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  1. I was waiting for that article to be cited again. Bottom line is this is the millionth (not literal) thread on caches placed near electrical equipment. Usually these develop into 'educated' folks appealing to others 'common sense' et cetera to not place these caches. And others scoffing at the 'paranoid' forum population. 1 - Electrical equipment is dangerous. 2 - A shock at any voltage can kill you (not arguing likelihood here) 3 - You need permission to place on other's property and likely will not get it from a commercial or consumer-owned utility. 4 - There are two (and in some jurisdictions, three) codes that regulate additions or adjustments to electrical equipment that serves a residential or commericial consumer. These codes only make it legal to place electrical geocaches in certain situations. If it's fake I say more power to you. I don't fully invest into this 'following the herd' argument that people like to tout here. Common sense needs to be taken on the part of the finder too. Have fun!
  2. Ahh-ha! I image-googled that phrase and came up with a picture of what I was considering placing a cache on. I've found caches on these before. You do realize that the voltage inside of those transformers is usually 4160 volts before it gets stepped down? A shock at the voltage will kill you, I saw it first hand when someone jackhammered into a 4160 line that fed a green transformer. That blanket statement won't quite fly. Yes a shock from a transformer that has the ability to distribute 4160 volts through a person definately has the ability to kill one. It won't always happen that way. Just like lighting won't always kill. Yes that amount of voltage that ALL hits one's heart should stop it dead, but many 'freak' incidents occur. Of course I am not suggesting that someone would come out of a shock 'just fine' either. The article linked below is fairly competent but could use additional sources . .. I'll cite some if I want to be a nerd later. WikiPedia Article Now I'll wait for more of the "This COULD happen, That COULD happen" theories from some of the other regulars. . . .
  3. As mentioned there is the encrypt option. I encrypt parts of my log if I think they might even slightly give the location away moreso than the cache name or description already will. And I would delete a log and ask the finder to repost with encryption if they screwed up my hide creativity that much. Now if the hider doesn't fix things in the logs, then you can assume they fine with the extra clues. So leave the issue alone if it's not yours and yay; it's all good!
  4. Ditto. I actually found google to be right on with many listings around here . . . (Colorado Springs)
  5. Good point. Unless of course they had no takers due to conflicting plans and offered them up to cachers on last resort. Who really knows right ? . . . Unless they noted something specific in the log . . .
  6. Totally agree! A few nights ago I found a cache that had 'B' key from a computer keyboard. I thought it was funny and unique so traded for that item . Someone else would likely have complained rather heavily about it being junk . . . On my first cache ever I traded for a couple of plastic firemen because it reminded me of playing with my brother years ago. And I know I've heard/read of a crack plastic army commando travelbug unit that had specific missions to complete. Others have complained about dollar store plastic figures, I LOVE them! . . .to each his own, I guess . . .
  7. I think that is an awesome idea. I would definately go for that cache if I was in the area. Here is another idea if that one does turn out to be a no-no. Maybe make it a caching event with hot chocolate at one coordinate,marshmallows at another, selected carols somewhere else. . . you know . . . the WORKS! Have Fun!
  8. I agree it would be awesome (and better) to have a 'tripped' trap. Whether on an ammo can or a fake hand or a combination. ROCK ON! Perfect timing for halloween sell-off as noted! I could see what you are saying if this was a fake electrical box or something like that but it is not. I would be safe in saying I have been in the woods more than 95% of the people geoching, I have logged and cut firewood and hunted most of my life and I have never saw a steel trap like this set in the woods. I know they are out there but I am just saying I have never saw one and I am 64 years old. It is very very unlikely a kid will come upon one of these traps. If kids are old enough to be playing in the woods unsupervised they should be smart enough to not go around sticking their fingers in something like this. People will argue about the fake electrical boxes too, oh and also about putting out a fake sharps container as a cache whatever. Your thread topic was "cache idea good or bad". You asked for opinions on what we thought. Mine was that it was a bad idea for the reasons that I stated - I am sure not everyone feels the same way and that is cool. If you disagree, why ask? Just go ahead and put it out there then. It's BAAAAAAAAAAAACCCKKKK!!!!! The point of asking is to discuss: Discussion Board . . . . yeah I love the hybrid of hiding behind "you're off topic" mixed with bringing in specific topics from other threads (were you hoping I'd bite?) - - oh that wasn;t you who brought it up . . you just discussed it!. Spent alot of time off-topic to defend against what your calling off-topic . . . So it's okay for you to not like the idea, but not okay for someone else to question your support of your dislike . It that case, why give your thought support . After all as you said, the 'thread topic was "cache idea good or bad"' . . . NOT why There won't generally be a trap like this off in the woods next to an urban or suburban enivironment where they are likely to go into unsupervised. I would expect kids to be supervised in areas traps would be in. IMO if they ever saw one, kids would be even more inclined to mess with it, having never encountered it before. Strictly on topic - - Overall. Love the idea with that reservation thay maybe it should already be 'tripped'.
