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  1. Thanks for posting this. I was able to load a GPX. I think teh confusing part is pointing to teh correct directores. The POI loader for instance was C:garmin and the GPX path I wanted them dropped in was E:POI....U get teh picture. Question, I had teh filter messed up so the maro loaded my entire view of not found caches which inclues a few archived. 700 waypoints went over. How do I go about deleting them from the NUVI?
  2. Does not work and will brick the phone. It will load but after launching the application phone will freeze up.
  3. Norristown, Pa. is on the map. GC170ZP
  4. How is the opitimization program for road routes? Does it get you the shortest route?
  5. We all know Philly, University of Delaware and vincinity have allot of action in a small area. Anyone know of any other number locations in the tri state area that may be off the grid? Looking for bike friendly places. I'll travel as far North as NYC and as far south as 2-3 hours. How did the thread starter manage? Guess we could look up his profile and go back a few weeks to see what kind of action his team grabbed.
  6. I'm a few miles from you in Norristown. Well more than a few but a short drive. Just finshed a few in French Creek State Park. Want a leg burner try the Ed Scott caches in that park. If you want to feel the burn knock out one or two and then finish up with the "Rock and Hills Multi" My legs are still stinging.
  7. Have you used Vantage software for cache input? I am a premium member and have GSAK. Is there an easier wawy than the directions you gave above for ntering caches on the 3140?
  8. I looked on the site and it lists all the handhelds for Vantage. Not seeing Maestro listed?
  9. They sound like a great idea but almost every cache listed in this thread has been archived/diabled.
  10. What is this desire to use a Road nav as a handheld? I don't get it. Not sure how your not breaking these with all the in and out of the car and the actual caching itself.
  11. Topic brings up some good points. An infant cacher with parents could write the record in their teens if the parents are active. To me its near impossible for a cacher under legal driving age to have 250 finds let alone a 1000. The point of being with another cacher and signing the log isn't on point. Could you have driven yourself and made the find yourself? Thats the question I would like seen answered before you can log the cache. Again, its what side of the fence your on. A numbers cacher would get pissed seeing teens get higher numbers than them. The the other side says let the kids have some fun. I ask why would a parent log a find for a two year old? Did they really experience the find? Heck, if I call my mom at night after caching and as long as I explain the cache can she log?
  12. Going to buy this unit tomorrow but a little bummed at the removal of the SD slot. I use the 60CSx for caching but its to small to use for car navigation. Just not safe to be looking at the small screen even though it does a decent job using City Nav for driving directions. I pulled a file down from GSAK for TomTom POI and its only about 50kb. Small. BUt I'm still concerned with just how much of the 1GB of space is available on the unit. The whole gig or is some of it used with the current map load? Also, have you had any luck with this edition for multiple stops in a route?
  13. Anyone got one? How is it with getting cache info loaded as POI? GSAK file?
  14. 78 posts in 6 years and you used one on this thread. Wow.
  15. So do we have a public bookmark with the post offices listed? I would think a few public one's by country would do the trick. In the States I would do them by halving the country maybe. Anyway. Cool concept. A free way to have some fun with caches.
  16. Is there a mapping program that does support the TSP?
  17. So how did you make out on Sunday? Shoot pool eh' Few spot locally we could make a buck. Just don't tell anyone you shoot until the dollars hit the table.
  18. I have a 60CSx, Mapsource, S&T2006, CNv8, Topo2008, GSAK & Cachemate. I pull the caches into a Mapsource map and eyeball the best route. Problem is when I get driving I end up backtracking at some point. Why won't mapsource just fix the route to make it the shortest. Gas prices are out of control. Anyone have a way to get a program to receive a group of caches and then arrange in the best route?
  19. I use the GPSr for raod navigation. Once I get to the spot I go to find----geocache and then off road but it'll freeze. Not everytime but more often than not. Reboot fixes it but tired of turning the unit on and off. All software up to date and fresh batteries. I will say the problem is less when the batteries are at half life. I use a few different rechargeables. No lithium. Any ideas? Other than the occasional freezing no issues.
  20. If you find out let me know. I also wish you could get one mailed to you. I don't see the issue with getting one mailed. You till have to stamp the book so having passports circulated doesn't cheat anything. I would like to shoot up on a weekend but you'll have to wait for someone to open up on Saturday before you got the book.
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