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  1. W7WT~ You need to get up this way, there's a lot of caches waiting for you. I think $330 may be a bit much to press Santa for, though. Santa is my mom, she just turned 80 and keeps asking me to take her geocaching. She gets mad when my GPSr loses reception, and has already announced that I need a new one. The one I have cost under $100 three years ago. I'd like to stay under $200 now. Again, it's just the trees. I don't download anything, no routing, no nothing. I walk, the numbers get smaller. If I walk a different direction, the numbers get bigger. that's it. I bought my husband a coffeemaker three years ago and I don't know how to use it yet. I'll get around to it..... Edited to say: SIRF chip? Firmware? You are so way over my head. Remember, look, the numbers are getting smaller! []
  2. Whoa, Clayjar's answer was good! I think Trailbound's was, too, but I'm going to have to read it over again to see if I understand it. see-toe!
  3. I've never owned a Jeep, but I wouldn't mind having one. As far as the Jeep TB's, I haven't heard any anti-Jeep sentiment, but this would be my guess. It's a corporate sponsorship. Advertising. If you have a personal TB out there, and I pick it up, I'm going to be sure to take care of it, and write a log to let you know how it's doing. I picked up a green Jeep TB the other day. I tried to just log where I'd picked it up and dropped it off, but the website wouldn't allow the transfer without some written log. So, I wrote that I picked it up and dropped it off. Period. It doesn't belong to a fellow geocacher, nobody's heart and soul is riding with that TB. Who is sitting at their computer waiting to see where it goes? Nobody. And yes, I went after it because I wanted another icon on my profile page. Not quite sure why. Going to have to examine my motivation on that one, and I'm not sure it makes me feel comfortable. I don't hate Jeeps, though.
  4. Need recommendations for a GPSr. I don't need any bells or whistles, I am the anti-tech paper-caching Bumbling B. But, I do need a unit that can work under tree cover. If the numbers are getting smaller, I'm getting closer to the cache. That's all I know, or have ever known, and I'm fine with that. Breadcrumbs, maps? I haven't bothered to figure that out yet. But no numbers? That's a problem. I have a Garmin ETrex Venture, circa 2003. It's been a good friend, but it goes to sleep in the woods. PS~ Money is a consideration. Thanks in advance..
  5. Thanks! I had already tried that, and it didn't work, but this time it did. Must have entered it wrong last time, so I thought maybe there was an equivilant geocoin lookup site. Anyway, all is well, except that the coin shows itself in Montana, when it's really in Discovery Bay, Washington. I'll do the best I can with what I know, and at least it will be set fairly right for the next finder. Thanks again.
  6. Yes, well I'd be happy to log it out of the cache where I found it, even log it into and then out of the cache where i found it, but exactly how do I log it? I have the tracking number, but I don't know where to go to use it.
  7. I'm sure this has been addressed before, but I couldn't readily find it, so I'll ask. I found a geocoin in a cache, an "Evil Micro" geocoin. Later that day, I dropped it off in another cache. I wrote down the tracking number that was on the coin so I could log it properly when I got home. Problem. It was never logged in to the cache that I took it from. So, now, I haven't logged it out of that cache, nor logged it into the new cache. I don't even know how to log it. If it was on the cache page of the cache where I found it, I would have clicked on it and entered the tracking number. But it wasn't. I tried entering the tracking number in the TB search feature, but that didn't get me anywhere. How do I get this little coin back on track and properly logged in/out of the caches I'm aware of it being in? Thanks in advance.
  8. Whoo, I was sweating when I saw the title of this thread, as I have just logged 4 caches from October of '04.
  9. You may think the first one you find is clever. By the 25th, it's starting to not seem so clever anymore, and you begin to focus on your surroundings instead of on the cache. You're in a parking lot. Could there perhaps be someplace nicer to cache? Green?
  10. Hi, and welcome! To begin with, you just found the cache 3 days ago, and I would allow more time than that for a response. The cache owner hasn't found any caches since '05, which would worry me, except that they have maintained a premium membership and have logged on to GC within the last month. They have 2 other caches, one of which seems to have some maintenance issues as well. So, it's a mixed bag. I would definitely wait a couple weeks, and at that time perhaps try another e-mail, or flag the cache with a "needs maintenance" log. Or, perhaps e-mail your local approver, explain the situation, and if you would be willing to adopt the cache, say so at that time. Then leave it to the approver to take action. Thanks for caring about cache quality and being willing to contribute. I don't think it's ever bad form to remove ruined / disgusting items from a cache and give it a good wipe out, but replacing the entire container and contents could concievably step on someone's toes. Happy caching!
  11. I should have thought of this sooner, but I've got a touch of sunstroke from chasing an 8 year old with a ride-all-the-rides-you-want-all-day wristband around the Clallam County fair. I'd get you the number for the PT police department, but I refuse to move from my chair for the next hour or two. Anyway, the thought is, if the Park and Ride doesn't work, and you don't mind slumming it, we've got room in our driveway.
