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  1. 0. How did you get a miniSD version? My Oregon only works with microSD.
  2. I take your fears and add my nightmare of pay for play. Like cell service, you own nothing and are required to pay a monthly fee or overpriced per use charges. That is economic nirvana for any company.
  3. Just coming back from vacation. YES, I'm sure. I own the DVD. That is odd, mine is locked to one unit only. I believe due to the routing data.
  4. Garmin ultimately offered to do what you asked. How long did it take from their last 'no' to the 'yes'?
  5. I doubt it is a new edge since it shows a geocaching icon. The Edge units are pretty basic as far as functionality goes.
  6. You need to call to get the second code. When they went to one code, it affected all their products. This happened to me a few years ago.
  7. I recently purchased the West Topo 24k DVD and it does not show up in my Mapsource version. It does show up in Basecamp so I am wondering if I need to upgrade Mapsource to the latest version. I did not want to do that cause I have heard about issues with the newest version. Has anyone else had these issues?
  8. I own both and both would work for you. Either can car navigate with software as well as take Topo. I much prefer the UI of the Oregon. Tough to beat touchscreen.
  9. Was it an authorized dealer? The 60Cx is highly regarded by many GPSr hobbyists.
  10. I tried to do a search for this in the forums but the software will not allow me to use 620 as a search term?!? Has anyone heard anything about this? I am not a huge fan of the all in one device but am a sucker for the bigger screen. I have an Oregon but have not invested in any software for it. I also am interested in coastal data for kayaking. I am also interested in the Oregon 400c but I am not sure how much coastal info you can access. Garmin is not real clear on that and their blucharts license does not cover much territory.
  11. To save $50? Fortunately, my Oregon has never been bitter with me for making that ask.
  12. We are already there with GPS enabled phones. Much more useful for LE. Orwell was correct, just about 70 years off. Cars already have computers that track all your moves in the car. No need for a GPS, just tap into that computer. The interesting thing about government inquiries in my experience is that they only know just enough about any particular subject to either implement rules that require complex and expensive solutions or fix the problem while creating 4 other, bigger problems.
  13. Then they could start issuing speeding tickets through the mail based on location and speed. Just a few more steps down the slippery slope would be tracking the whereabouts of anyone they want to track. This will probably hit some resistance if it happens, including underground disabling services. I think a better solution is to raise taxes on fuel. Bigger, heavier vehicles that use more fuel also do more damage to roads. It also taxes you more the more you drive. Europe is already there. Either way, most of my driving is pleasure related as I commute to work on my bike with a Garmin 705.
  14. Good point, I do want the DVD. I wonder if they will no longer support DVD for the full version of City Navigator? I looks like the new 24k topo series is microSD only.
  15. I want to buy a full version to load onto my Oregon but I only see updates when I search on the web. Is the full version out? If not, do we know when?
  16. It has a small screen and the GPS functionality is limited as compared to the 60 CSx. It also uses a proprietary battery instead of AA. I would not use it as anything other than a bike GPS.
  17. I would be interested to see how well one of the Energizer cell phone chargers works on this unit. Extended field use with this unit worries me.
  18. I disagree... our shop produces lots of maps of all shapes and sizes, including lots of "portrait" oriented maps. All depends on what you want to see. I actually think the portrait screen orientation of hand held recreational units is superior much of the time because it is common to use track-up map orientation, and you can see further ahead of you with this screen shape. Just my opinion Actually, you're seeing MORE with a Nuvi track-up, except now you have the addition of the extra sides that you can now see with the wider screen. The Nuvi screen is bigger all around. I agree that a square screen is best for hiking. Trails are never straight and the limited screen to the sides sometimes limits your ability to see far ahead without scrolling. Now, should I return my OR? The battery bothers me but it has promise after that. It will not cause me to give away my TT though.
  19. Nuvi 500 $500 Nuvi 560 $700 Nuvi 570 $700 Nuvi 5x0W series $700+ The Nuvi 5x0's will come out the week after you purchase a Nuvi 500 I doubt this. They will not want to dig too deeply into thier auto Nuvis or their hand helds so I see these having limited functionality so hard core users will still go the separate routes for GPSr use. You are kidding... right? Have you looked at the automotive list lately? here, let me help: nüvi® 200 nüvi® 200W nüvi® 205 nüvi® 205W nüvi® 250 nüvi® 250W nüvi® 255 nüvi® 255W nüvi® 260 nüvi® 260W nüvi® 270 nüvi® 300 nüvi® 310 nüvi® 360 nüvi® 500 nüvi® 550 nüvi® 600 nüvi® 610 nüvi® 650 nüvi® 660 nüvi® 670 nüvi® 680 nüvi® 710 nüvi® 750 nüvi® 760 nüvi® 770 nüvi® 780 nüvi® 850 nüvi® 860 nüvi® 880 nüvi® 900T nüvi® 5000 I think the discontinued decision maker guy at Garmin quit. That is my point. Why sell a more capable GPS at a lower price than other models? They will cut into the sales of the more profitable models and leave money on the table when they really have no competition forcing them to do this. I would love them to release a capable GPS that will cover all my needs! I just do not have faith that it will happen. These units will be hobbled unless Garmin is pushed by competition. We have already seen the Nuvis hobbled over previous generations and features come and go. This is not new for Garmin. To answer the solar question: there are units out there and I do take one with me when in the back country. If Garmin came out with a charger, that would help tremendously but also add another charger that needs to be carried. I would prefer a AA add on pack. The solar chargers are also maintenance intensive. If you are in an area with trees, you need to keep an eye on it and they also work much better if the cells are angled toward the sun. The only times I have been able to set it and forget it is in the middle of the day in the desert.
  20. Lets not recommend units that are not even in the market place yet.
  21. I have also heard the term 'Jack of all trades, master of none'. I remain skeptical, until proven wrong. The Nuvi line has been seriously hamstrung from a functionality standpoint and the CO and OR units are a step down (outside of the geocaching functionality) from the Etrex and GPSMAP units. I suspect these will also suffer decreased functionality. I know the 5000 has no internal battery and, according to Garmin, will not be getting one anytime soon. I like the fact that it has a larger screen and it can store routes. I do all my routing in Mapsource so living room use is not too important. I would like it to have a battery though. Even if it only lasts an hour. My TT720 gets about 2 hours on the battery.
  22. I think it does have a speaker. You know there are waterproof speakers, yes? It does have a speaker and is does speek directions, just no TTS. https://buy.garmin.com/shop/compare.do?cID=...reProduct=27442
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