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  1. I would like to know who is using this information and how would this be helpful to me. Seems to be not very useful unless there is ability to filter or sort based on this information.
  2. I do not like this new format. It makes it extremely difficult to search through my own and others caches. Especially unhelpful when trying to solve mystery cache puzzles. Also the new format takes up to much real estate on the screen limiting what you can see at any one time. Can there be a condensed option to allow one row per cache?
  3. How do see the list of caches that I have logged a DNF BUT did not later go back and log a Found log. I am also not interested in archived caches, only active ones.
  4. I think you missed the option to save directly to the GPS. There is no need to first save it to the computer, then copy it to the GPS as you can load it to the GPS in one step. While I mostly use PQs, I often DL a single cache and have never used the plugin. Where is the option to save directly to the GPS? When I select it goes right to my downloads folder on PC.
  5. How do I do a search for caches based on elevation. For example how do I find highest and lowest caches in a particular area?
  6. I like the cleaner look but was wondering if something can be done about all the "white" on the website pages. Especially the home page. Its a little hard to look at so I suggest the background be toned down a little maybe a different color shade.
  7. Yes, I know this but the search radius is only limited to 500 miles from point of origin. Any way to search worldwide geocaching database with one search?
  8. How do I search all caches worldwide that were placed during a specific date range?
  9. I get the same row of tabs and I click on Garmin and it works fine for that session but next time I log into Geocaching.com it defaults to DeLorme again. That is why I think there is something not set right with my settings.
  10. When I select the Send to My GPS button it defaults to DeLorme, does anyone know if there is there a way to change some setting to have the default to Garmin?
  11. I have downloaded v2.2 on my android Samsung Galaxy phone and the compass is very erratic, I cannot even use it.
  12. The base stations of the LightSquared network will transmit signals in a radio band immediately adjacent to the GPS frequencies. The GPS community is concerned that LightSquared's ground-based transmissions may overpower the relatively weak GPS signal from space. Although LightSquared will operate in its own radio band, that band is so close to the GPS signals that many GPS devices could pick up the stronger LightSquared signal and become overloaded or jammed. For more info please see the following: http://www.pnt.gov/interference/lightsquared/ Spread the word.....
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