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  1. Here is what has happened so far. I manually put in my caches, so i don't know how that works. I did get my found caches query GPX file and imported it into opencaching. So basically I have a log of all my finds, but since there are no associated caches it just has a bunch of text saying "found such and such on xx/xx/xx date". My caching buddy did the same and since my caches are in the database it automatically put his finds of my caches on his profile along with the rest of his finds just being text. The weird thing is it automatically rated my caches for him. It gave them all a 3.5 awesome factor. So when I view my caches they have all been found 1 time each, all by my friend.
  2. I wasn't suggesting that information posted on Groudspeak sites should be pulled to another site. I'm just saying that any info we as a community post to Groundspeak should be able to be available for us to access any way we want to. Did you post your caches so other cachers could access the data and find caches, or did you post the information so Groundspeak could take ownership of it and parse it out as they see fit?
  3. This is the exact thing that irks me about Groundspeak. We as users give them the waypoint data, we author the caches, and on top of that a good many of us pay them a yearly fee. After all that they claim ownership of the data.
  4. Was just perusing the API area and found a pretty cool feature. The entire OpenCaching.com database is available for download in one file. This is a much more efficient way to get the OpenCaching.com data if you plan on doing extensive work with a large portion of the data. It's not available right now, but that's awesome.
  5. Just added my whopping 6 caches to the database. I like the little bullseye system, much better than the star system. Everyone should move over their caches. I'll be interested to see how this ends up. I would guess Garmin wanted to add a feature for geocaching and GC said no. Something like instant Wi-Fi searches. GC needs to get the idea that the data is not theirs, they are a simple database operation. We make the caches, collect the coordinates, and maintain the caches. Then when I as a paying member want to use an application or tool to make caching easier they say NO it violates our Terms of Use. Hopefully Garmins' open API structure will wake them up.
  6. Cleaning out the study. Have a NIB never been used Explorist XL USB cable. $6 shipped via USPS first class mail. PayPal. I can ship priority mail, but it will be more like $10 Shipped.
  7. Just buy a 500LE off ebay. Then resell the unit without the adaptor on ebay. Probably cost you less than $20.
  8. Try this guy. http://billsgps.tripod.com/ he used to do warranty repairs for magellan in canada. I have gotten items from him in the past (cables, battery doors, ect.) It's been a while since I've needed any explorist parts so I have no idea if he still has items laying around. Might be worth an email to check.
  9. If you are using it on a motorcycle a ram mount is a must. I usually buy mine from either ram-mounts.com or gpscity.com depending on who is having sales/shipping deals at the time.
  10. Make sure you upgrade the firmware on the 400 as well. The newest firmware on the tritons make them pretty decent. You will be able to upload new firmware through vantage point. Don't give up on the unit, they are not the best, but with the new firmware they are usable and accurate.
  11. Same boat here. It's nice to know getting a new computer won't help me. I'm 8 months from my usual upgrade cycle and basecamp was tempting me to upgrade early.
  12. Made a deal with flyfishing4life. Thanks for the interest.
  13. I have an Legend Cx in good working order. Screen has light scratches on it, but doesn't interfere with viewing. I intentionally made the scratches look the worst I could by reflecting the sun off of them. I have a USB cable as well. If you have an explorist 500 with all the cables in similar condition and want to trade send me some pics. I'll pay to ship mine you pay to ship yours. I am trying to get a collection of explorists together for my son's cubscout pack. Right now I have a few 400's, a 210, and this one. It would be easier for me to have all explorists, so when I load the caches I can just swap out the units and hit send. I will be gone for the next 3 days, so If I don't get back to you, it's not because I'm not interested. Thanks.
  14. I think your explorist may be having issues with the SD card. Not sure if it will recognize a 4 GB card. Have you tried updating the firmware? do you have a 2 GB card laying around you could try? I seem to remember that the explorists took issue with some 4 GB cards.
  15. This is probably your problem. You may need to open the unit up and bend a wire. But first try holding the power button for 5 seconds, sometimes that is the issue. If that's not working, then join the yahoo meridian group. In the file section there under repairs there is a really nice PDF that explains the procedure. I've had to do this to one of mine. Some people solder the battery terminal to the board, I just bent mine and it worked fine.
  16. Buying a triton is all about the price. For the price (if you pay little enough) it is an ok option. You get better value with other units, but if you budget is $100 or less It's hard to argue with getting a triton 400 or 500. Usable but by no means ideal.
  17. Sorry I forgot to post my updated info. Here is part of what I was emailed. Online Posting Name: Be sure to include the words “Race to 2010” somewhere in the name of your Travel Bug name, so we can track its progress. For example: BSA Race to 2010: Coweta District, Flint River Council or Flint River Race to 2010, Boy Scouts of America Goal: Travel to meet as many Scouts and non-Scouts as possible. We’ll update this listing with “finish line” coordinates at a later date. About this Item: This Travel Bug is attached to a pinewood derby car that was made by Scouts from [COUNCIL/DISTRICT/UNIT]. It is traveling across America! Please move it along, and log your Scouting memories. Laminated Card (Could also be Geocaching.com Travel Bug Mission) Help Scouts from [COUNCIL/DISTRICT/UNIT] in [CITY, STATE] move this pinewood derby Travel Bug® across the nation and into as many Scout and non-Scout hands as possible. This is the first ever nationwide pinewood derby race, and we want to cross the finish line! Prizes will be awarded for cars that travel the farthest, pass through the most hands, and have the most creative route, among others. Help us speed along by moving this Travel Bug. And be sure to visit our online log to tell us about your Scouting memories. [COUNCIL/DISTRICT/UNIT] provides [NUMBER] youth from the [REGION/STATE] area with a strong foundation of leadership, service, and community. Find out how to get involved with Scouting where you live! Visit www.Scouting.org. They have also updated the info on their website.
  18. Just got off the phone with one of the organizers. They do not yet have the official wording, they hope to have that out in the next few days. They do not yet have a final destination GC#. The final location is at a military base. You wouldn't be allowed in until the jamboree starts. They are working on getting a cache set up. They should be sending me an email with updated information. When I get any updates I will post them here.
  19. Any information updates? I am planning on doing this for my pack, but don't have the wording they want or where to send it. I left a message for someone at boyscout hq, so I'll update if I get any info.
  20. That's not entirely true, there is NO official Magellan RoadNav solution, but there is ViaGPS for Triton's 1500/2000 ( http://www.topomap.hr/cbe_NA_en.html ). Not only that will give you driving directions, but also you will have voice guidance instead of beep-beep Do you still have to boot on a different OS and then reboot when you want to use the magellan software, or have these guys found a way around it. If they haven't It is a royal Pain to use.
  21. It's posted on some russian website, but I think that site has had some Virus problems. Go check out the Yahoo explorist group. I think that's where I got it. I have it, but I think I've tried to email it before and it failed. PM me with your email address and I'll give it a shot via email.
  22. Triton 1500 The Pro's are: Paperless Accurate Cons: Poor user interface (usable, but not as easy as others) Must use vantage point to load Geocaches (also can't "send to GPS" on GC.com like just about all other brands) Absolutely NO routable street maps (can't get driving directions) Magellan tech support is pretty lousy. If you can get one really cheap, $100 bucks or less, then they are OK units to have. But more than that and you can find better units for your money.
  23. With one of the newer firmwares (I forget which one) Use the Trip Computer Icon. One of the modes on this is Geocaching. Works Great. When you are in the Trip Computer section, down on the bottom right next to the box with the two 6's is a box that looks like a 3/4 full battery icon. touch that and select geocaching.
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