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  1. Reboot and try again. Starten Sie neu und versuchen Sie es erneut. BTW, this is German.
  2. Great idea, let's see it happen. Hmm...Next release should come late this month.
  3. Use a pocket query of nearby caches that nobody's found. I find emails to come in--locals pretend you didn't read this--hours late usually.
  4. Ask a question, then count up the responses manually.
  5. Open it in a new tab/window. Then just close that, and click OK many times. Also, seriously, it's easy to click the big red X.
  6. Sorry, all I have is a nuclear power plant imploding. No phone or radio though. I'll take it.
  7. ARRRGHHH! 1XL found it! He'll...Wait, did you say you couldn't nightcache?
  8. After reading this I clicked on the link myself, to see what it was. What it is, is an indicator of the type of person the OP is. If he lived in my area everything he did would go on ignore. For anyone else tempted to find out what the challenge is, it takes you to the video "You've been Ricked". However, it also won't let you out of it until it is over, or you use Alt Ctrl Del. It wasn't my idea. Not seeing these complaints on Knight2000's posts. (his sigline links to the same thing) In the meanwhile, Chrysalides doesn't really live that far from here. Sure, you can pay for the duct tape!
  9. I would, at the end, come out of hiding. Probably would wrap myself in camotape as well. As for how you would know I'm the CO, most of the locals know what I look like.
  10. Heck, I haven't HIDDEN it yet. But my hikes generally are 8-14 miles long (round trip). Mountains, and of course I'd do caches every tenth of a mile. I do that anyway...and was thinking of making them all puzzles on my next hike.
  11. Would you bother to do a difficult puzzle that lead to a cache far out on a trail? I always have lots of puzzle ideas, might start dumping them on hiking trails depending on the responses here.
  12. What would you do if you were at a nightcache and realized the CO was stalking you?
  13. I may just have to steal that idea! Sounds pretty good...
  14. Well, it took Cache o' Plenty's answer to explain the finds query a little more... Pretty rare for me to have a useful answer.
  15. Archived caches wouldn't be in the query. All previous events are archived. Several webcams are too. Your best bet is to use GSAK to filter out all non-Washington caches from your my finds query.
  16. It's not that hard. All mine are out in the wilderness, so it's rare to get a foundit log. You get an email whenever someone logs one of your caches. I just go after them to check when I'm going to hike the same trail anyways or someone DNFs them.
  17. OK, they may be more accurate than I thought. All I know was that someone using a Nuvi claimed my coords were 100 feet off, I went and doublechecked them only to see they were spot-on according to an eTrex and a PN-40.
  18. Nuvis are accurate enough to cache with, but not on numbers runs. That's all I know.
  19. You can't include/exclude attributes on route querys. Also, be warned that the route query system is flawed and returns less than half the caches it should. It's been discussed, I'm too lazy to search for it.
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