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  1. Whoa! I don't know you, but your wife's name is talk2animals? Doctor Doolittle, is that correct? I've done absolutely everything wrong in life, but my cat loves me. I would watch any animal, anytime, if you needed time to yourself. I would like a dog, but I actually have cats. My first one only lived 19 1/2 years; I'm trying to do better with the second. Anyway, I'll provide animal care if you ever need it and if it would help you. It's one thing I do right. Be well, KB
  2. I'm having a bad year, a bad month, an especially bad week. But you woke me up with a giggle. I'm picturing that big Hawaiian shirt coming out of the brush towards me, and its hilarious. That man is lucky I don't actually know how to operate my pepper spray, because I've got a can of it that's supposed to bring down a grizzly bear. Probably wouldn't affect him at all. Hee-ha!
  3. Oh, yeah. I don't know him very well, but I would trust Shop99er to come up with something special for Halloween. Honestly, the first time I met him I thought my heart was going to stop. He's just that kind of guy. And, I've said it before, but his wife is a sweetheart. You'll be OK! KB
  4. Dear Wienerdogs~ It has been a horrible, unimaginable year. I owe Lucy, of Lucyand Rickie more apologies than you can imagine. Somewhere, underneath, is the girl who plotted the Romp, and I wasn't even ~right~ then. But I was not nearly so wrong. I still have a small child, and I am ready. I wish I could go back, but going forward is a better teacher. I'm glad to hear from you. KB
  5. Allanon, I was on the beach yesterday, and I didn't find the frigging cache. My house may be falling down around me, but the cache was a 1 1/2 and I didn't find it. That's what I'm really upset about.
  6. Totem Lake, thanks, too. I've actually stopped drinking, but when I go into our "studio" I feel like a drunkard in a funhouse. The floor is at all sorts of weird angles. All we need is those funky mirrors, and we'll be set.
  7. Hey. thanks, Weight Man. We can move in with you, right? (Honestly, through all of this ROLFL It's just life, right?) Mrs B
  8. I was trumpeting about Spookfest earlier this year. I would LOVE to do a Halloween event, but it's not going to happen.There are certain words / phrases that should not go in the same sentence together. Like *my house* and * major structural damage*. It gets better and better. I've now been told that to keep my family safe, I need to move out of my house. My friend thinks its an excellent opportunity for an extended camping trip, but she can laugh, she doesn't have *major structural damage*. Anyway, it looks like I'll be busy for a while. And broke for a while. Shop99er has got that Halloween thing going on, and I have an excellent outfit planned. My car is due to blow up next, but I hope to see you there. And, I have some excellent ideas for Spookfest '06.
  9. bumblingbs

