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  1. What is not mentioned in this thread is that historically the FAA and the Aviation community in general has had a "prove its safe" mentality, not a "prove it's not safe." In the past, for an electronic device to be approved for use on an airplane, the specific device (by make and model) had to be tested on each make and model of aircraft one wanted to use it on. So in this sense the FAA and airlines have relaxed a bit. I agree that the current policies the Airlines make don't make sense. To ban a GPSr and allow laptop computers make no sense. How many of the laptop computers have wireless network cards that are turned on during the flight, or PDA's with Bluetooth turned on. People are told to make sure that these features are turned off, but there is no way for the crew to know. Unfortunately I don't think airlines aren't going to change anytime soon.
  2. Are there any National Parks that don't require permits for off-trail hiking? A vast majority of parks like Yosimte are off limits to the average person without special permits. Unfortunately there has been the few that has ruined it for the many. In the past some people have gone into these parks and done considerable damage and trashed places, so they have made it harder for eveyone to enjoy some of the most breathtaking and awe inspiring areas of our country.
  3. The US Navy also shut down the San Diego Boot Camp (I was one of the last Companies to go through it), of course this was right after they built a new dining commons and a new medical facility there, and started to build a new bridge over the water chanel! (The medical building was never used!). For some reson the Navy chose to keep the oldest of the 3 bootcamps (Great Lakes, known affectionately as "Great Mistakes" LOL).
  4. I served in the US Navy 1992-1996 as an Aviation Ordnanceman on the USS Constellation CV-64. Served during Operation "Southern Watch" between the two Gulf Wars. "Connie" was given the honor of being named "Amercia's Flagship" by Ronald Regan in the early 80's. Of course daily life on-board Connie was no different than the other ships. Because of this designation our island numbers where lit up in red, white, and blue in port. (Carriers usully only light up thier numbers in white). This was the only notible diferance we had for carring the title. She was decomissioned a few years ago, kind of felt like an old freind had died. (Other sailor's will know what I mean.) I'm un-aware of any new ship carying on the title of "Ameracia's Flagship". Has anyone heard otherwise? US Navy was a great experiance for me. Wanted to stay in longer but it was more important to me to be around my children as much as I could. Hard to believe it's been 11 years since I got out!
  5. Reading this snip that flask just responded to made me wonder: How do you know this? Did you find someone who placed a tract in a cache and ask their opinions about Wiccan tracts? Atheist tracts? Potato tracts? Until you can show me that "These are the same people who would raise a major fit" if they encountered such things, your theory holds no water. Even after you show me that your statement has foundation, your argument that "I can be upset because they can be upset" still doesn't float. Hmm... doesn't hold water? Doesn't float? Two sayings that are sort of opposite, but mean the same thing... I agree with Too Tall John. I don't agree with Wiccans and Atheists, but I don't run around trying to censor them and say they have to keep it in the closet. In fact I try to learn more about them, so I can understand where they come from, what their ideals and beliefs are. I have found learning about other religions only reinforces my own beliefs. Don't shove your head in the sand, learn about others you don't agree with, you'll find that you will be a better person in the end. My children and I often have long in-depth discussions about the world's religions, how they relate to ours, their history, and how they have helped shape our world.
  6. I agree, these items however are not what is being discussed in this topic. Most of these items are illegal and or dangerous in their own right (by the way, kids will see items like condoms all the time when mom and dad takes them to the store). A crucifix, Star of David, Buddah, or a Cow (a highly regarded religious symbol in some faiths) are not going to hurt anyone, even children. If your not Christian and your child see a cross (which I'm sure they have seen hundreds of times before) and they ask what it is, all a parent need say is that "It is a symbol that represents someone else's ideas about life." No harm is done. The items you list above are VERY different, harm will be done. The religious symbols being discussed in the forum hurt no one, they may make some people feel uncomfortable, but no harm is done. I find it interesting how so many people come out and scream about a cross or a Star of David, but then go home and let their kids watch rated R movies full of rape, murder, violence, etc. and hardly even say a thing. I believe this is much more damaging to a child than any cross you will find in a cache. So if we carry some peoples comments out to their ultimate conclusion, we need to come up with a band list that includes EVERY religious symbol in the entire world to be completely fair and not accidentally offend someone. By the way this would include all kinds of things, like Cows, Roosters, Crows, in addition to what we always think about as religious symbols. I'm sure someone out their would be upset to find a sacrilegious depiction of a cow on a GeoCoin that may for instance be honoring farmers. Use common sense people, if it is dangerous or illegal, then no-duh, it doesn't belong in a cache. People preach tolerance, tolerance is the ACCEPTANCE of other's beliefs and ideas and that they can express them (even if you don't agree), telling them that the have to hide it in the closest because it might offend someone is by definition in-tolerance. A lot of people died giving us our right of free speech, freedom of expression and freedom of religion, and the right to not agree and state that you don't agree. Any Christian worth his salt will tell you that Christianity can not be forced on someone, those that try to are in the wrong, accepting Jesus has to be a willing non coursed decision made individually.
  7. What I find truly amazing is that people are so insecure in their own identity that the mere presence of an inanimate object "offends" them and make them "mad." ANY object could offend someone in our society. If you don't like something, then leave it alone, ignore it. The mere presence of an item will not harm you in any way. If one is so insecure in their own beliefs and identity that an object in a Geocache offends them and makes them upset, I would say they have much bigger personal issues than what they find in a cache.
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