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  1. This is surely a stupid question, but what exactly were you doing ON the pool table? An especially hard shot to get a good angle for? Get better quick!
  2. Rah Rah Wienerdog! Shish - koom -bah! (wildly shaking pom-poms constructed from shredded cache pages!)
  3. The roof is taken. Bumper and hood are still available... If you can get 'em close to North Kitsap I can try to do the rest. I could be like one of those, what are they called, figureheads, on the old ships. Tied to the front bumper, leading the way. I love the breeze in my hair, but I'm not so sure about the bugs in my teeth. Tell me what day you're leaving, and I'll deliver it if possible. Son Adam is dying to get back to Silverdale for "another" cowboys and indians set he saw at Rite Aid. Sorry, cowpeople and native americans. I told him he'd have to go caching to earn it.
  4. You can tie me to the roof? I'll take it. Seriously, if I could get corky to you, I would.
  5. No travel bugs, but can I go, too? Mrs. B.; always full of wanderlust, but almost, not really serious. Have fun! Hey, I do have this wine cork TB, and I bet it could actually have a good time in Reno. But I think I'm too tired to get it to you. Check out Shunra's Iceberg cache, and you'll see that I am asleep in the middle of the living room floor. Still.
  6. Angel food cake with raspberries. KB
  7. Uh, it's been found again. Girl power! Reports, pictures, and many inside jokes that you will hopefully never understand will follow! You should have been there, you missed your birthday party! KB
  8. Mrs. B. should probably never post before, or after drinking, or probably any other time. The kick a** girls (whoops, excuse me , the kick cache girls? What was our name?) will probably show up somewhere tomorrow, maybe on a webcam, maybe on a paramedics report, whatever. Wienerdog, we would come pick you up ANYWHERE. Water is no problem. We all have floatie rings. Next time.... ;o) And Pepper, too, I love her. Am I going hiking in X minus 6 hours? I wonder why the other ladies decided I wouldn't be the driver? A good weekend to all! KB bumbling along, as usual G'night! (And really? Bruises from vacuuming? You need to learn the silly sloth method of housekeeping, you're taking things way too seriously.)
  9. Uh, maybe you should check into Girl Power. Our first trip out is tomorrow. We watched carefully to make sure the herd wasn't going where we planned, and they weren't, but dagnabit, somebody else beat us to the FTF, which we had, in very ladylike manner, agreed to claim as a group, no matter who's hand touched it first. We can talk about things like refusing to buy shorts that fit, because you swear you're going to lose weight, and then you pass out on the hike because you're wearing levi's and maybe inappropriate shoes. If one of us drops, we've promised to waypoint the body and call for help. I mean, it's nothing against the guys , but I have an immature brain and a middle-aged body, and nobody forgives you for flabby thighs quite like another woman, if she's of the kind variety. Girl Power IS kind, and strong, and will work our way up to whatever level of difficulty suits us. A week from Saturday, I'm looking for girls (and what is so wrong with me that I talk about "girls" and "men"? Something demented there, but we don't have time here for deep psychological discussions. ) I want to hike up a hill, I'll have to go slowly, there will be an ammo box in my pack and I have no sensible clothes or shoes, and I'm running out of money, and just got a kitty who makes me wheeze because I'm so allergic to cats BUT!!!! Any girl power who wants to be there, who wants to be first, who wants to see the incredible view......come 'on. And screw it, if you're a guy who's kind and loving and non-critical, and willling to stop while I wheeze, come too. Just don't get to the top two hours before me and act all superior...we are looking for a meeting of souls and minds, not a competition. KB, who has had a long day planning tomorrow, and unfortunately has a long standing agreement to go out drinking with girlfriends tonight. Ummm...why were the other three so adamant that I shouldn't be the driver? The original Girl Power team comes from Sequim, Port Orchard, and Port Townsend. A ways away in space and time, but maybe not in attitude. KB Bumbling along......and loving having geo-friends....
  10. Shunra hit 500 caches today! And, It was Half-Canadian who came a long way to arrange a special cache for his milestone. Shunra is loved and respected and deserves special congratulations for his milestone. I would say that Shunra has experienced geocaching as a major positive addition to his life, opening up new vistas and new friendships. He has run the gauntlet, from bravery in the field to intellectual challenge, and enjoyed it all. He loves meeting all of you, too! The social connections have great meaning to him. And, I don't want to ignore Half-Canadian, who came a long ways to honor a friend. That's special beyond words. What a beautiful person! ~Love you guys~KB
  11. Oh Joy! I really loved meeting you at the Romp, and since I was born and raised in New Jersey we are obviously simpatico-in tune in some way. Congratulations, and i hope that i will meet you again soon!
