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  1. I know that this is late since I think Jeremy and the team are working hard on a release that will solve encryptions and other "protecting" features. In the meantime I have set a very simple GUI for the piece of software that opens a .lua file, adds the encryption code (i have also added a 'reverse' functionality inside the code, just to mix it a little more) and the code for a very simple emulator check. The sequence of operations would be: 1) open the .lua file 2) select the lines where to set the encryption 3) process 4) save. Even if the code would create a backup file of the original .lua, I would strongly suggest to keep a copy. I have written this code in a few hours and it is absolutely not 100% reliable and there is almost no error checking... I thought that spending to much time on that was really useless since someone else is working more seriously on that. Here is the link for the .jar file: WannaBeLuaProtector.jar You need Java 6 Runtime that can be downloaded from java.sun.com. To run it: java -jar WannaBeLuaProtector.jar Source code is available on request (but i must warn you... it is very, very, very, very poorly written... I didn't have time to write a reasonable code). regards, Kazuma, geocaching-italia
  2. Hmmm... by looking at the answers in this survey, instead of trading geocoins I should trade original italian food Kazuma, geocaching-italia
  3. 1. What is your name (caching name is fine), location, age, and occupation. The 'Nicole' Team (kazuma)... the team is named after our daughter 2. What was the first geocoin you ever held in your hand? I do not really recall... 3. Approximately how many coins to you currently own? About 200 hundred, only over 35 are activated in my trackable wharehouse. 4. Approximately how many coins have you released into caches? And how many are still active? About 20, mostly are still alive 5. Have you ever minted a coin? If so - how many? If not - skip to question 6 Yes 2: - First Italian Baby (250) - Italian Website (250) 6. What is your favorite color? Dark blue, black, orange 7. What is your favorite food? Carbonara... Panettone (but I don't dislike sushi (even the one at Todai when I was living in the USA) 8. What are some of your favorite songs/musicians/groups? Classical Music (Smetana, Mozart, Bach, Grieg) Italian song writers (Ruggeri, de Gregori, de Andrè, Guccini, Bennato) Not italian: Dire Straits, Elton John, Billy Joel and some mix of fusion/ambient but it is hard to mention all of them 9. What hobbies do you do aside from caching and drooling over coins? Spending time with my daughter, geocaching, watching tv-serial and movies, geocaching. 10. Your general life philosophy can be stated as: "I don't know and I dont care" (Kevin spacey, the 'Negotiator'). No, this is my attitude at work Seriously? Well... I'll never live forever (maybe), so just take it easy and enjoy every minute of my life (with my special twos) Kazuma, geocaching-italia
  4. Come visit Italy... Kazuma, geocaching-italia
  5. After reading this line a few times, I realized that the reason behind this thread was way more important than the geocoin offer. So, even if I live outside Italy, I decided to do my part. If you can't send me the coin, no problem. So I can proudly say... 47%! Kazuma, Geocaching-Italia.com (edit: fixed a typo)
  6. Did you find this: Lua Manual? Kazuma, geocaching-italia
  7. That's correct. As a reviewer I would see that as a Mistery cache. What you have said before, anyway, is good. To reach the final point of my Wherigo cache you must answer a question whose response can be located in the final zone of the Wherigo tour. If you don't answer the cache the cartridge is not set. The answer is indeed encrypted with your code. maybe in the next release I'll add the Emulator check on the deviceID that appears to be the best solution on that issue. I don't personally like the option of inserting the unlocking answer in the cache because that would give some sort of hint on the location of the cache. Then if a geocacher is good enough to unlock the cartridge or find the cache without finishing the cartridge... well, he has been good, so why deleting the log? Kazuma, geocaching-italia
  8. Sorry, but I don't see how that would prevent cheaters. As far as my ital-english understood from your idea, is that if I play your cart in the emulator I would see the hidden message anyway. Plus if the coords are in some text... it will be even easier to find the cache without playing the cartridge. Kazuma, geocaching-italia
  9. As a reference, here is the code that sets and retrieves values: I have also tried (but getting the same results) by using EDIT: I had to by a bigger one, the one in the tutorail wasn't XXXL Regards, Kazuma, geocaching-italia
  10. As far as I have noticed, there is a limitation on the size of the char that you can use for answers... It should be limitetd to 18, unless latest firmware fixed that I found that when playing the first hunt cartridge, but haven't played that again after upgrading firmware). Kazuma, geocaching-italia
  11. I was thinking of developing a few lines of code cartridge and give it to him and post it here too. This will prompt the result on 3 checks: 1) the accuracy 2) the altitude 3) the deviceId. I think that the last one probably could be the best solution. I have created a very simple cartridge that gather those 3 infos and writes them in a dialog. The Emulator should return "Desktop"... maybe that could be an easier way to check if the player is using a "real" device or not. Any thought? Kazuma, geocaching-italia
  12. Hi guys, It seems that the altitude check, that worked well on my Colorado, didn't work wit the player installed on an hp ipaq. A friend of mine tried that device on my cartridge on that device and when he got to the final point... the cartridge acted like he was using the emultaor. Kazuma, geocaching-italia
