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  1. The same in Aachen, Germany. I sent an email last saturday - got no answer from Ladycacher.
  2. Just got an answer from JMB, he offered to send replacement for half of the coins price. I think that's fair, we both carry half of the loss. Thanks Joe!
  3. In November I paid for 5 Long Island Geocoins. A few weeks after the first coins were sold on ebay in January, I send emails to the vendor to ask about the missing coins. JMB does not seem to be very interested in clearing the situation, he does not respond to emails. During the last months I ordered a lot of geocoins. International shipment seems to work very reliable. The Long Island are the first coins that I did not receive, so after all, I am still lucky. How many coins have you lost? What are your experiences? Scaramanga
  4. Thanks Rusty, Merry Christmas to you and all others here as well. Lots of finds in the New Year!
  5. Paypal'd for 2. Beautiful coin! Thanks
  6. Ordered and paypal'd 5 bronze. If there is a waitlist for the other coins, put us down!
  7. New Mexico Mt McKinley Kilted Cacher Christmas and Personal San Francisco Wisconsin Georgia Peach and Stone Mountain 9key Personal Iowa Screws UK 2006 GOWT Damenace GAA South Carolina Maine Nevada Delaware North Carolina JeeperMTJ Mngca Minnesota Thats a lot of coins and I am very concerned about the New Mexico and Mt McKinley.
  8. emailed for international shipment
  9. Email sent for waitlist. Beautiful coin!
  10. Received ours today. Beautiful coins!
  11. The postman was nice to me. Most of the coins were trades. 2 Big Bear 1 Dallas Fort Worth Gold 1 Dallas Fort Worth Bronze 1 2004 California 1 2005 California Yesterday I got Mt Everest Bronze and Silver Does anyone want to trade a Dallas Fort Worth Silver for a Germany Coin?
  12. I don't care about coins made in China. Will, you can put me down for some of the returned coins.
  13. Thanks! I love this kind of coin auctions.
  14. We got our coin today. Very beautiful! Thanks! Scaramanga
  15. You can put us down for 5, please!
  16. Emailed for 2. Thanks for the new coin, Will!
  17. Yes, I also ordered two coins of each, missed the geonick and sent an email. What about the cost for shipment?
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