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  1. Caches usually take 4-6 hours to get published. Admins are allowed to go on a trip away from a computer. Also, there should be more admins in your area who will publish it. It also might not meet the guidelines, so check the unpublished cachepage!
  2. The boat needed attribute dosen't exactly mean its on an island. A cache could be on a point where to get there by land ya gotta cross a freeway or railroad tracks or something. I'm in favor of adding the new attribute.
  3. Puppy Dawg

    nano size

    I think its a great idea...film can or nano hanging in a hedge...gotta know which to look for. Also, lots of people use the Not Chosen option for nanos.
  4. The geocaching google maps just show up white when I try to open them. Anyone else having the same problem? Maybe something with firefox?
  5. I've been thinking about that a lot these days, as I discover the downsides of our GPS. Here goes: A small size with a large screen. High-detailed topo maps showing all trails, even unofficial ones. A search function showing all hotels, diners, hills, whatever it is set to. Specific icons for all types of geocaches. The ability to search for all near geocaches, or just a specific type. A DNF link next to the Found link that copies the waypoint into the calendar with a sort of symbol Ability to store 10,000 waypoints. (Running out of storage on my Venture HC is a big problem) "Muggle-alert" beeper! Store all info about caches in waypoint page. Turn-by-turn driving distances to caches (not as the crow flies) Turn-by-turn directions to caches Know what roads are private or closed. MicroSD card slot to add even MORE memory Contours on maps able to turn on/off. Batteries recharge if connected to external power (if detected rechargable) Easy-to-use controls Create own POIs with selected icons WAAS/ENGOS capability High-sensitivity reciever Ability to browse the web using wi-fi Notifier when cache is published within ten miles of wherever you are. Not have the feature shown above for any of them purchased by locals. Pretty much everything good about Garmin GPSrs
  6. How would one go about sending a cachepage to a PDA?
  7. For a while my Garmin eTrex LegendCx and eTrex Venture HC have worked fine in USB ports. Today I loaded Topo US 2008 mapsource software on to my computer. I hooked up the units and got the found new hardware wizard. I followed the steps, but to no avail. For some reason the PC won't detect the GPSr's being there...or something. Is there a solution?
  8. I've never used Google Earth, I use Garmin's Mapsource for the routes. I click on 'create new route,' but can't figure out what to do next. What?
  9. So, the page reads 'upload GPX/KML', but it only says how to create the route with Google Earth. When I run Google Earth, the whole PC shuts down! What other ways are there???
  10. I don't think all the listed TBs went thropugh at the event. But, you may say to yourself, "Aaww...What does a dawg know anyway"
  11. I will be attending an event tommorrow and TOTALLY hitting caches along the way. For this reason, I will need to create a cache-route. It is this simple of a question: What do I right-click to hit save as? I'm on my PC right now with google earth open and the route in. Please respond FAST!
  12. Try this, I just got 10 last week: http://www.armysurpluswarehouse.com/produc...m?productID=559 Whoops! Looks like they are out of stock. Sorry! Ron, the link given does not work. Also, until this thread, I only knew of this place to by decons.
  13. Okay, this is pretty long, so feel free to get bored and leave at any time. 1) Earth Turtle 2) GW5 Sunburst 3) Jan 2006 Signal 4) Monarch Butterfly 2006 5) Indian Paintbrush 6) Cachoids (all) 7) 3doxies Personal 8) Not Another Micro! Forest 9) Lackey 10) Wildlife Muggles Cache Bandit 11) Wildlife Muggles Finder Fox 12) Wildlife Muggles Nibbler Nutnabber 13) Wildlife Muggles Red Wacker 14) Wildlife Muggles Sneaky Antlers 15) Wildlife Muggles Bucky Beaver
  14. You won't believe this, but it's totally true. I found it 9 min after publication. But, alas, the FTF competition is fierce here and nobody has many. I was STF!
  15. I prefer TheCachingPlace.com's pre-inked stamps to labels. They sure are easier than peeling off the label, sticking it on... Also, they have refill inks. Just my bit of cache.
  16. Well, this is what it is: You first pull the nails from one of the parts of the nail. Then you twist the piece between the rail and the supporter (I think they put those there for caching in general ) so the piece is on its side. The owner has hollowed out a knot that you can now see. There is the cache.
  17. Who knows when the 2008 Jeep tbs will be available? And what color they'll be? I suppose they'll be black, dontcha think?
  18. What good ways other then the pull-out-the-nails-and-twist methods to hiding guardrail caches are there?
  19. Is becoming a forum moderator the same as an admin? If not, how is it done?
  20. Geoswag has dished out another Signal Coin! Hurry, don't miss out!
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