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  1. Sounds like it could be worked out with a little more communication. Somehow, the approver has the idea that the cache is IN the ice cream stand. Did you write back, and explain, as you did to us, that it's 150 feet away? While it's not technically necessary to mention the great views and frisbee potential, they might help, too.
  2. Just got back from a camping weekend to see the grand news of the terrific geocachers who might come. Yippee!! (Jumping up and down like a schoolgirl)
  3. OK, I'm convinced. Saturday, June 19th it is. Come on up, W7WT, and bring your friend AJetPilot with you!
  4. OK, not to get off topic, but this thread has spent a good part of the day under Ellylidan's. Ack! I don't like that swampy stuff dripping down!
  5. You see, I've never done a cache machine, and don't have any idea what kind of draw a cache machine in Portland might be for local cachers. If it means that cachers who might like to come here couldn't, or wouldn't, I'd be glad to change the date. June 19th is currently the best alternative date. Shout Yea! or Nay!
  6. There has been some discussion lately in these forums as to what constitutes a sublime cache. I'm thinking that it qualifies, when the cacher has pushed themselves beyond their perceived ability~either physically, emotionally, or intellectually. What's more sublime, than discovering new worlds, new strengths within? New horizons outside? Doesn't this qualify? To walk as far as one can, then walk farther. To step into a river, clinging to a piece of driftwoood, not sure, but stepping in nonetheless. Testing the unknown. I have recently felt a bit bored with 'just another tupperware container thrown under the nearest bush'. I'm an out-of-shape middle aged woman, but please, challenge me. Inspire me to do more, be more! I congratulate both Eraseek and Shunra for achieving this goal!
  7. Is the 19th better for you, RWW, or do you want to help Shunra celebrate? The fate of the date lies in your hands at the moment. Pick a day it won't rain, ok?
  8. Well, this is an event that just begs for a Wacko, so we don't want to lose him to the Portland cache machine. The weekend after is running into the 4th of July, so that won't work. That leaves maybe June 19 or 20. Is a Saturday better, because there's no work the next day? I'll offer up Saturday, June 19th; or Sunday the 27th for Shunra if we can convince RWW to come.
  9. It's early days yet, and I'm perfectly willing and able to be flexible with the date. Help me pick one that works. Is a Saturday or a Sunday better?
  10. Surely in the two months time between now and then I'll get A-maze-ing solved and will be able to add you to the guest list. Surely.
  11. I know it's early to start advertising this, but I've heard some summer rumblings already, so I'm going to announce that an event cache will be held in Port Townsend on June 26 or 27. It will feature a multi cache romp around town. This multi will be of a highly temporary nature, just up long enough for the participants to pass by, so I'll be presenting waypoints in an unusual, hopefully silly manner. Dinner will follow. I'll put up a link to the cache page when it's ready. Everybody's invited!
  12. Here is a link to the last cache removed by park management. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...e7-10aac2c116d8
  13. I am the owner of the cache in question, Sweet 16 “Peace Mile”, and I did pay $10 to place the cache. The cache is one of a series of 16, where the seeker has to find 15 preliminary caches before looking for the final Grand Prize cache. One of the sites I was using needed to be replaced, and it needed to be done with some haste as there was a seeker working his way through the series. I generally try to maintain some integrity in my choice of cache locations, and didn’t want to throw a cache under any bush just to have an active cache. My small town has filled up rapidly with caches, and I only had one idea of where to put a new one. It proved unworkable, so I decided to tackle the bureaucracy at Fort Worden. It’s a beautiful park, and I knew I could find a spot there. I knew in advance that a $10 fee might be required. The last person to have their cache removed had written about it. When I went to the park office, I was pleasantly surprised that the word ‘geocaching’ got me an immediate appointment with the assistant park director, Steve Shively. Steve explained that the park’s history with geocaching had not been entirely positive. There had been a cache placed there in a paper bag, and another in an ammo can that had a skull and crossbones and the word DANGER painted on the outside. The last cache to be removed had become a wandering cache in the last month of its life—it kept showing up in the middle of the trail. The cache owner lived 2 or 3 hours away, and was either unable or unwilling to provide cache maintenance. He raged when his cache was removed, but apparently never bothered to come collect it. Nonetheless, Steve was receptive to my placing the cache, and was grateful that I had come to see him in advance of doing so. He suggested two possible locations where I might place it, but I did not feel restricted to these spots. The only concerns he voiced were cache density within the park and environmental impact. And he did express a preference for see-through containers. I had worried in advance that I might endanger the caches already within the park if it was truly a geo-unfriendly place, and came prepared to plead stupidity if asked, but Steve brought up the subject by saying that he was aware of the other caches in the park and had no problem with them. He said that he monitors GC.com. He asked me to go choose a spot, and then return and get the location approved by the head ranger. The ranger approved my location, and we sat in his office filling out a Special Use permit. The permit details the location of the cache, my responsibilites in regards to cache maintenance, and the fact that the park management reserves the right to remove the cache if it is deemed a hazard to the public or environment. It was only at the end of this process that a fee was mentioned. The ranger asked me if I was supposed to pay a fee or not. I said that Steve had not mentioned one. The ranger decided that I had better be charged the going rate for a special use permit. I paid at the front office with a credit card. I was issued a printed Invoice/Statement, and I have a copy of my permit. I certainly have mixed feelings about this. I hated to set a precedent of showing a willingness to pay for placing a cache. But I understand their non-geocacher perspective. All told, I spent about an hour of office time with two of Fort Worden's top management. They claim that they periodically check on the caches as well. They have had less than wonderful interactions with geocaching in the past, and want to have some knowledge and control of caches in their park. I think that I was a good ambassador for geocaching, and probably left them feeling more geo-friendly than before, but the fee is a sticky point. I wouldn't have 19 active caches if I'd had to pay $10 to place each one. I must confess, I actually have another cache in this park, but it is a puzzle cache, and they're going to have to figure out the puzzle if they're going to know it's there. So, please, offer your opinions. Was I really wrong to have paid, and how should this park be approached in the future?
