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  1. Well, some people think that if they worked hard to find a cache, they deserve a reward. Doesn't matter that maybe you worked hard to place the cache.
  2. I went with a friend to hide a cache, and between the two of us we had 3 GPS units - and got three different readings. If we had come back the next day, probably 3 more again. It's not an exact science. If it's much more than 30 feet off I might say something.
  3. I'm starting to get better at finding cheap swag. I got this pretty wire basket threaded with little ornaments after Christmas. It's big enough to go in an ammo can, wouldn't fit anywhere else. Bought one for a cache and one for myself because I liked it. Cost 25 cents each. I'm going downtown today to find what's on sale 1/2 off the day after Easter, and if I can find $10 worth, I have a $3 coupon. Helps keeps costs down, and makes me not so mad when someone trades it for a bottle cap.
  4. Added to say, this is why some people hide micros.
  5. I accept cache degradation as part of the game. It's the people who leave my caches out in the open so that the whole cache might disappear who bug me. One exception, though, is my son's cache. It's a theme cache, and I specifically asked on the cache page to please trade fairly, cache belongs to an 8 year old boy. Went to check it last week, and it's half full. The people who logged their trades traded nicely, it was someone who didn't write what they took.
  6. I must admit that the Darwin Awards occured to me. Did you ever see the one with the guy who had a lawn chair, lots of helium balloons, and a six pack of beer?
  7. Darn, I used blue. It was prettier. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...d7-d046d80c4065 That's one of them, the other is comparable. I kind of hate to change the names of caches that have been around for awhile; I'll have to think about that. I'd really prefer to designate them as puzzle caches, even though they are not, just to force people to read the description. Again, these caches are perfectly safe for adults, but they had better be supervising their kids.
  8. I'll have to admit that I don't know what a helicopter parent is.
  9. I'm back, and the young 'un is getting a lovely Easter basket. I think my question has been aswered here. The information is apparently available to all, some just choose not to read it. I don't care if you end up bushwhacking to one of my caches that has a perfectly good trail, but if people with PDA's were ~only~ getting coordinates I was looking for some way to flag a cache that might be dangerous for the kids. Thank you!
  10. Oh, Cpt. Blackbeard, when I go caching, I start with a clean car and come home with a muddy car filled with a paper tornado. So, then, to be clear, on a PDA you can get the whole cache description, it's just whether you choose to read it or not? Thanks again, and I'm outta here, off to check a cache and prepare for the Easter bunny.
  11. And, I would add that these caches have not been a problem. Even two members of the local police force have logged Another Point of View, which is the one close to the edge. But another cache I own keeps getting logs as if people didn't read the cache page, and I wasn't sure how that might impact these two, which are perfectly safe ~if~ you know what you are approaching.
  12. I suppose I could make these puzzle caches, which would force them to read the cache page, but they are not puzzles....
  13. Well it's fine if they fall off the cliff, but I don't want their kids to. So, If you are downloading the cache to your cell or IPOD or PDA or whatever other initials we're using (I'm so behind) you get the cache description and can read or not?
  14. I haven't used any cache attributes, and I don't know if it's right to up the terrain ratings to keep kids away. One is a 20 foot walk on flat ground from your car. Let me see if I can do the linky thing... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...d7-d046d80c4065 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...18-2c08ac91a626 My question is, in whatever format they are using are people not getting this information?
  15. I don't like change. I bought my husband a new coffee maker 2 or 3 years ago, the kind that makes foam and froth and espresso. He uses it all the time. I'll get around to learning how to use it one of these days... So, I'm totally a paper cacher. I haven't even tried to figure out how to use maps or breadcrumbs on my GPSr. I've only been caching since, um, 2003, so give me time. If the numbers are getting smaller, I'm getting closer to the cache. I may be slower, but I'm perfectly happy. I've been confused by a lot of logs I've gotten on my caches lately. Like one - I give driving directions and parking coordinates and I keep getting logs from people who bushwhacked through thick growth and never read the cache description. There is a trail. Is that what you get when you download the cache to your cell phone or whatever, just coordinates with no description? I'm just a teensy bit worried because I have two caches with danger warnings - they are on high cliffs with no fences or barriers of any kind. The caches can be retrieved perfectly safely, but you wouldn't want your 4 year old running ahead of you. Are people not seeing these warnings, and if not, what should I do?
