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  1. Oh, I can better that. I bring my 81 year old mother, who looks like an angel and volunteers for the police department in her spare time. When I'm with her, we can do parking lot caches easily, nobody is going to mess with her. Well, there was one time, though, where were at a cache hidden under a platform by the road, and she was on her knees, looking, and somebody in a car ALMOST stopped, probably because they thought I'd mugged her.
  2. That's what I have tried to do with mine. I've taken children here, to learn about the history of our town. I'm not picking random people. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...95-8c431f41e3fc
  3. Hylife, remember that we love you, and thank you for asking. (hugs)
  4. Boy, am I living a sheltered life. Don't go to a cache because there's colors all around? What's the problem with that, I'm thinking. I love the blue of the sky, the green of the trees and plants, the wildflowers...oh, wait...
  5. If you're still there, there's a program on the event page that tells you what caches are involved. They tell you to turn left onto xxx street at 9:02, right on xxx street at 9:03, etc. I guess it's like a madcap keystone cops adventure, but for me, it would just get me all worked up, not in a good way. I don't begrudge those who do it at all, but I like to enjoy the view, I like to stop and have lunch. Different strokes. Glad to see you back in PT.
  6. Well, I've done a cache where the owner said that it was awful, but it was awful because there were nettles and rabbit holes to fall into, but it was a physical challenge. I hated it and loved it and was proud to have done it; I'll wear it proudly. There's a line, though, where it goes from that, to just..not. For me. I'm very sorry, but this one is a not.
  7. Remember that there is a subset of cachers who cannot stand to have any unfound caches on their nearby list, and they will go and be uncomfortable and dislike the fact that it was placed there. I read the description and said "ick", and would have to echo the sentiment that just because you can place a cache anywhere doesn't mean you should. I'm afraid that those who say that having a cache there is going to clean up this park are not being especially realistic. You're going to scare off the thugs and clear out the garbage because a cacher comes through once a week? There might be more direct ways. ~Best
  8. I have two cemetery caches, and my personal faith make them no problem to me. I don't think those people are "there". The spirit has moved on. That being said, mine are historical, tell the stories of someone's life, and if they're not "there" all the time, they might be there when someone is thinking of them. I've left flowers, and have never meant any disrespect. I did one cemetery cache that took me to a family site where a number of children had been killed in a car wreck, and that one I did not enjoy.
  9. No, no, no, you haven't got it quite right yet, and I probably won't either. It's what stoners say to each other. "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that everybody isn't out to get you". Please pass the tinfoil, which is actually aluminum foil, but I have other issues, OK?
  10. Again, I wouldn't even have considered it if I hadn't been there. And it wasn't logged by anybody. To the best of my knowledge, I've never had a fake log on one of my caches. I don't know, the paper logs are still out there. I'm going so off topic here, that I apologize, but what concerns me more is people who are in such a hurry to find a cache and log it, that they don't even notice their surroundings. I took an expensive ferry ride to Whidbey Island, and hoped to find a number of caches, but fell in love with a State Park that one of them took me to, and found a rickety staircase down to the beach, and wandered the trails, and laid out in the sun, and I'm so grateful to the cacher who placed the cache that got me started. I found very few caches. So, I'm more geared to that type of caching. And more willing to give a smiley.
  11. Well yes I know, but I'm pointing out that they had the experience that I placed the cache for them to have, which is of high importance to me, and I saw with my own eyes they went to exact spot where it should have been hidden. None of them logged the cache; I wouldn't have, either. I certainly would have allowed it, if they had wished to. They could have signed my arm. As a cache owner, I value their effort so much. The *number* of smileys in one's record really doesn't tell the tale at all. Edited to say that the cache was replaced, moved .2 miles, listed as a new one, and is now dedicated to Workerofwood, Tamara Williams, and Lee Ofsted. That makes me feel better.