  12. If November 6 suits you, we'll stick with it. Mrs. Moose will still be comfortable at that time, with a due date in early February. I'll be busy planning a different event, Spookfest, for probably October 23rd, so will be open for help and suggestions as to how to best arrange a party to welcome the mooselet into this world. If anyone want to help, if you have any bright ideas, or if you want to suggest a restaurant, please do so here or e-mail me privately. Thanks!
  13. Oh wait! I know this one! Take your time and enjoy all the fashions and stuff.... http://www.pixyland.org/peterpan/
  14. Saturday, November 6th, then. C'mon, we're having a party! (Almost said shower, but don't want to scare any rough and tough geo-guys away).
  15. But that's the Apple Cup!! OK, see how far out of the loop I am? Apple cup? Mr B. knew this one, but I'm lost. Did I tell you that I'm from New Jersey? Is that enough of an excuse? Pick a day, any day, in November that doesn't involve turkeys or football. Got a restaurant you like? Tell us! We can handle pickles and ice cream for a good cause. (As long as we can drown that mess in micro-brews). Let's welcome the mooselet into this world! Life is good!
  16. She's just about done with the first trimester, so it's still a ways off - Jan. 27 - 2 days before my 30th BD. But since we both like to sleep in, we're thinking more like Super Bowl Sunday. (That's Feb. 1, for anyone that doesn't follow the NFL.) I'm sure there'd be no objections to a geo-shower. Be there, or be square--- November 20th, unless there's some important playoff game. How can there be? Bernie Kosar long since retired, we're done.
  17. You're 29 and worrying about being "the old man?" OK, freeze frame this moment, and look back on it in 15 years. You'll be a little worried then, but still telling yourself how young you are. Karen 46 Adam 6
  18. I'm going to say probably not.... but only because those delivery suites in Silverdale are pretty small. This is going to be the first grandbaby on both sides, so I think there may be so many grandmas in there, there may not be room for the Old Man (Sheesh, I called my dad that my whole life and now I hate the phrase. ) But seriously, tell us the due date, and can I please plan the geo-shower, if it would please Mrs. Moose?
  19. You're right. There's no reason to worry about anything. I'm sure it was beyond the range of normal that my child SCREAMED 12 hours a day for 8 months without pause. No naps, no break, just screaming. The only thing that helped at all was a special sort of hop step we did along with the best of Bob Marley CD. Hey! Before you get too tired, can we make it a geo-event? What better incentive for a new mom than having 40 or 50 people cheering her on in the delivery room? We could waypoint his/her exact entry into this world!
  20. My, oh my, Bull Moose, you're a trooper, worrying about things like how having a baby is going to affect your find count. When Adam was born, I was much more mundane, worrying about whether I would ~ever~ sleep again.
  21. My antenna started twitching when Bull Moose said they would need lots of restroom breaks on his family road trip. Then, I see I cache log for High Above the Quill Dam. They had been intending to go to Mount Townsend, but the delicate condition of one member of the party prevented them from going that far. Bull Moose has confirmed my suspicions, and given me permission to spill the beans. Wahoo! A calf! A mooselet! Oh geo-joy! Congratulations to Bull Moose and Mrs. Bull Moose (Cow Moose?)
  22. Here's another one you could ask about--because of development by the park service, its fate was uncertain when my copy of the book was published in 1986, but it might be worth checking on. Huckleberry Hot Springs, a large group of primitive hot springs 2 miles south of the entrance to Yellowstone. Natural mineral water flows out of many springs at temperatures up to 130 degrees, cooling as it follows various channels to the creek. Volunteers have built small rock and mud soaking pools at several places where the water is 100-105 degrees. No services at the location, but a commercial campground a mile away.
  23. I have a very old Hot Springs book which lists two places fairly near Jackson Hole. The first is Granite Creek Hot Springs. There is a campground with 52 sites that can be reserved, and apparently there is a developed pool near the campground. Pool is non-chlorinated and kept at 95 degrees in summmer. If you hike 15 minutes beyond that, there are natural springs near Granite Creek Falls where volunteers have built soaking pools. It's in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, and I think the phone number is 877-444-6777. It appears to be about 15 miles south of Jackson on the main road US189 , and then 10 miles east on a dirt road, FS029. There is also another commercial hot spring listed, Astoria Mineral Hot Springs, 17 miles south of Jackson. I couldn't find anything like a website for them, so don't know if they're still in business. Telephone # 307-733-2659. It lists camping, horse rentals, raft trips, and groceries as being available. Pool is chlorinated and kept between 84-92 degrees. Hope this helps.
  24. That's because of all the angry spirits in those woods. Angry because they can't find the caches? I'll give them a hint, if they'll leave my GPSr alone! I'll even make it un-en-CRYPT-ed. (Get it? ha ha!)
  25. Ha-Ha! I couldn't help but think of Fledermaus myself!
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