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  1. hmmm......didn't get my notice yet. :D Probably ended up in my spam box and I'm not sifting through 3000 of those to find it. Will wait and see if it shows up in a few days.

    If you email or PM me your real name, I will let you know if I shipped it.


    Right now, I have no open orders.

    Got my coins in yesterday. Very nice indeed! Thanks!!

  2. One word...Powerex! These batteries are great and last a surprising long time in my Garmin 60csx and Canon S3is digital camera. I too used to use Energizers. Can't believe how fast those drained compared to Powerex batteries. You can get them from Newegg and/or Thomas Distributing. I also used the Maha 204 charger with them. I'm slowly trashing all my Energizer batts and replacing them with the Powerex's.

  3. I don't take the copies of the cache page, hints and logs with me when I'm out. Some of the caches spend many weeks in my gpsr before I attempt them so I don't recall the cache info either. So if I don't find one the first time I usually don't log it. I will come back here, read the notes and attempt the find again. If I don't find it on the second time I log the DNF.


    There is one I have tried a third time and still DNF. I didn't create a new log entry, but edited my current DNF to show I tried a third time. I'm also the last person to log anything on this cache. Between the second and third search I did email the cache owner for some help with it, but never got a response.


    If I have a previous DNF on a cache but find it later, I don't change or delete that DNF. I will had a new Found It log though.

  4. I pulled one the other day that was a trash bag inside a large tuperware container. The bag had a number of holes in it and inside the bag were what seemed to be a few hundred random lego pieces. So when I unknowingly pulled the bag out of the container legos went everywhere. pain in the rear and time consuming to pick them all back up. Plus it increased the risk of a muggle coming by while I was stuck there picking that crap up. :huh:

  5. yeah, I'd hold it a few days before logging. I just recently dropped a bunch of bugs that would take me a few days to log the drop as I was out of town and didn't have access to a computer to log them. I wrote a note in the logs to give me to a specific date to log the drops. Worked good. I'd recommend if you can't log a bug drop for a few days to leave a note in the log or with a bug as to when you will be able to log it.


    I'm holding onto two coins and a bug, none of which have been logged yet. Will give them a few days to log the drops before sending the last person to have it an email to see if they can log the drop, they may have forgotten too. So see who had it last and send them a message. :huh:

  6. When you get within 50 feet of a cache, start looking for possible hiding places. I'll often set my GPS down on a rock or stump and start looking, sometimes checking the GPS. It will usually settle down if left sitting still for a while, but it can still jump around. Lots of variables can affect the reception/accuracy including trees, clouds/weather, and rock formations or buildings. Make sure you start by looking for regular size caches with a low difficulty rating. Good luck!


    Pretty much what I do. I can usually accurately get within 20-25 feet of the cache. Once there I start looking for good hiding places. Once you've found a few you can really start thinking, seeing and recognizing hiding places. I've found some pretty creative ways to hide these things. lol Once you realize this finding them is actually pretty easy. If I have a real difficult one I will set the gpsr down for a minute or two, step away and see if it settles into a specific direction and distance. Dependant on the sky-view this is helpful also.


    The furthest off I've had the coordinates on a cache was about 40-ft and I really think that one was in the wrong place. As there was a similar perfect spot for it right next to the gpsr indicated coordinates. I only found this one as I found a similar one by the same hider right after this. Went back and looked again and found it. So far with a measly 30 finds (6 of those at night) under my belt, I've only not found 2. One of those I went back and found, haven't tried the other one yet.

  7. I picked up a Glisson Tech bare wire kit for the Garmin GPSMap 60CSx to hardwire a power point into my dash. Ran out of power ports and don't like wires stretching across my dash for the cig version.


    But the wire kit did not include an inline fuse. What size inline fuse should I use???


    I did search, but only looked through about 10-pages of 29-pages of results.



  8. Different reviews here, but only way to find the truth is to order for yourself...which I did. Will let you all know how the ordering goes. :D


    everyprice reviews


    Unfortunately everyprice.com is a scam also. Google "everyprice.com scam" and you will see. Use a known and trusted source for business reviews...Bizrate.com and ResellerRatings.com. btw, here is Prestige's report on Reseller Ratings: http://www.resellerratings.com/store/Broadway_Photo not a pretty picture and you received the same treatment as everyone else from them. I'd keep an eye on you credit card to ensure it doesn't get charged or if they have charged it file a complaint with you card company asap. :tongue:

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