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  1. I've had to move a cache, because it's gone missing, and I hate to put one back in the same spot where I lost one. I haven't checked yet to see how far it moved, but certainly more than 1/10 of a mile. Does anyone know the limit; how far it can go before it needs to be listed as a new cache? Thanks in advance~
  2. Yes, I have a written permit for the cache. I am actually pretty sensitive to atmosphere, and other than the moment when I had to stop my young son from going "to hell", I honestly don't have any bad feelings about the place. Again, to the best of my knowledge, nothing bad has ever happened there It's not a teenage / druggie hangout, the cat dying was surely an unhappy coincidence, and the psychic friend is probably well meaning but not connecting with anything real. Right? Thanks. I'd given up this cache, but you've talked me back into it. I mentioned the Casco Bay area in Maine because I played there as a girl, many, many years ago. Those bunkers have been sealed, so that no-one can hurt themselves. I really appreciate that where I live, it's still possible to explore a place like this - life hasn't been sanitized to the point where you can't possibly get hurt (sue?) I don't know - there was just enough odd about it to make me question it, but I think it's OK. I'll dedicate the cache to my cat. For the one who asked ~ I'll be using waterproof stickers. The Park manager has agreed to it, and the stickers are supposed to peel off without leaving residue when I'm done. I have not bought them yet.
  3. After re-reading your post I will point this out - tell me if it's creepy. There is a line of bunkers and batteries, and this would be a multi, with stickers as the waypoints; it would require flashlights, exploration, climbing ladders... There is no GPS reception inside a tunnel, so, you're right. The last sticker would be near the mouth of the tunnel, it would have the final coordinates on it, and it would say something like "go to heaven". Is that too weird? I mean, it says "to heaven" right there. Again, this is not a run down relic, it's clean and in the state park. My mother and son and I are going to a concert on Artillary Hill next week; these batteries have rare acoustics and several albums have been recorded here.
  4. Well, no, I didn't think it was creepy at first; it's clean and there's a perfect spot for a cache just outside. It's in an area of old batteries and bunkers built for the war that never saw any action, and as far as I know there are no unpleasant stories to go with it. It's one of those places, like Casco Bay in Maine, where they strung nets across the water to catch German submarines. Didn't catch any here. There was never any actual military action, and it is a cool area to explore. I have a written permit for the cache, which I got from a State Park Director who is generally viewed as "difficult". He and I actually get along famously. I guess it was just the death of the cat, the "psychic", and the little clutchy moment when my 9 year old headed "for hell" that's made me uncomfortable. I'm not a psycho waiting for you at the end of the tunnel, the only thing waiting for you is blue sky and tall grass. I guess I am swayed by atmosphere, but after talking to you I am rather more inclined to place the cache. I have a name for it that won't work. Close, but not quite. There's another area in the park where I'll be putting a micro. It's a building that is now used for concerts and festivals- it was built to house blimps to be used for surveillance. I thought I'd call that one "Lead" Zeppelin (never did actually get used, get off the ground if you will) and the tunnel one would be "Stairway to Heaven", of course. Well, except there's no stairs, it's just a tunnel. I do miss the cat, but there must be no connection. Right?
  5. Let me ask it this way - would you go look for this cache, or have I made you nervous? Would you go "to heaven?"
  6. Thank you; no I'm not the slightest insulted - I do get carried away by atmosphere, I just wanted another opinion.
  7. Ok, this is the cache that I have been planning for so long. I want it. My husband, son and I were together when we found it. I asked my son about it, if he had any feeling about the day we were there. He said no, that day was fine. And then, he said he had been back, with his Papa. I didn't know they'd gone back. Son Adam said he went half way up the tunnel, and then got a really bad feeling and came back. While one end of the tunnel says "to heaven", the other side says "to hell" The WSGA is having a campout in my town, and I've promised to hide new caches. This one would be so cool, a flashlight cache with a tunnel at the end. Am I being fanciful, or are there some places we just shouldn't go?
  8. Let me give a little more. It was Father's Day, my birthday this year. We went to the State Park, the fort, and did some groundwork for a cache. I had a map that showed an undergound tunnel I'd never seen. As we were looking for it, I had a brainstorm ~ I had no idea where we going, but once, I'd seen the words "To Heaven"written over an archway. I knew immediately that was where we were going. It was the tunnel. We joked all afternoon about going to heaven. We got home to find our cat dying. She was young, extremely athletic, and the vet has no idea what happened. I have a friend who claims to be a psychic. I told her this basic story minus my feelings. She shuddered, and said that it was a place that gave her bad vibes. I've written this badly, but are there places that should just be avoided?
  9. I'll ask this really simply, and will answer any questions as to the specifics if there are any. Is there any place you wouldn't hide a cache, because there's something wrong there? Atmosphere, feeling, whatever? Like you want to hide a cache, but something seems just a little off?