  12. I believe it is still legal to park overnight at the Port Townsend Park and Ride. If I were you, if I were me, (?) I'd skip my Another Point of View, which is pretty much a drive up, and do Juan De Fuca II. If you also happen to terrache, (can I say that?) continue on to Shunra's at Mccurdy Point. I love that beach walk. Not at high tide, though. The two would be a 6 mile RT, but flat and easy. The farther out you go, the prettier it gets. I'd second Webster Woods in Port Angeles.
  13. Another factor ~ Perhaps the hider placed the cache in a season when blackberries were not growing. I hid a really easy cache, and when I went back to check on it, it was an impossible cache surrounded by huge stinging nettles. Oops.
  14. Sure, we have a book exchange nearby where I live. It's been active for years. I have seen other types of theme caches where the cache contents have, over time, gotten away from the theme completely. Personally, if I find a theme cache I try to either trade on theme or TNLNSL.
  15. What kind of girls do you like, Criminal? Edited to say: I'm sorry, but it is too tempting to not try to hijack a thread about hijacking threads......
  16. Eric~ You sound like a very sensible 13 year old. I wish I had someone like you to mentor my 8 year old's work on the computer!
  17. To finish up a thought- If I were going to Burning Man, would I want to hunt run-of-the-mill caches that were not log-able, maybe trade dollar store items? No. If I were going to Burning Man, and there was a series of caches that was extremely creative, relevant to Burning Man, likely to enhance my whole Burning Man experience, would I hunt them? Even though they'd be un log-able? Um, yes. As far as not logging your caches. That is of course, your option. But I am a cache hider, and my joy in hiding caches is twofold. I enjoy the research, the setting up the puzzle or picking the right spot. When that part over, my joy is in reading the on-line logs that come in. If you find one of my caches, I wish you'd tell me. Did you like the story? Was it a cool spot? Did you see an eagle?
  18. Well, again, good luck, but I think you'll find that geocachers are not so interested in finding caches that they can't log. I guess it is all for the smiley. Sounds like there's plenty to do there, anyway.
  19. A Geocache would violate the Never Let It Hit the Ground policy that the Burning Man organizers adhere to. They even report their sucesses and failures after each event. "Never Let It Hit The Ground There is no garbage collection service at Burning Man. Every camp is responsible for its refuse. We are ALL responsible for trash in Black Rock City. Trash is EVERYTHING you bring here: tent stakes, bottle caps, ashes, orange peels, cigarette butts, pistachio shells, boa fibers, sequins - even abandoned bikes. Do not put trash in the portable toilets. Even small trash will clog the cleaning hose for the potty. The toilet will fill and can't be emptied. When you see trash on the ground in BRC, pick it up and take it with you! Better yet, prevent trash from happening. Observe this simple rule: Don't let it hit the ground." You can tell this is going to be a fun place when the trash items they are concerned about include pistachio shells, boa fibers and sequins.
  20. Burning Man is real http://www.burningman.com/ I've met a few people who I suspect might be aliens, how about you?
  21. Perhaps this tutorial will help explain what is and isn't accepted on this site. You can also always get help in the Getting Started forum. http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx Your enthusiasm is great. Generally speaking (and of course there are exceptions to every rule) it's a good idea to find a few caches before you start hiding them. It was ~hot~ where I live yesterday, and I was just too lazy to google Burning Man, but I've done so now and it looks like a wild time. Sort of a Guy Fawkes Night meets the Grateful Dead vibe. Enjoy, and welcome to geocaching!
  22. OK, I'll take a stab at this. I'm a sheltered girl from the boonies, but I think Burningman is a festival, or gathering in the Nevada desert. Is that correct? So, you'd like to put a cache there. If the cache is a temporary cache, it cannot be logged or listed on GC site. Are you asking for other people who wish to place temporary caches for the festival to list them at your "master temporary cache", so that some caching can be done during this festival? No reason not to, but none of them would (again) be log-able or list-able at GC.com. If I'm not understanding your post correctly, please elaborate.
  23. Being called a woman is demeaning??? It sucks to be you, eh? Give it up, dear, and let's be nice. The name of the TB has been changed. Nobody ever objected to the word "woman" in this thread. From what I've seen, Kacky seems quite confident and comfortable in her own skin.
  24. Kristin {{hugs}} My boy would like to come play Legos, too!
  25. Well, I'm not following. I've hiked Squaw Peak in Phoenix, and thought that squaw was just a name referring to a female Native American. I still don't know specifically what female body part it supposedly refers to, but, if it doesn't, why have there been protests by the Native Americans themselves? My only point with PC is that if a particular group finds a term that is used to represent them to be highly offensive, then why would we choose to use that word? Confrontation? Why? And if that word has an emotional charge, in my opinion it should be left out of usage in a corporate sponsorship deal.
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