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  1. Oh heck, if you want to have a real implosion, just contact me. But I think you've already been loved out of it! You're an important member of the local geocaching community, and an important person because you're you! Be well, and Peace, KB
  2. Hope it runs smoothly, Stump. I'll be thinking about you!
  3. I had just finished writing something like that to Bugel. If I were a geocacher who found white powder in a cache, I would dump it and send a private e-mail to the owner. I would not call the police. Kind of like poking yourself (or geocaching) in the eye with a stick. Perhaps there's a valid argument for involving the police, but it would not be my instinct to do so.
  4. Well, you could wear yourself out doing Mt. Townsend and Dirty Face, especially if you added whatever other local caches were needed to complete your day. The first two caches mentioned are on well-groomed trails. Add Mt Zion? Or do you dare go to the Sasquatch Lair? <insert inhuman screeches and laughter> ~the Almost Bride of Sasquatch KB
  5. It's incredible how far geocaching has come in such a short period of time. Wow!
  6. Mt. Jupiter.....that one would be tough. Belleterre and I have been arguing about whether we can hike 20 miles with well over 4,000 foot elevation gain. I say yes, but I haven't the sense of a rabbit. We'd been planning to do it earlier in the summer, but were stopped by that closed gate. The gate adds 6 miles to what would ordinarily be a tough 14 miler. Ruck's a tough guy. Belleterre says she'll do it Nov 11, but is praying for snow so that we don't have to.
  7. I think proper protocol would involve asking the cache owner for a hint, if one was needed. That way the cache owner can decide if s/he wishes to offer help. If I had a puzzle cache, and "A" solved it on their own, and then "B" went directly to "A" for a hint, I might not be delighted.
  8. We're sorry you missed it, too. Was looking forward to meeting you.
  9. Yes, you're right. I'm already talking about how I need to do some maintenance before I go hunt any more caches. It was just a blip on the screen. More like a burp, I guess. I found it helped me to have a friend put together an event cache that made me go after a cache I was afraid to do. And, I did it with a great group of people, who reminded me of the things I love about geocaching. If you ever hit the doldrums again, or implode, drive on up to Washington. We'll get a group together and send you up the scary ladder. That'll put you right.
  10. Thank you for the cache cam. We enjoyed going there! KB
  11. That's sort of what I'm figuring, that I'll get to the top and be stuck there. Oh well, a geocacher will visit once in awhile, maybe bring food. Was there a double entendre (sp?) in Criminal's post, or am I just overly suspicious?
  12. All I can say is that I took the time to go back and read EVERY log from the scary ladder cache, and I'm not going. (Oh, just kidding). Watch out fellow chickens, this woman is likely to have a cattle prod packed in with the brownies and ice cream. KB
  13. OK, this is how great geocachers are..... The Krauss McClurg family came to town to find my "really hard" Grand Prize cache. They found it sooner than expected, and since they had time left over, they drove all the way out to Fort Flagler to check on the missing micro, since I had told them exactly where it ought to be. I'm surprised, but it was indeed missing, and they left a makeshift replacement. Then, a little later in the day, Belleterre shows up at my door with Natural Beauty in her hand! Wow. Then, and she didn't tell me she was going to do this, Belleterre drives all the way out to Fort Flagler to check on the missing micro there, and finds the replacement cache left by the K-McC's. Mind boggling. I hardly know how to say thank you. Ummm. Thank you!
  14. That is because the topic of this thread is to cheer you up!! Seems to be working. PS~ Team Misguided is my local approver, and super cool~ If I haven't said thanks before, .....Thanks! KB
  15. Yep. The Boss and I were just talking today about the calfing. We have been keeping an eye peeled for the sheet to come up. Hang in there, Mrs. Bs. I am one of the ones that has been fortunate enough to meet you. I have all the faith in the world that you'll do what's right. Oh yeah, I remember you! You scared the heck out of me! I don't know why, I've never been quite comfortable in those woods. I stuck to the path. So, here comes a thundering herd crashing after me through the woods-a thundering herd of one, wearing, I think, the shirt in his avatar. I just about fell over in a swoon. That's Bull Moose's cache, too, isn't it? We found the cache, too. In seconds. And, my heart didn't stop. Hah! Will see you at the shower. KB
  16. Cool! This thread has morphed from an implosion, to an event cache with brownies and ice cream, with a few class 2 and 3 climbs in between. Glad we haven't been reprimanded for going off topic.
  17. Belleterre, don't put this one on our list just yet.
  18. Mrs. Bs and I have talked it over and she said she still plans on holding an event cache in November in honor of my upcoming calf, so there is still a chance to meet her, CW. I have not written up the event page yet, but YES, there is a baby shower coming up on November 7 (I've got the date right, haven't I Bull Moose?) at Tony Roma's in Silverdale. I just have to actually go down there and do one teeny tiny little chore before I can write the page. Also, I'm holding a TB that's headed to Oregon, so I need to get that going in the correct direction as well. Some day in the next week. But, you can put the event on your calendars.
  19. Hey! Nice to hear from you. it was Bugel (Shunra) who was desperate to go congratulate you. He just kidnapped me along the way. I sure enjoyed meeting you and your family. Haven't paid attention, did the big house sell? KB
  20. October 2, if the weather is half decent. The lowest tide is at 1:17, well that's PT tides, but around there. 5.3 tide, which is not especially low--I don't know if that means there might be some wading involved. You must be seriously chicken to attend. KB
  21. Hey! come on up and join us, when we go! I'll lead the way! (That way, there will be two people to catch me, ha-ha!) No seriously, Belleterre will get you up it. I had a moment on the "A Bridge Too Far cache" going up a very short but for me scary slope. I was hanging desperately on to something, and whimpered, "Belleterre, I'm in trouble". "Oh, no your'e not, come ON!" she said, in a firm and steady voice. OK, what else could I do but follow orders. She'll get you where you're going. PS~ Thanks for your forgiving words PPS~ KMcC, I think it's called Lighthouse Point. Yes, Whidbey island
  22. I'm a big girl to catch. Maybe not 300 pounds of Bull Moose, but look out below! Well, I don't think you've done Ebey Bluffs, so that'll make it worth the ferry ride for you. KB
  23. That's an awfully nice thing to say to a girl who's just had a messy implosion. Thank you.
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