    I Love It

    Took the local Campfire Kids to the park today for a lesson about latitude and longitude and all that good geocaching stuff. The park is usually pretty empty, but it was an early release school day, and there must have been a dozen kids there. Three girls were especially interested in what I was doing, and I gave them a minimalistic explanation. I had really cool prizes, but only for the kids with me. Just as my boys found their cache, the girls came back to me, and laid a microcache in my lap. They asked if that was the sort of thing I was talking about. They had found it in the 5 minutes since they had spoken with me. I still don't know what cache this is. A quick search didn't turn it up on the website, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was from the Dragon tracks series. I didn't sign it, it never occured to me, I mean the thing was dropped in my lap by 8 or 9 year olds. I did a more thorough job of explaining geocaching at that point, gave the web address to a mom, and watched the girl who found it put it very carefully back in it's spot. I did make the three girls sign it. They were, of course, a bit disappointed that they weren't getting cool prizes like the boys, and desperately wanted to trade, anyway, into a microcache. I explained why a dandelion and a peanut shell might not be good trade items. Anyway, it was surreal, and bless their hearts! Ella, Rachel, and Ali!
  10. Checking in for the first time in awhile, and I'm wondering; does Kent have a pit, like a famous (?) gravel pit, or is it just a pit? I come from New Jersey, which used to be fondly referred to as the "armpit of America". I used to work in Kent, I think, a long time ago. I was the Krusteaz girl. They paid me to stay up all night (not a bad gig for an insomniac) and listen to Art Bell. Oh, and make sure nobody broke in to steal flour. As if. Anyway, about Spookfest, unless you're a cute little family group, there is NO back of the line. Do you think I would send people off in a big, happy, SAFE group? Noooo! In life, we meet our fears alone.
  11. I heard back from my sister. Spookfest' 05. Darn, she's much worse than I am. Her first idea was to have people "tumble unexpectedly into a pit". Was that what I had in mind? Well, no, not until now....... KB
  12. Oh, and I forgot to mention -- I apparently can't read a calendar. I'm shooting for the 29th of October, not the 28th. A Saturday.
  13. I'll come to your event, if you'll come to mine! Shop 99er is cool, and his wife is a doll.
  14. I was going to say that this event might not be appropriate for children, but I sure remember your girls. And I remember that they did Futility. Speaking of which, here's a plug for Futility. It would be a lovely time of year for it, and it's not really a very long walk! (Evil grin) So, bring your girls for protection. Just have a heart, and don't put them in front (or, God forbid) in back of the line. Stay close together. Now, I need to get to the police station to see if a convicted felon like myself can get a permit to race through the woods on a wild and stormy night with a machete in hand. Bye!
  15. Oh! 4Grays! Your recent post brought Shop99er's Halloween event to the top of the list. Not the same day. Not the same kind of thing, either. Mine will be in the woods. At night. With coyotes, cougars and vampires patrolling. Will all survive? Can you trust me, when you know I've gone over the edge? Is it safe?
  16. You guys are up early! Didn't know about Shop 99er, and don't want to step on any toes. Sister doesn't hit American airspace until the 27th, so, if she's to be included, I have a very small time frame to work with. I can make it '06 if needed...don't want to be in the way. Of course, by then, I'd probably be trying to get Steven Spielberg or Stephen King to cooperate.......Hmmm...there's an idea.......
  17. I know it's April. But I'm thinking Halloween. Spookfest '05 is on. I know what some of you are thinking--this woman doesn't have a brain cell left. But, ah, I have two secret weapons. A sister, who's coming from an overseas country that is accustomed to silly things, and a Mensa qualified best friend with a wild streak. What can we do, with 6 months of planning? We can do an event. October 28th. Whoop! I thought I might be done with geocaching, but not quite yet.
  18. Edited to say, darn, this one has to go, too. this is a geocaching site, not a personal crisis site. I love geocaching, and I'll miss it, and all of you guys.
  19. Edited to say,yes, I do have an incredibly big mouth. I also think geocaching is great. And the people who have contacted me privately have been beyond great. It's a real nice community of human beings. And I WILL shut up and go away now. Even if I'm giggling as I go. Thanks, will miss you.
  20. bumblingbs

    Thank You

    OK, so I went to get a cache and everything possible went wrong. And when I posted what went wrong, there were a few responses like "have enough sense to keep your personal problems private". But I have to say, overwhelmingly and via personal e-mail, I have gotten exactly the support I wanted and needed. I am astonished by some of the people who have written to me, and I am grateful beyond belief. I had an idea that the only way I could achieve vindication and purification was to go back and get the cache in question. I called the cache owner, who was kind and patient, and while we agreed that I had extensive hiking experience, I had little snow experience, and I couldn't "read" the mountain or be safe. He said, don't go. So, I didn't go. I won't. I want to say that I appreciate that sensible advice, I accept it, and I love everyone who has offered me support. I would say good-bye, but I have such a darned big mouth, you never know when I'll show up again. It has been very painful, but has felt like something I needed to do, to archive my caches and go away. Sorry, but I had a horrific experience, which is too bad because I loved caching. It was so sorry to watch my son pick up my Larry Scott trail cache today. It took me weeks, maybe months, to figure out where to put it and what was OK. And he LOVED looking for it. Now it's gone, as am I. Thanks, friends, and good-bye! KB
  21. OK, Belleterre is as mean as can be (just kidding, love her) but she made us go through the tunnel with lights off. Try it. Maybe impossible on a bike, we were actually walking. But, lights off. Cool.
  22. Darn, and darn. I can't find it. I could report myself, or quote myself, but not lock myself up. (Which is kind of nice. Three of us went to see Polar Express tonight, and they had two tickets left. Walking home in the cold blowing wind is WAY better than being locked up. ) Excuse me, *locking a thread*. I got off topic. Uh-oh. Don't worry. I'm clicking regularly to remove myself , my stupid logs, and stupider comments. Somebody else please look after Belleterre. She's almost at 500 caches and deserves celebration. I still can't find how to lock this thread, or throw it in the ocean,
  23. I'm going out. If i could figure out how to lock this topic, I would. Somebody help me lock it. People seem to think I'm grandstanding, or being indulgent. Lock the thread, I don't know how, and I'm going off on an outing with my family.
  24. bumblingbs