  13. Ciao e benvenuto tra questo gruppo di pazzi che vanno in giro a cercare scatolette nascoste... Ti consiglio di fare un po' di ricerche ai cache di KingfisherTeam in quella zona... la maggior parte di quelli sono dei veri e propri capolavori di cammuffamento e puoi da lì imparare delle buone tecniche e rubare qualche idea su come fare il contenitore. Una nota: questo forum non è molto frequentato... noi italiani siamo più attivi sulla mailing list italiana. Se visiti il sito principale italiano (www.geocaching-italia.com) trovi le modalità di iscrizione nella parte Servizi. Inoltre, se vuoi, puoi partecipare al wiki (wiki.geocaching-italia.com) magari condividendo esperienze e tecniche... Esiste poi anche un altro sito in Italia: www.geocaching.it, ma ho sentito dire che l'ultimo aggiornamento è di Settembre 2007. Ciao e... buona caccia !!! Kazuma, geocaching-italia
  14. So Jeremy's note on the thread reported by RangerFox. I'll change my function and I'll update my cart Thanks. Kazuma, geocaching-italia
  15. Ok, ok... gotcha! Tomorrow I'll update my cart with the new check. Thanks for the note !!! Kazuma, geocaching-italia
  16. ...my 0.02€ I have just (today) submitted my first cartridge (proudly speaking, the first in Italy) and I have made it "multi-language". My solution 8and I am more than willing to listening to new and improved ideas, has been to create a function that set the texts (name & description) of all the objects in the cart. I have to work a little bit to improve also dialog messages even though all dialogs that refers to tasks use the texts from the name and the description. On the emulator and on my Colorado that workds pretty well... Kazuma, geocaching-italia
  17. I'm not in the USA... Is there any way to get a coin for the first Wherigo cache in Italy anyway Kazuma, geocaching-italia
  18. I've just submitted a cartridge with that sort of protection in it. It allows you to "play" up to the end, before asking the final question. I'll be able to tell if I ever receive any complain about the game not working. Kazuma, geocaching-italia
  19. I'm sure you cheated I've played yesterday again with my Colorado 300 and I can conform it works great... Just need to work a little bit more on using the device... I was faster on the Emulator (243). My best on the Colorado is 244. Kazuma, Geocaching-Italia
  20. Without reading your message first, I started developing a "Tour" cartridge inside a Park in Milan, Italy. I have designed a few (!) zones but to follow up the completition of the cartridge, I have worked in a different way, creating a task for each zone. The player starts and it will see only the first zone and the task to reach that zone. Once the zone is reached, I will mark the task completed, deactivate and hide it. I will the activate and show the second zone and the second task... and so on. The completition of the cartridge happens only when the player answers (correctly) to a question (the answer is located somewhere in the final zone) and all tasks are marked completed. Does this make sense? Or I am doing a sort of useless work? I have set up a scheleton that could be the base for other "tour" cache... maybe if this works, I can post it somewhere... Kazuma, geocaching-italia.com
  21. Thank you for contributing that. If you'd like, I can make a .Net port of that. Well, I must thank you since without your input this wouldn't be possible. At this point I'll try to add some GUI and a few options, and I'll post here the link. Unfortunately I don't have that much free time... I'll do my best though. Promise. regards, Kazuma
  22. I confirm that Ranger's example could be the case. The builder crashes when opening the modified file after i added the hex function. I forgot a parenthesis.... once it was fixed, the file has been correctly opened, modified and works great. I've written a very simple and rough java code (i prefer java since i use linux) now that does the "job": I mean that opens the lua source code, add the hex funcions (without errors) and looks for all the places where the input strings are used and do the changes. It also changes the unencrypted answer with the hex one. I'm lazy of doing that manually every time... The output file can be compiled with the builder. If anyone is interested, I can work a little bit on that code for making it more "usable" (now it is a simple command line code). Regards, Kazuma
  23. I just would like to thank you for this thread... I am trying to play a little bit with your idea and see if I came out with something to add. Kazuma, geocaching-italia.com
  24. 1. Participating - Email Sent on Jan 17th (previous email exchange on 15th) 2. Received Name - Name received on Jan 19th 3. Mission Complete - Package sent on Jan 25th 4. Mission Arrived! - Package arrived on Feb 27th WOW... I'm really impressed. The box was bigger than expected and inside there were wonderful gifts and 2 wonderful Geocoins... Thanks a lot to the (known) sender. The entire 'Nicole' Team thanks you for everything... Nicole is already in love with the duck! (ps: this time Italian Custom decide to open the package for checking it... that is probably the reason for being here that late!) Thanks, thanks and... Thanks! Kazuma, geocaching-italia.com
  25. De nada, mi sembrava doveroso risponderti (ho visto solo dopo che avevi già fatto la stessa domanda in ML). I contributi sono sempre bene accetti e tutti sono sempre un aiuto. Le proposte, così come le critiche costruttive, sono quello che migliora il tutto. Il sito ufficiale italiano (www.geocaching-italia.com) va avanti anche grazie alle idee ed alle critiche Quando io ho iniziato il geocaching, nella zona di Sabaudia (dove vado in vacanza) non c'erano cache e non c'erano geocacher. Ho iniziato a nasconderne qualcuno e sono stato felicissimo di sapere che questo ha contribuito allo "sviluppo" del geocaching in quella zona. Senza nemmeno un cache in zona difficilmente si inizia questo gioco. Inizia a nasconderne qualcuno magari "facili" da raggiungere e da trovare ma comunque in posti anche un po' particolari, e vediamo se questo aiuta. Nascondere i cache è sempre qualcosa che aiuta (e tanto) lo sviluppo di questo sport. (se poi sono facili ed in posti belli... aiuta ancora di più). Mi farebbe piacere... Kazuma, geocaching-italia.com
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