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  1. 60CS speed issue I haven't seen mention of the 60CS error that I had, so I thought I would post here in case anyone searches for it. I primarily use my 60CS in my truck - and constantly use it for a speedometer as it's hard to see the truck's due to where I like to keep the steering wheel tilted. Anyway, after a number of years of pretty flawless operation, I started getting crazy speeds - on cruise control at 70 I would see speeds ranging from the 30's to well over 100. The speeds would hover in the same range for awhile and eventually settle down to reality. If I turned the unit off and on again, things would be OK. I figured maybe one too many ATV trips had shaken it up a bit or something. The software was 4.20, the most current. As I thought about it, the speed issue occurred after I updated to that release. On a whim, I went backwards to 4.10. Bingo - issue solved. I find it odd that I've not seen any mention of this anywhere (I've Googled for hours). So I hope if anyone else is looking for solution, this post might help.
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