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  1. I was a Best Buy today looking for the very same thing, a GPSr that can do auto and geocaching navigation.. To my surprise, one unit said on the price card GEOCACHING READY. Ii was shocked. Check out the Garmin Nuvi 500 or Nuvi 550. What I've researched so far is that the only difference in the two is the 500 has a base map of the lower 48 United States and topographical map, the 550 has Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico, but no topographical map. Both units allow you not only to download detailed cache info such as hints and logs, but also allow you to make field notes (i.e. found it, didn't find it, needs repair, etc) and upload that info directly to the geocaching website! I'm impressed! Now if it will only go on sale... LOL http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?sk...d=1210378664243 REI has them on sale this weekend for $290
  2. I have had 2 garmin colorado 300's with serial numbers very close to each other and the battery will only last for about 3 hours. I am using normal duracell batteries. What is the problem? Is there serial number series with known problems?
  3. so garmin topo maps don't work with a nuvi but other brands do? Is that what you mean?
  4. Garmin returned my email about a bare ware, he said "he believes one is in the works" maybe I'll try to be patient, or I'll just install a cig plug under the dash...
  5. Thanks for the replies guys......I really wanted the bare cable b/c it's not spiraled and it looks great when I installed it on my prior 60csx. I guess I will have to install the cig plug under my dash and buy the vehicle adapter. Here's my guess: I go through the trouble, and then they come out with the proper bare wire.
  6. Marky, Thanks for the info, I didn't realize the 5 volt problem... I would be very upset if Garmin didn't offer a bare wire, don't a lot of people hard wire in the car? Would this somehow work? http://www.amazon.com/Garmin-Power-Adapter...0310&sr=8-1
  7. Hello All, I just got a Garmin Colorado 300 (which is great by the way), and I want to hard wire it in my truck. Before with my Garmin 60csx, I used a cable like this: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=519 But I just called Garmin and they don't offer one for the Colorado honestly WTF?? I don't want a a cable running permanently from my cig lighter to the unit so do any of you guys know a work around? Is there another cord/fuse combo or set of wires that I can use? Thanks for the help! Ryan
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys......looks like dropping the $$$ on garmin is the way to go. I'm surprised the delorme doesn't get better rec's. Any other thoughts? I really appreciate the feedback and recommendations.
  9. It's time for me to buy GPS, been considering it for months... I'm really having a tough time deciding which unit and software, I want it to be useful for road trips offering turn by turn directions, capable of running topo maps and be combatable with a good software like National Geographic. I will be using it for road trips, 4x4ing, camping and maybe hiking. What I really want to do is upload 4x4 trails that friends have completed and be able to follow their tracks. I then want to upload my tracks to a nice topo map. The Garmin 60csx seems the most popular and gets good reviews, it's on sale right now for $350 -$50 rebate. But I'd have to buy Streets $100 and Topo $60 Bringing the total the $460 AND it's recommended that I buy another topo software for planning on my laptop since Garmins software isn't that good (NG topo $100)......a total of $560. This unit seems tried and true. I'm not usally the type of guy who needs the latest and greatest, but is the technology becoming outdated? I really like the idea of the Delorme Earthmate unit, it comes with topo and street software and the maps seem to be really good. But reviews have been mixed, I've heard it's slow and not good for using on streets because the auto-route function is not good. On the other hand some have said it’s great. The new Magellan Triton that comes out in November and it looks sweet but, I need one sooner than that. So guys what do you think?
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