    I was incarcerated, handcuffed and thrown down while looking for a geocache. Does that really deserve to be locked down, ignorned? I'm leaving, but not without expressing my pain. I deserve that right . If you don't want me, I'll send your sig item back, but I earned it on the dirt of Mt Jupiter Road. Don't tell me I can't have a voice, I am purple from bruises. Have a heart, and wish me a calm good-bye. I have asked the local approver to delete every scent of my existence, and been told it's not possible. I'm doing it myself, slowly. I went to find a cache, and spent the night in jail. Hard, cold time in jail. And you want to shut me up. Go ahead, thrash me, but I'm purple with bruises and have endured ebnough. And, I'm leaving. Be content with that. I don't need any more abuse. Look, my wrists are purple from handcuffs. Have you never sat out under the stars and had a drink? Have you not looked for the northern lights, have you not looked for God? Does going after a night cache make you a candidate for a padded cell?
  25. OK, so it's ironic. The Criminal sig tag has been in jail,. Wonder what they thought of that? I drink, and I did I get my car stuck, one wheel , in a ditch on the 4WD road, yep, and if AAA seems totally confused about where I might be, and if my water bottle full of whiskey seemed inviting while I waited., why not. I DO NOT drink and drive. I had intended a vision quest, I mentioned it to my "friends" and I needed to cleanse. But I was pushed down, hogtied, and questioned ad nauseum about my suicidal tendenciies. Hello, look in my backpack, look at what I'm wearing. The spade was to dig in the snow, not for a shallow grave. My best geo-friends betrayed me, and I'm gone. Gone with purple bruises on my wrists from handcuffs. Gone with a court date tomorrow, and the possibility of a year in jail and a $5,000 fine. Those of you who are thinking of "helping me" should consider a child without a mother for a year. And a clausterphobe, who about went crazy after 7 hours in a cell. Ouch. I DO NOt drink and drive. At 10 pm, with my car not operational, I might sit and drink whiskey. My car was NOT operational, and they told me it might take hours to find me. Suicidal? No. I was as warm as toast, I was well prepared. The only slight difficulty I had was on the way to jail when I pointed out to the deputy that he was driving 10 miles an hour over the speed limit. He was not amused, and turned the radio up full blast. We made peace, both shut up for awhile, and then had an interesting discussion about geocaching. My wrists are as purple as my Criminal sig item. Wish me luck, I go to court tomorrow. I'm done geocaching, and hope iIm allowed to stay home and shampoo carpets and hold my child near to me. OOps! Edited to say that I drank when I got there, not before. The officer, (deputy?) assured me that if I had been drinking before I left home, or on the way, my breathalyzer test would go down. As if this was a plus. I was drinking then, there, stuck, when the found me, and it didn't go down at all. Hello? Do you get the implications? I was not drinking and driving 40 miles + an hour ago when I left home. I was drinking now, when you found me. And after all that, I blew a 1.0 Come visit me in jail. My geo-friends sent the sheriff after me. I'm gone. I'm angry. I am no longer a geocacher.
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