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  1. We have, too. Like WanderWomen, we never really thought about it until now.
  2. How exactly do you load a pocket query into a Delorme GPSr? I can't figure out any way to get the data into my PN-40...
  3. Thanks for the tips! It works perfectly now.
  4. I have the latest plugin, and installed it like five times. As for the firmware, I have no idea what it is or how you get it.
  5. Sadly, that does not answer my question about paperless caching. I loaded in one of my caches to test, then went to the waypoints page and clicked on it. It does not (like the pages suggest) show the multi-cache icon, but a generic chest style icon. It will not give me any information about the cache. How do I get the right symbol and information to show?
  6. A few questions about the PN-40: How do you use the paperless caching feature? What is the difference between aerial and satellite maps?
  7. How small is the screen on Delorme's PN-40? No one seems to say exactly...
  8. The screen on my Etrex Venture HC fades away frequently. After that, it is off and I can turn it back on, only to have it do the same thing a few minutes later. This even happens when it is connected to the computer. I would like to know: What causes it How I fix it
  9. So I've been trying to creat a pocket query from a route for about two hours. It gives me this message every time. I've told it plenty of times, retried even more times, and worse, I need the PQ tommorrow. Am I overlooking what to do?
  10. While deleting found caches from the calendar, our Venture HC (Purchased in November 2007) turns itself off right after I hit "Yes I want to delete this." This started today. More specifically, the screen will fade away. I turn it back on and it works fine, until I delete another one. Any solutions? EDIT: I just determined that if I delete them out of the 'find waypoints' page it won't turn off. But it does in the Calendar.
  11. I know this wasn't a new "feature" here but a while back, the maps on cachepages were changed. Could the maps be changed back to the way they used to be? Printable, and zoomed to a decent level, for instance. Now if a FTF comes up I have to zoom in the map to see what streets its near. Also, the site just became unavailable.
  12. I would like to thank the site developers for the new layout on the geocaching.com site. It has info in more convenient places, as well as a great look as well. A job well done!
  13. Typically 5-10 hours, at least around here. (We've got like 4 reviewers working at it)
  14. What I don't get is... How to CREATE the POIs in the first place!
  15. How do you send custom POIs to GPSrs using the mentioned program?
  16. Here's my unfound cache numbers: 5- 16 10- 98 25- 325 50- 1429 CA- 52736 Should I have included found caches as well?
  17. How about 'stinging/biting insects'? I think that would do...
  18. Thanks! I have done just that...
  19. Is there a way to move your own posts from one topic to another? I recently posted something in the wrong topic and this would be useful.
  20. I don't get the WereIgo interface. I mean, what are they supposed to be like, how do you do them, etc? The website was VERY uninformitave and I don't know much about them. Could I get the lowdown on these things?
  21. A while back locationless caches were discontinued from the Geocaching website. I would like them to be brought back. And also, webcam caches would do good as well. Can this happen?
  22. Hey its working for me now! And right in time for a whole bunch of caches! Working well for anyone else now?
  23. That was happening to me awhile ago. I don't know what it is. Unfortunately that was when I had a series of 9 to get on the site. I also had to wait 20 minutes to get to a cachepage once, probably because of internet coinnections. (I use the neighbor's signal)
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