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  1. Geowoodstock 8 is being held in our (extended) backyard! July 3, 2010 in Carnation, WA. According to the ever-reliable Mapquest that's only a 14 hour drive from Modesto. I'm thinking the CA Central Valley contingent needs to rent a van (or two or three) and represent. Estimated vehicle rental costs would be $350 for something that'll hold 7 geocachers plus GPSr's and a change of underwear for everyone. I'm volunteering to organize the activity. Let me know if you're interested. As we get closer it'll take cash money up front to be included (also known as Judd ain't paying for everything). I have this vision of a van full of cachers glowing with all the electromagnetic energy from multiple GPSr units and iPhones all powered up and interfering with each other. Come, share the vision. Geowoodstock VIII or bust!!! Geowoodstock VIII
  2. I want to be somebody too! Please add me and my gang (those whose names must not be mentioned) to the somewhat exclusive MAC list (unless we need to walk hot coals or something like that as an initiation).
  3. Ok...I would like to know what is going on since Super Grrl tried to post a response here and she has been banned from the forums. PHOTOM...no one told us there was a vote. We can't go that weekend. Wolf Grrl will be cycling 100 miles in one day for diabetes and Super Grrl and myself will be volunteering at a rest stop. The April 24th weekend was the best. We are so bummed. We had such a good time last year and wanted to go this year.
  4. It's an OVAL thankyouverymuch! (or a tri-oval). whatever. silly non-fans. but yeah GO STEELERS! By way of apology to all of the NASCAR fans out there here's a video I think you'll enjoy: http://www.cmt.com/videos/cledus-t-judd/33...ve-nascar.jhtml
  5. Grown men driving in a circle.... oooh....aaaah....riveting. Oh yeah..... GO STEELERS!!!
  6. Central Valley Cachers: 2008 Award Winners For those who couldn't attend last night's excellent Winter Formal (thanks again Deranja) here's a list of the award winners: Best Traditional Cache: WWTD #2; by PlantPeddler Best Micro Cache: Short Term Parking; by Radikel Best Multi-Cache: Pirates of the San Joaquin River; by RunningWolph Best Mystery Cache: Gold Rush “Puzzle” Cache; by Isolino Best Puzzle Cache: CSU Stanislaus Letterbox Pictorial; by Cooties! Best Urban Cache: Balboa; by Super Grrl Best camouflage: Two Mavericks and That’s No Bull; by BlindbutnowIsee Best Theme-Individual Cache: RMG is Here!; by Deranja Best Theme-Series: CVBR Series; by Wolf Grrl Most Innovative Cache: Now You See It, Now You Don’t; by HappyToBeFirst Best Event: Smores n’ Snores III – The Real Deal; by MAC (Photom & JPD43)
  7. Congratulations in advance. You might want to take a look at Riverbank (and maybe Oakdale). We don't necessarily have a group of caches that can be found in a single walk (except for Wolf Grrl's Riverbank Walk series) but there are a number of caches in the area that are basically park and grabs that would be accessible to someone in an advanced state of soon-to-be-motherhood. There are a few that I would stay away from. If you're interested let me know and I could put together a list for you.
  8. Is this image from the boo bash??? ROFLMAO!!!
  9. Hay, i were edumacted in teh publick skool sistim. i can use big werds lyk a profeshunil. my mom says wun day i can be prezidint.
  10. BOO BASH UPDATE!!! Here are the coordinates for the poker run and the kids "letterboxing": Poker Run: location 1: N 37 44.534 / W 120 56.471 location 2: N 37 44.577 / W 120 56.489 location 3: N 37 44.593 / W 120 56.537 location 4: N 37 44.558 / W 120 56.544 location 5: N 37 44.532 / W 120 56.410 Kid's "letterboxing" locations: location 1: N 37 44.561 / W 120 56.408 location 2: N 37 44.550 / W 120 56.422 location 3: N 37 44.540 / W 120 56.458 location 4: N 37 44.560 / W 120 56.487 We're providing this information so you can have the coordinates loaded into your GPSr ahead of time. Since neither of these are speed events it won't help if you come out ahead of time and scout the locations.
  11. Hey, are you insinuating that we would blatantly copy, mimic, or otherwise emulate the plans and activities of fellow cachers? That would be a cruel mischaracterization. We made the Yokohl Valley run in a blue Jeep, not a silver Honda. Clearly a significant difference.