  16. Hey, Mrs. B! I understand your comments about hiding caches -- I love hiding them, too! And I've probably got a few too many to maintain adequately, but that's a topic for another day. I still think some of my most favourites of all the caches I've ever found were your Sweet 16 series. Those (the ones I could find, anyway ) were some of the most creative caches, and the containers were small and simple or in some cases even just a film canister. Not every cache has to contain an elaborate array of baubles and trinkets...in fact I think most of us who have found more than our first few caches enjoy the hunt far more than what's in the cache. I love the caches that make me laugh, and yours usually do that really well! Oh, and by the way, I have absolutely no need of a baby backpack, thank God! Your pal, H-C Half Canadian, I adore you. Hope I can hide something new you'll like. Not a puzzle, though....oh, wait, there is one...... BCcruisers, I enjoyed your logs, and the one you DNF'd is back. So you come back, OK? Anyway, this thread seems pretty much done. Baby backpack going to baby. Done. The moderator may lock it.
  17. Better: you can preempt it: After X finds, you post a Note announcing that the next finder will be last to find, and is requested to remove the cache. Then you archive the listing. That way you'll get to place many caches without the area getting oversaturated, you'll never have to do any maintenance runs, and those of us in Port Townsend without knee injuries will regularly have new caches to hunt Oh, Shunra, I love hiding caches and you know it. I just hit a little stretch here where everything seems to be going wrong with them. I hope it will pass, because I would rather be out hiding new ones. Especially working on new ones for the WSGA campout. And, yes, I'm sure I've hidden a lame cache or two, I have the log to prove it, but I try to get either a good hide, or a beautiful spot, or some interesting local history. It's awfully nice when I can get all three, but I usually don't. I hope Port Townsend's best cache finder with the broken knee is healing well.
  18. We have a winner! landrover, it's yours. E-mail me when you are coming.
  19. OK, I'm done with the griping. You can see it on any thread. I do still have a baby backpack, $179 dollars at time of purchase, free, if you will use it.
  20. I don't want to get to the point of not enjoying placing caches. I love it. I love taking people to a new place, or sharing some history. I have several more caches planned. I just want the finders to respect them. I am poor. The loss off a cache with $10 worth of contents, plus the gas to drive there hurts. Baby backpack still available. Would it help if I gave co-ords?
  21. Totem Lake, I've never met you, but I've already been impressed by you. I only ask you attempt not be be "last to find", and that you trade in a fair manner. And by "you" , I obviously don't mean you. It's about time you came to Port Townsend. If you have a 3 month old, all the better - I have a baby backpack for you. P.S. If everyone who had caches violated in some matter went away, there would be no caches. I'm understanding that it happens, just need to be told how to deal with it better.
  22. As I grow into geocaching, I find that I like to hide caches more than I like to find them. But I do need somebody to get me into right thinking. I've just finished a maintenance run of most of my caches, and I need to start all over again. The ones I found - about half were in the wrong place, or exposed. Cache contents? I won't even go there. So, how can I do it without getting into a temper tantrum? If that was the This, here is the That: I have a baby carrier. A high quality baby backpack. Free, if you've got a baby. Only problem is, I live in Port Townsend, and I don't deliver. Best
  23. Please forgive me. I did not intend to offend. I was going to actually peel the grapes..... Sorry. KB
  24. Oh, heck, I'm not computer saavy, and I've got the Leprachauns bashing me in the same paragraph that I'm apologizing. Peace, all. I like geocaching, and never met a geocacher that I didnn't instantly love. KB
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