  14. I'm so sorry to hear your cache was stolen! Here in my house, it's Fledermaus appreciation week, and it's really hard to see. With this happening after East Bremerton micro was vandalized, I would be worrying about whether you were being personally targeted. Have a beef with another local geocacher? Any especially disgruntled DNF logs lately? If it were me, I would wait for a bit to make sure nothing else went missing. While I agree with not letting the pirates win, I wouldn't want to feed the bear, either. Cache containers and their contents cost money. You're a pretty handy guy-can't you rig up a cache that, when removed from it's spot activates a net that scoops up the offender?
  15. Hemlock, Yes, in the end it was the <pre> I used, although I learned a lot from the other answers as well. And yes, the text was too small, but I was willing to live with that. I've fixed it now, with <font size="2">. This cache isn't going to be active until next week, when it is unleashed on Port Townsend as one of 16 in the Sweet 16 series, but I'll be listing names with a credit and thank you for technical support! Karen Bumbling B's
  16. Bless your hearts, it worked!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  17. Just checking in quickly, and WOW, you guys are great! I don't have time to attempt this today, but I'll let you know how it comes out. And thanks, Bons, for your very generous offer.
  18. OK, when I try this, do I need to check the box that indicates I'm using HTML? And thanks again to all. I'm going to be signing off for the day here, but I'll give this a try when I get a chance.
  19. Yes, when I created the text file I used Lucida console font; but I don't see how to change fonts on the cache submission page. I don't even have fonts on my toolbar unless I'm using something like Word or my e-mail program. The default font on the cache submission page doesn't work. Or actually, it does work on the page I get to preview, but when it's submitted and posted as others would view it, it's changed.
  20. Uh-oh, I have new problems! The actually didn't work out. The letters need to line up in columns as well as rows, so I'm guessing that the font used does not hold the same size space for the letter c as it does for a hard space. So, I decided to give up, and insert the fuzzy image. But when I did THAT, all I got was a white box with an X in it. What's wrong, and how do I solve it?
  21. One last question, just for curiosity-why does the upload look fuzzy on one computer and not the other?
  22. Well, the sure did the trick. I'll go back and try inserting the image again, but I'll probably go with the re-type, because the puzzle is hard enough to look at without it being blurry. And I did try doing it first with .'s to hold the empty spaces, then with _'s but I thought they also made it too confusing to look at. Mercy, it is going to take forever to type this one out-little did I know when I started, that this was going to be my life's work. Hope somebody enjoys the puzzle.....Thanks to all of you for your help!!!!
  23. Hmmm.....I guess I'm not understanding you. I went to edit the cache page and added exactly this: <imgsrc=http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/yourpicture.jpg"> where I wanted the picture. When I clicked on edit, that line disappeared, but no picture popped up.
  24. I'm having trouble submitting a cache, and I am extremely computer skill challenged. The cache is a puzzle cache, and the puzzle involves letters, with spaces between them. The letters are important, and the spaces are important. xx x x x xx along those lines. When I submitted the cache, the letters all smushed together and looked like this: xxxxxx I spoke with my local approver, and she said that she has had the same problem with spacing, and that I would need to create a jpg file, which would copy the puzzle in the way that I wanted to present it. Of course I did not know what a jpg file is, and have had a tough time slogging through it, but finally, success! The image is uploaded to the cache page. Now, there are two problems. The first is that what I have now is a link near the bottom of the page, and I have no idea how to insert this into the body of the text of the cache description. The other problem is this~There are two computers in my household--an old one and a really old one. I did all the work with this file and upload on the old one, and when I use that computer to look at the link on that computer, the letters look a little smeary. They did not in the original file, just on the geocaching.com link. Oddly, on the really old computer they look fine. I would sure appreciate some help, and remember to use really easy words, because I am in fact a Bumbling B.
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