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  1. Smaller than I'd like, but not bad... Just about the names...
  2. It all depends. Yes you can go back, but unless you drop a coin or something, no need to log it at all. However, if omeone DNFed and you went back then log it as a note. If it's gone, a Needs Maitnence log would be best. On some occasions, the CO will replace it in a different manner and allow previous finders to refind it. The you select 'found it' from the log type list. Hope this helps.
  3. I'm doing a puzzle and need the lackey pics, you know the cartoonish ones some use for avatars (think Opinonate, MissJenn, or Eleias) and it would be nice if they were labeled. Or are they protected by some kinda copywright.
  4. COW= Chunk of wood SPOR= Suspicious pile of rocks
  5. Rite in the rain paper? NG paper? Gotta besumthin' Of coure I'll have double ziplocs on it as an extra precaution... I'm actually rather skeptical about the preforms ummmm... performing as a long-term underwater cache. I question that the gasket is sufficient for the task. Has anybody got any real life experiences with them in that environment? Rite in the rain paper
  6. Lots of people use two seperate usernames. I'd say its a bit of a better way to do thing...you can both write your own logs and hide your own caches.
  7. I had an Oregon for a while...HATED it. I thought top dog was the 60csx or the PN-40
  8. When a '40 lock into satellites, it gets better reception. Also it has LOTS of added features for geocaching. Same with the '30. And main developement i focoed on thoe two so that means you get firmware upgrades. I think the '30 probably has the longest battery life, with the '40 just a few seconds behind, and the '20 desqualified form the competition. THta's because of the sensors. Ooh and ue eigher a spooly thing (see 'my spooly thing broke' in the PN-30/40 section of the Delorme forum)or a lanyard to prevent loss.
  9. Puppy Dawg


    No I mean they didn't get a chance to log. And unchecking the is active box dose not always work...
  10. I'm out on the trail alot. Mot trails have caches every .1 mile on them that are typical film cans under rocks or hanging in bushes. Easy, and getting old. This one trail follows a river that has swimming holes every couple hundred feet. I figure I could really change things up with this one and maybe get other cachers to follor suit and put better caches on trails. So I'll order 1 30-pack of soda bottle preforms and see how it goes.
  11. Around here, we are all FTF hounds! But people claim betafinds which are when you are with the owner when they put it out. Or you find it before it is published. You post a note and when its found you convert the note to a foundit log. Everyone is FTFAP who is FTF. I know of one situation when we were hiking on a trail. When we came back, a group of cachers was heading up. Around here, most trails have caches every .1 mile but thi didn't. We had put three out. So we gave them the coordinates so they wouldn't put any on top of them. But then they claimed FIRST TO FINDS! So we deleted their logs and told the REAL FTF what happened. I ain't trusting them again...
  12. Hmm...I dunno either. I had an Oregon tho, and hated it. Don't know about the Endura, but Delorme has a send to GPS link. Maybe Lowrance has one coming. But in the meanwhile... I swear on my PN-40!
  13. Ammo boxes? C'mon those will rust...won't they? Plus, they're a bit hard to carry on backpack trips. But soda bottle preforms are PERFECT. Lightweight, but can I submerge them?
  14. I have two: One's a standalone cache. The other is a stage of the multi. No one's found the cache yet, but people loved the multi. Go for it!
  15. Puppy Dawg


    Caches get publihed before they're ready...diabling them keeps everyone on their toes. Retracting them is a little less noticable. I had a cache where there was a typo in the coords, back in my early days. As it was an LPC, lots of people found it with the wrong ones. Others got the right ones before it got retracted. I fought a little, then gave up on getting it published. But 8 people still need their smilies...
  16. I'm looking for cheap lightweight containers that could be sunk underwater for their lives. This is freshwater we're talking about, but it would be nice if I could put them in the ocean as well. Bison tubes? Cryo tubes? Tupperware? Decons? I know about Otterboxes but just can't see myself paying $10 for a cache. I plan to hide several...
  17. Some people like to glue magnets to things and stick them on...anything metal. That could be a 1/1.
  18. Real-life screenshot, not Photoshopped: For help with them you get fast responses in the Delorme forums. Also D has great customer service...you post there, one of their staff will respond. Even on holiday weekends. So, I always reccomend DeLorme, but Garmin has some great units out there as well. DeLorme just rules the paperless category. To my knowledge they only have 3 units out, 2 of them are paperless, all of them are under $400, they've got a paperless out under $300. Ooh and another thing. One guy suggested in there forums that they make a paperless GPSr. A few months later, the PN-40 came out.
  19. I was using my buddies CO to get to a cache. It was three miles away. My PN agreed, to. Then we burst under tree cover. The CO went crazy and said it was only one mile away, while the '40 still said three. You hear about this all the time, too. This here is a real-life screenshot of my PN-40 in tree cover, NOT something Delorme advertises:
  20. COs and ORs aren't very accurate...get an eTrex to start out with. Then...the Delorme PN-40 is the best for caching, but expen$ive. Yea, it depends on the bells and whistles you want, but eTrexes are just as accurate as some pricier models. (like the PN I talk about.) So go to REI our Best Buy or Walmart and see what you want. Garmins or Delormes are best because there's a link on the cachepage to send the cache right in, no constantly pushing buttons just for some casual cachin'. But really, its up to you. But I agree with previous posters, get an eTrex to start out with. You might just not like geocaching after a while. If you grow obsessed, go for a DeLorme. Cheeper, more accurate paperless.
  21. I know it isn't Garmin, but Delorme just came out with a new one, the PN-30. Wait till the price goes down, then go for it. It comes with free mapping software and has long battery life. It won't talk to you, but it does the job. Though it dosen't have a barometric altimiter or an electronic compass. It will tell you altitude and direction tho. If you want those, try the PN-40. But either way, the '30 just came out, and the prices are high. Give it a few months and the '40 will be under $300, and the '30 under $200. These are the best GPSrs for geocaching because they do paperless, are more accurate than any Garmin, and cost less than Garmin's latest three duds: The Colorado, Oregon, and Dakota. Just my $.02.
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    I say we should be able to retract our own caches if we give a good reason in the logs. Oh, and and let us publish our retracted cache as archived.
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