  9. If you get a reply, I would suggest to the teacher/advisor (assuming it may be him/her) to have the kids open their own team or individual accounts. Or, as has been suggested, ask them to log one group find if they are indeed all going together. I would find it annoying to come across those most recent 5 logs on the page to see the same ID saying nothing constructive about the cache. But more power to them for enjoying the cache! And boy do I wish they had that class/club when I was in school!
  10. Saw a mention of it on some weekend magazine show on Discovery Channel. It stuck in the back of my mind. Right after we bought our Jeep, I was looking up 4WD trails on google and stumbled across a listing on geocaches!
  11. Take a look at these previous threads. Geocaching Electrical Safety (3 pages) Electrical Boxes as containers Electrical Box Caches (2 pages) Thanks for the info . . . . Point taken, I'm guilty too - - - sorry about that repeat . . .will edit
  12. 'NUFF SAID THERE . . . Really like the mural idea . . . Kit Fox, discussions change . . . point taken on the pi**ing match thing . . . but the topic is Dangerous Objects and this is a DISCUSSION Board . . . (EDIT for language)
  13. I'm guessing you'd be right - - - again unless on the other side of a meter as previously noted. All this considering that consumer attached devices, signs, and other such objects are not allowed under the NESC (National Electric Safety Code). Sorry don't have the website. Most utilities have a copy for anyone who wants to research if they're bored . . . EDIT for source Cite
  14. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Pull out the number of finds card!!!! Was wondering how long it would take you! It really didn't stick itself to the pole??? And I thought that these things were automated now . Excuse me! IMO,IMO,IMO,IMO,IMO . . . . I could give a hoot. Sorry --I was assuming you noted as a needs archived if it is so blatantly against the rules . . .If that was the case then the reviewer would have taken these things into account and made a decision. But you know what they say about assume and I guess I'm guilty in this case. OOOPPPS!
  15. News radio anchor/reporter/producer. Also an indpendent audio and film producer. So yes, definately geocache for the "spy" feeeling. LOL
  16. Totally agree on the excersizing thing for sure! And I love to plan a day with the wife to drive in the beautiful mountains of Colorado and picnic somewhere amazing!
  17. You're stretching on both counts . . . Can maybe make an argument on the digging rule. Although that deals mostly with hiding the actually integral part of the cache and having to dig to make the find. And obviously the reviewer didn't interpret it the way you're trying to . . . C'mon I know where the guidlines are -- was only asking for the specifics you were trying to use . . .
  18. What screws or staples? It looks like the ammo can is just sitting on the open box. Ummm . . . . Please cite the specific guideline and also code against nails and staples you are referencing there. . And crawil . . .that pic is not the cache in discussion . . . .
