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  1. I found that it does NOT work if I use my home coordinates, but it DOES work if I just use my zip code. I thought that was strange, but I was happy to finally get the query! Hope this helps some.


    Best of luck!



  2. Don't get discouraged! My hubby, Dave, is terrible with maps and such. He would get lost in a paper bag (and admit to it!). It takes him a little longer to find his way, but eventually he does. I am usually in charge of all directional travel when I am with him. So please don't get discouraged, sometime it just take a little longer to learn your bearings and get a feel for things.


    Have fun!



  3. Sounds like you found some good caches! My 4yo absolutely love finding "treasure". I make sure I have enough stuff to trade in case he sees 2 things that he likes or if I see something that I like too. We bought one of those binder pencil bags to put all of our stuff that we are taking to trade. and then little David puts his "find" in his pocket or my backpack. Our first 2 caches had play-doh and he absolutely loved finding that! I have several cache sites loaded into my gps so that if we are near any of them while out doing errands we can stop and check them out.


    Keep having fun, we are! :cool:



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