  12. Wow, my hearing must be going because I was there for most of the weekend and I don't remember hearing anything like this...
  13. The Groundspeak Lackeys have spoken! So it is; so it shall be! Nice find Mr. NascarFam
  14. Actually Carroll v. United States (1925) led to what is generally referred to as the motor vehicle exception. An officer is allowed to search a motor vehicle without a warrant provided that they have probable cause to believe that evidence or contraband is in the vehicle. Given that we were running around with flashlights poking around electrical poles and equipment in empty fields I'd say that the cops had probable cause to assume we could be metal thieves making the rounds.
  15. In that area I believe it can be done. I know if we stayed in about Porterville we could have grabbed a bunch more. Our mistake was Visalia. Especially if he was by himself. We had one car so that made things quick. If you have more than that I can see it slowing things down hence one person is faster than 2. Yes, a one time thing. However, now I have this feeling inside that I may want to try it again. I have been trying to locate another area like that one. I know...I know....
  16. I are confused. Which right did I fail to exercise? Please elucidate.
  17. Another vote in support of my friend Greg. And yes I meet the posting and address requirements. FREEDOM FOR NASCARFAM!!!
  18. Now that we have a site...BIG THANKS! Maybe we could have awards. We can use polls for members to vote. Example: Funniest Log...people throw in their favorite and from there it gets dwindled down to 4 nominations and on site it would look like this: Funniest Log GC1234A lakjldjflaj GC1234B laksdflasj GC1234C laksdjfla GC1234D laksdlfjlj It would have those polling buttons in front of each nominations. Houston Geocaching Society does this every year and the awards ceremony ends up being an event in December. It's pretty cool. I can say that as I won an award. It's just something fun. UGH...I just realized I'm logged in as "The Hubby" so now you know it's Wolf Grrl.
  19. FIGHT THE POWER!! Now that you've realized the prides arrived We got to pump the stuff to make us tough from the heart It's a start, a work of art To revolutionize make a change nothin's strange People, people we are the same No we're not the same Cause we don't know the game What we need is awareness, we can't get careless You say what is this? My beloved lets get down to business Mental self defensive fitness (Yo) bum rush the show You gotta go for what you know Make everybody see, in order to fight the powers that be Lemme hear you say... Fight the Power
  20. S.O.S ... S.O.S. I'm trapped in my own house with nine thousand three hundred and twenty seven 11 and 12 year old girls!!!! My duaghter's having a slumber party for her birthday and they are EVERYWHERE!! They're under the refrigerator... they're climbing out of the vents ... they're ...they're AAAAHH!! THEY'VE GOT ME!!!! HELP!!! HELP!!!! HELP!!!
  21. Ok ok ok...this is actually Wolf Grrl but The Hubby is logged in so I stayed. Yes I'm pirating his log in right now. Welcome to all of you newbies. It's nice to see new people in the forum. Seeing that you can BBQ not just grille (yes fellas I know the difference...The Hubby has taught me well) you need to HOST an event. Click on the link below and that is what we all mean when we talk about an event. That is when you get to meet all of us strange CVC/MAC people. We show up at your place or a park wherever you may be hosting and you feed us! What a great way to meet us all and let's say ring in "back to school"! Just not in October...The Hubby is planning a really good one (Boo Bash). I know Photom has plugged it but I will, MAC put on great events and you wouldn't want to miss Happy's to be 50 event. It sounds like it is going to be a blast. Plus they are going to have seminars that can really help newbies out. MAC/CVC cachers truly are the nicest people!!! I mean that sincerely. I started caching in the Bay Area and I have cached a BUNCH there and I've cached in Texas a bunch and no one compares to our cachers here. This is just a great group, the most helpful and they will be the ones that make you feel the most welcome. Spring Fling Event Hope to meet you all soon. Happy Caching! ~Wolf Grrl
  22. I'm with BOGA (Green Achers); home brew and BBQ sounds like an event to me! Welcome to the game! This is a great group out here. We relocated to the area (Riverbank) from the Bay Area 2 years ago and were welcomed with open arms. There's a nice combination of urban and country caches out here and I'm sure you'll have fun searching. This is a pretty knowledgable group as well so jump on in here with any questions you may have.
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