  19. My issue with your suggestion is that this is a hobby where adults (many not being parents . . . . yet ) play and don't want to be hindered by the POV of a child at all times. Maybe it would be cool if the hider would note if it is an appropriate cache for a younguns' or not? (Smarty-Pants note: Electrical appliances are things from baking mixers to vacuums to circular saws, not conduits or meter junction boxes. ) Nice suggestions I admit hadn't considered about how to fix up the cache a bit better though. Agreed on that point. Okay so please excuse those of us that don't have them then. Now, I behave a bit differently when around my nephews. And I do not let them drive my SeaDoo or ATV, just as I would not let their hands do the walking in geocaching. I know their curiosity will lead them to do things in the milli-second our backs are turned . . . . so back to the original suggestion from me; let's bug geocaching.com to get a family/kid friendly question on the set-up or go make a site like handicaching.com but for kids and let that be it . . . . -And sure some caches can be stupid . . . . but now you've peaked my interest; what are you calling "high-tension" electrical line? I thought it was nailed to a pole (and was it wood?). Was this on a cacher's private property? (not asking all this to question your facts, just curious now.) I talked to a Power Systems Engineer today (layman's terms: a power line design guy). He noted first off that most likely no utility (such as his) will allow someone to put ANYTHING on their poles --- so this may break the rules in any case and will likely be knocked off by the Utility next time they chance by the area . . . The ONE exception is if it is in a rural location and the meter box (where the Utility-employed readers find the customer usage readings) is on the edge of a property and on one of the wooden distribution poles (aka erroneously as 'telephone' poles). Then the property owner may attach other things to the pole on the other side of the meter box such as junction boxes that redirect power to a barn, a house, a chicken coop, etc. Yeah, -I know -boring . . . . Finally to the point: They can do this on private property only and if it is something after the meter box, it really should only give you a small shock. (but I will note that you can die from even 1 volt on the VERY slim chance it hits you in just the right place at just the right time . . .) And if there is a cache in or on or even near a sub-station, report it to the NESC. NOW!!!! That is a federal issue. (Of course you may want to be friendly and point that out the the hider first . . . .) I will agree about most things and their overall safety, but not about the responsibility of others to consider kids specifically in rugged hobby (yeah, yeah I know you upped it to adults too back there.) I know that makes me sound a bit harsh - - - but there we be . . . . . . And RK-- give me a freaking break with that cat litter feast . . . . Not even close to the same as a hobby outdoors . . . . In your situation I invite the kids and parents in . . . (yeah you can argue that hiding a cache is inviting them) Dang, back to that suggestion again . . . maybe . . . call it kidcaching.com? -Or would that be caching for hidden kids? OOOps!!
  20. Isn't it great that most of those who choose to have children decide that everyone else must assume responsibility for those offspring as well? *NEWSFLASH: That code/obligation died when we ceased to be tribal in nature. At that level, others felt responsibility for your kin so as to ensure the survival of the tribe.(Since in most scenario's they were at remotely related anyway). To the point: Teach your own freakin' kids. Don't expect everyone to care for them. And stop calling ingenious (sp?) ideas "STUPID" because you are trying to make a point (one of the rules of debate, BTW).
  21. Thanks for the fun ideas! Now I'm gonna have to bother my wife and family to hide siome caches for me on my birthday!
  22. Usually listening to trance and house electronica music or Hard and Industrial Rock . . . Also prefer no noise contamination while out of vehicle
  23. TFTH ~ Thanks for the hunt/ TNLNSL ~ Took Nothing, Left Nothing, Signed Log. Muggle ~ is a non-geocacher (like from Harry Potter; a non-magic user)
  24. I haven't had a DNF at night yet. About 1/3 of my finds are night runs. I agree with wesleykey's theory and also for some reason the cache stands out a little bit a dusk for me usually . . . Someone on these boards once said something like... "Fear not strange noises in the dark, for the creatures that intend to hurt you will stalk you silently." Good words to keep in mind when you are in the woods, alone, and in the dark. What's really freaky is when a creature doesn't intend to stalk you and you both scare the hell out of each other! Keeping the flashlight in the truck won't help you if you don't have it with you I recently made that mistake and got stuck out on an unfamiliar trail with my flashlight in the car. When I found my way back, there was a Sheriff's deputy by may car. I sooo thought that I was busted for after hours (but turns out it was still open). He was just making sure the owner of the vehicle was safe. SIDE: This deputy was leaving his business card in the wiper and a note to call his unit to confirm I made it back out safe after dark. Also a good way to make sure people out of there after hours without necessarily having to come back . So he asked what I was up to. I straight out said geocaching He raised an eyebrow and said, "Did ya find it?" turns out his brother is a geocacher and he is thinking of joining in too.
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