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  1. I agree. As it becomes more and more difficult (at least around here) to place physical caches, I see huge potential for Wherigo caches. It offers the opportunity for playing without physically hiding objects. If only the technology would become a bit more user and cache creator friendly.
  2. Thanks for sharing the ideas. Let me see what will be approved.
  3. There is so many wonderful nature places, that do receive high visitor traffic when in season. Unfortunately not everyone acts according to 'carry in / carry out', meaning you take everything with you, that you brought there. So you can find litter of all type of materials and sizes, tainting the full nature experience, potentially presenting a hazard to wildlife. Would it be possible to allow the creation of continous CITO Events in Geocaching.com for such places, lasting for several weeks during peak season? The CITO would request Geocachers to bring the good old trash bag and collect those cans, bottles, cigarette buds, paper, plastic etc.. Logging condition: Send a picture of the trash collected to the CITO event owner. That could help keeping your favourite beach or hiking trail cleaner. Any thoughts around that?
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