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  1. Are your physical stages blocking areas where a small or regular might fit? Anyway, just as long as you make two things clear, the cache size and the length of the expected hike, I would be fine with it. There's about 10 feet of space to work with at the start. But then again, the gap I mentioned earlier just might work with a 5-gallon bucket.
  2. Aerial view and the Topoquad maps work well. What comes in TopoUSA is also useful because it lets the GPSr give you turnbyturn directions.
  3. The Geocaching website forum is where this belongs, if you want TPTB to read it. I have no idea what is happening.
  4. I'll use Riffster's idea. There are woods very close to the start point, but it was long ago that I owned caches every tenth of a mile in this trail system. Looks like there's a *very* narrow gap between a few of mine. Might be able to use that. Thanks for the input everybody!
  5. Another possibility is to have a 30-minute delay between when a pic is uploaded and when an email is sent. That way, everything uploaded toi the cache in that timeframe would come in email. Just a thought.
  6. A film can is about the biggest I can fit here, all the plants are roped off. Also, there's no rocks to hide it under. Might be able to use an altoid tin, though.
  7. If I put out a nightcache that involved hiking two miles only to find a bison tube right where you started, what would you think? Please share your thoughts about this idea. Please do not respond to this thread so that we can get it to die before any locals see it. I'd say my question has been answered.
  8. OK, I need an animation. Hopefully involving an ambulance, a car crash, a phone and a radio.
  9. I used to put spoilers on my evil caches in <white</white> tags on my cachepages. It would fool some, but others would figure it out. Nowadays, all the paperless stuff just strips the formatting out of cache descriptions, leaving the text exposed. Also, pictures in cachepages are removed as well. A workaround is to place an img alt="text" tag withing the <img> tag, but it would be nice if pictures would just show up on the GPSrs. Bottom line:I want HTML to be sent into paperless GPSrs, and to show up on the wap page. Any chance of this happening?
  10. Yep, the Google .kmz is always a fuzzy estimate of where a cache is.
  11. I help, when I have time, for things that aren't for profit. If something is for profit, I still might help but my generosity is a little more limited. Not for profit. What exactly is it you're looking for? I might be able to help, but my abilities are pretty limited. I always have ideas for T-shirts. (I buy woot shirts every once and a while when they are my style.) I am trying to figure out a way to make shirts with my ideas for my son. I'd really like to find an inexpensive way to screen print. I guess I just need to keep searching web sites to try and get the details. Example: Paris Hilton holding a cup of coffee up. (The coffee is more prominent.) Obviously the shirt would read: "That's hot." It's not the best idea, but it is a play on words, at least i think it is. I would think it would need to be a line drawing. Preface: My grandma is crazy. Years ago I made a shirt that said "I know I'm not crazy..." on the back it said "because I smell ham and bacon!" (It was just a printer transfer.) My grandma told my sister that. Apparently she thought there was a tunnel from her basement to the neighbors house and she could smell the neighbors cooking breakfast. The bad thing about it was that I wore it to a NAMI meeting and people could only see the front of the shirt. In retrospect that wasn't such a great idea. Do you have any other ideas? The Paris Hilton idea is beyond me.
  12. Yes...many times One strategy would be to put some kind of homing device in the cache so you could track it down.
  13. Kewl! How did you do that? So I'm not the only one who uses sock puppet accounts?
  14. They still show me as GeoBigDawg. Answering he OP, we have 184 as of now...
  15. Great idea! You can just go ahead. Also, teach them stealth, and pretending you're botanists or geologists while hunting caches.
  16. Somewhere buried deep amongst these topics, I asked for this as well. But Prime Suspect already stated why it wouldn't work.
  17. It cannot be helped. Home coordinates will never point to your house. But half a mile off? Thsi is something TPTB should look into.
  18. Better add one of THESE to our hiking packs:
  19. Yep, its annoying that they're moving closer to tourist spots. And considering that geocaching involves going off trail alot, and pot farms are usually off trails... Can only bring bad news from here on out...
  20. That's beyond my abilities, but to help out others who make avatars, here's the mountain with the effect:
  21. Hate to break this to you, but geocaches cannot be buried. Also, caches must be certain distance apart. Don't give up, though!
  22. Yeah, a bit wide. I'll fix that is the poster wants to use them. About getting better, I still can't do anything that can't be done with MS Powerpoint.
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