  10. You had me until naked, and then, wow, just wow. Congratulations!
  11. Now, isn't that better than just finding the plastic? (Hearts and flowers)
  12. That would be The Egg and I http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...56-aab277fe17d6
  13. Not wanting to beat this one into the ground, but a lot of my caches are story-dependent, and if most people are not reading or caring about the story, then the caches are very average, at best. I just wanted to know what the general mindset is, because I want to please people with my caches. If you don't care to know why Egg and I Road is named that, then you've just got a micro by the side of the road. There's no way to place a great cache there, but I thought the story was very interesting. I'm not going to stop hiding caches, but again, I'm as low-tech a cacher as you can get, and I don't know what the norm is now. Perhaps I need to change my method, but I'd be sorry to see the ones that are interesting reads go.
  14. I don't know "load and go" , as I've said, I don't do it. I'm sorry if it has come to that.
  15. Yeah, Criminal, I'd meet you at the end of any cache with your cold beer. You're an old schooler who I really respect.
  16. But do you really hate eggplant? I want to cook for you.
  17. Is it me you're calling presumptious? I don't know, I may be. I'm afraid that I AM an old fashioned cacher, I don't know anything other than to print out the cache page and read it, and when the numbers on my GPSr are getting closer, I'm getting closer. Obviously, I'm just not keeping up with the times. But if you do, say, this cache, it's just an easy micro. If you haven't read the cache page, you've missed the point. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...fc-820ec86974fd
  18. And if the info in the description is so important that you must read for safety's sake, then you should not have a cache there. At least thats what i learned. I disagree.I learned that it's pointless to type up a good cache,with simple logging/finding instructions,or a good story to go with the cache.If you don't wish to read the cache because there may be simple safety instructions noted on said cache page,then perhaphs the cache isn't for you. We all want well placed/well thought out cache hides,but no one wants to take the time to read said page.Load and go is the name of the game. I have two caches I really like - they are both very easy, but have beautiful clifftop views. It scares me, that people don't read the cache pages, because there are no fences or barriers at the top, and if you let your child run ahead of you.... I've considered archiving them, but they are very nice if done safely.
  19. Finding a better route to the cache may be the finder trying to add some excitement to your cache. Have you considered hiding only great caches? I've been thinking about it, and the WSGA group is coming here in August, and if I pulled all of my caches that were not great hides, and all the other caches in town that were not great caches, there would be nothing left. I've only seen one or two great caches in my geo days, and I've never hidden one. Mt. Townsend was not. But, it was a great destination! That is a great cache! No, that is not a great cache, it is a terrible cache in a great spot.
  20. Criminal, edited to say you've done some of my caches and they weren't horrible? Whee! I always go out with your signature item hanging from my backpack, we can't fight, unless you want to. I guess I have a different category for great caches. You need location, a great hide, a great cache page, a real challenge. Those conditions are not available everywhere, you work with what you have. I don't have anything thrown into a parking lot, but those are OK when I'm out with my 80 year old mom.
  21. Finding a better route to the cache may be the finder trying to add some excitement to your cache. Have you considered hiding only great caches? I've been thinking about it, and the WSGA group is coming here in August, and if I pulled all of my caches that were not great hides, and all the other caches in town that were not great caches, there would be nothing left. I've only seen one or two great caches in my geo days, and I've never hidden one. Mt. Townsend was not. But, it was a great destination!
  22. Finding a better route to the cache may be the finder trying to add some excitement to your cache. Have you considered hiding only great caches? I sometimes think the greatness is in the story. I spend hours at the Historical Society, and I want to share what I've found. The spot that the story takes me to does not always lend itself to a great hide. We don't have mountains right here, which I know you would prefer, but I'm being as creative as I can with what I've got. Don't be telling me that shortcutting a local trail to get to my cache is adding excitement to it. It's shortcutting. And, XOXO Criminal. I love you.
  23. One way to deal with this is to make it a multi that forces people to take the route you want them to. Or place a second cache along the way to entice them to use that route. But in the end, people are in this sport for different reasons. Some just want that next smiley and don't give a clam's patootie about your cache page, the history surrounding the cache location or the pretty view. They want to sign the logbook and get to the next cache. There is nothing you can do or say to make them change that. You're right. I don't want to force people to find a geocache as intended, I want to enlighten them, but that's probably just impossible. There's a certain percentage of cachers who get a rush from getting the numbers, and, while I don't understand it I can respect it. They will skip my better caches, though, because they can't be done in 15 minutes. I'm talking more to regular cacher person here. What I really want to know from you, though, is what is a clam's patootie, and do you really hate eggplant.
  24. I really want people to read the cache page. A lot of my caches are very mediocre hides, but there is history, a story, a reason for them being there, they are not just randomly placed. Please find out why. If I place a cache on a trail, and tell you where to park and how to get started, please don't write me a log that says you found a quicker way to get there and didn't have to walk nearly so far. It was the experience of the trail that I was wanting you to have. The plastic box at the end was just a bonus, it wasn't the important part. You don't have to find 50 of them today, not if you have enjoyed the view, noticed the little purple flowers growing over there, learned a bit about something...please? Thank you.
  25. If you work at Target, you must be able to find out when the sale is. My closest Target had nice $1 bins a year ago, and when I got there everything was 75% off, because the season was changing. I bought a lot, and I'm careful to leave the $1 price tag on when I put them in my caches, but I paid 25 cents. Wish I'd bought more. Gel pens, kitchen timers, strobe lights, 3-D universe stickers.....
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