  12. I've followed this thread, and generally agree with the prevailing thought; but if I may offer another perspective? I went with a small group to one of my caches. It was a 6 mile RT. Not hard, but more than most bother with. The cache had only been found once. I watched my companions look for the cache, and they looked exactly where it was supposed to be. Most unfortunately for me and them, it was gone. I said it was up to them, they could log it, and it would be fine with me. My reasoning was that I had placed the cache *so that they could have the experience I was offering*, a 6 mile beach hike with beautiful views. On the log page I'd pretty much said where to find the cache - the cache was intended as a bonus at the end, not the be-all and end-all. Let's look at another cache. I wrote the cache page, asking people to walk two miles round trip, and discover a trail. I got log after log suggesting shortcuts, which were indeed possible, so there were a lot of people who logged the smiley without having the experience that I had invited them for. One more~ a cache with what is supposed to be a thought-provoking cache page; the cache itself is meaningless unless you are thinking about what you are seeing, in my opinion. And somebody logged something that basically said, "skip the write-up, make the quick grab" (Don't go looking for that log, it's the only one I have ever asked someone to change.) But which of these deserve the smiley? I will say that none of the group on the 6 mile hike logged the cache. I think they deserved it the most. Edited to say "Ooops, I'm sorry, if I remember the beginning of this thread, it should just be stories, not an discussion of what is and isn't OK. I apologize, I didn't go back to the beginning. If my question is a valid one, I can take it to another thread, if not, carry on.
  13. Thank you; the ticket has been taken. Best to all of you down there!
  14. I'm a geocacher in Washington State, and we're not going to Legoland this year. I have a free ticket and don't know how to give it away. I apologize if this is inappropriate here. The ticket comes from my son's Brickmaster subscription, and as far as I can determine, there's no restrictions or even age requirements. It expires 12/31. First to e-mail me gets it, and cache on! bumbling@olypen.com
  15. How to go from a quick question to a padded cell in 17 easy steps. Have a good evening, and thank you, Blue Deuce!
  16. Kind of Twilight Zone-ish, no? Oh, no, I've got it. It's more The Eagles "Hotel California", where you can "check in but you can never leave". Exactly! You got it. I might have a photo, otherwise I'll get one on my next cache maintenance. I think I have an idea for my next travel bug. Bet you can't guess what it is. And don't tell me it's a roach motel or I'll be rolling on the floor with laughter.
  17. Thanks for the giggle. Sling that TB my way.
  18. Kind of Twilight Zone-ish, no? Oh, no, I've got it. It's more The Eagles "Hotel California", where you can "check in but you can never leave".
  19. Oh, and when I say off the beaten path- most people don't enjoy crawling through poison ivy or nettles to get to the cache. Think what it might be like there in different seasons.
  20. Wow, my dear, you totally changed your post. It depends. I just lost a cache that was a 6 mile beach hike to get to, and when I placed it I thought "What are the chances it will be stolen from here?" Well you just never know, but people will explore, and if the tree is something that is easily noticed / right out in the open, it may be trouble. It is best, to protect a cache, to have it a bit off the beaten path. Think about it from a kid's perspective, is it some place you might just be playing around and find by accident? And, be prepared, you may not get that answer right. I know how aggravating it is to lose a cache, or have people take a good prize and leave a rock, but you need to accept the possibility. Best to you~ Edited to say that I'm old, and the first thing to go is the ability to spell.
  21. Pinellas County is in Florida, isn't it? Will we be wading with alligators and cottonmouths? Cool! Yeah, like the rest said ~ people complain about caches at Walmart, but ultimately they'll get found a lot more often than yours. The people who go the extra miles tend to be appreciative of the experience though, if you've tried to make it a good one for them and explained what they'll be up against.
  22. Miragee, I like that ~ "wherever you go, there you are" My town sort of has a motto, it's "we're all here because we're not all there". Cracks me up!
  23. http://www.geocaching.com/about/hiding.aspx Good luck, young cacher, and have fun!
  24. Well, thanks for the advice. It's a six mile RT hike on the beach, so the experience isn't really all that different, it's just farther up the beach. And the original was only found by one person before it went (I know, a nice lock 'n lock full of reasonably nice stuff. Urgh.) I suppose I'll just make it a new one, but I thought there was maybe a hard and fast rule at the .1 mile point.
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