also need to find out if the preloaded maps count toward the 4000 segment limit or not. That will help me decide which version I buy.
  22. Put the 60 in a neoprene jacket and it floats.
  23. I am bitter about the OP also. I had finally decided I would stick with my 60 CSx for backpacking but now I am having second thoughts... Nice review!
  24. Look and play with them side by side. I see a size difference when side by side. Cannot go wrong either way!!!
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