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  1. Now that is a great idea... and one that shouldn't necessarily require a lot of technical work to do. I imagine that TPTB would shy away from a "rate this log" system (much like they've shied away from a "rate this hide" system). But allowing the owner to choose one log to feature at the top of the page would be cool... (OTOH, could cache owners do this on their own, simply by adding the featured log to the cache description page?) Good call! and/or the CO could make a favorites blog and link the appropriate one's to the appropriate pages?
  2. Hey tell me if I am redundant to someone else's post or a feature that already exists . . . I think it would be great to have a "featured logs" option for cache pages. Something that allows the CO to pick their favorite logs to top the charts or to have other cachers vote on (+ or -)? There could be the option to view them chronologically (traditionally) or by rating! That way, IMO, COs could 'reward' cachers for good logs without making what some may feel is akward contact. Also, it can stop all those uninspired logs from bumping the greats!! EDIT: spelling
  3. What I think about this topic may be skewed . . . as I am a journalist So I try to go individual on all logs unless that are CnP placements such as Team GPSaxophone brought up. BTW, if you're ever in or near the Springs, look up Sax's hides!!!! I actually do put some major effort into loggin a cache if I loved it or even liked it and did few that day/weekend. It's nice to hear back from CO's that appreciate the effort too. Or maybe they all hate what I write and just wanted their dang CnP?!
  4. EDIT: Parts of the following exerpts have been bolded and such to help them standout. Looks like the reviewer sees it being in the building as the promotion of the humane society. I find it strange to worry about staff becoming involved because I think all that a staff member will say is: "May I help you." And a cacher will have the opportunity to tell them about geocaching. OR did I mistakenly type in "hermit-cachers.com" And there is a direct point that I support noobs. So some for and some against and you throw this out: OR, e-mail the reviewer before all that time and expense. I'm sorry to see you unhappy. I learned a few months back in the forums that it was more about the game and less about being right (although that can be fun to debate). I think it speaks for itself, but okay: The first line here screams PRETTY PLEASE; TAKE THIS AS CONSTRUCTIVE AND NOT THE WAY YOU GO ON TO TAKE IT. SO it really seems that your . . . .stuff was directed at me. I don't usually respond to that . . . . stuff but you use the newcomer defense which I fully support. When a little kid says I'm gonna take my ball and go home, they should leave the field or not say it at all. After seeing your continuance and your direct flaming of the response, it stinks as a cheap move for sympathy. I truly don't want to see people unhappy playing this game/sport/hobby which you said you were and indicated that you wanted to take your ball and go home. I have friends who do different things than I do that make them individually more happy, but we can still walk our dogs together and have a beer on the weekends maybe . . . . And looks like you missed that there was another option suggested in the same post about talking to your reviewer to augment your fun. That meant instead of leaving. BTW, it may seem hairy at times, but please use to quote tool when targeting individuals in your posts. It either let's us know who one is reverse-trolling or not as the case may be. Also watch the use of uncommon big words for us cronyistic fools who only befriend and promote immature college dropouts!!! (Please take that as a joke. Whether your original choice of words were meant as an insult or not, I smiled.) So, I guess among your choices are: 1)take the semi-emotional responses here and boil some more, 2) Create a big application process for cachers to hunt your caches so that you can directly filter them as you have your forum responders or 3)retract your statements and invite all geocachers to enjoy your caches. Of course you seem rather creative and pretty smart so I'm sure you'll find your own way. Enjoy the sport/game/hobby and I'm taking my ball home for now to play with someone else. Still love the cache (EDIT: TravelBug) idea BTW. Animals rock and should be supported Nope. You told me allllll about it
  5. Couple of people have said that. The picture is just of the sign and captioned (EDIT:titled) that way. . . It's not meant to depict the whole situation -sorry to confuse. The fence is 5' high all the way around. The cachers apparently must make access by crawling under. Um, yeah. I'd be kinda dumb to not just walk 5' feet to the left or whatever. -Or to lift my leg up and over a foot or so I absolutely agree, but then the CO could have researched the situation and said as much, right?
  6. Not trying to troll BigCatMomma, just making an observation: You seem to be getting really dramatic over the whole thing. If it's stressing you that much, maybe find another hobby like working at an animal rescue. OR, e-mail the reviewer before all that time and expense. I'm sorry to see you unhappy. I learned a few months back in the forums that it was more about the game and less about being right (although that can be fun to debate).
  7. As was pointed out by many in that original thread, your cache very clearly has an agenda. Looks like the cache itself may support an agenda carried by her TB's, but the cache description I read doesn't seem to have one. While I guess the TB agenda could be grounds for dismissing the cache (and I may personally agree), does a reviewer have that power? Well, you could note the " . . platform for an agenda part" of the reviewers cited guideline. Your point works in my mind . . . BUT, the reviewer is not on that point in the letter that was sent: Looks like the reviewer sees it being in the building as the promotion of the humane society. I find it strange to worry about staff becoming involved because I think all that a staff member will say is: "May I help you." And a cacher will have the opportunity to tell them about geocaching. OR did I mistakenly type in "hermit-cachers.com"
  8. Wow, that's a long post. I think that your cache listing as posted is clear. Doesn't sound like a humane society promo to me. Also it makes sense with your pet related plans. I am wondering what stops you from putting it outside as they requested? Not saying you should, but thinking you could. If the reviewer won't turn the decision around, might I suggest a dog park or something? I know it's not quite what you were after, but just a thought. EDIT: Ah! Going back to read I see why you don't want it to be outside. But isn't no food a rule in any case, whether the individual cache owner solves it or not?
  9. Thanks to all the responders so far. Learning a couple of things. For instance, I didn't know that notes don't leave e-mail alerts. (I'd prefer an e-mail alert too.) You're the second to point that out. You are both, of course, absolutely right. I went ahead and crawled under the fence basing the action on blind trust of the CO and reference to the previous logs where people had crawled. But it still itched at me. To me the needs maintenance wasn't a suggestion to the CO of "Oh you're wrong!!!!' as much as it was a request of, "Please clarify the circumstances, because I feel bad having possibly gone into a preserve of sorts or otherwise trespassed." Probably a bit self-serving as I did indeed post it after having hunted, myself. But I also wanted to help out other cachers.
  10. Thanks for the feedback! I'm won't argue each detail involved with a choice to say something about it. You have some valid points, But the conflicting information is the exact reason for the maintenance request . . . or e-mail as you suggest. Thanks again!
  11. So I went to a cache with a cool name and an interesting placement on a recent trip to Albuquerque. The placement is in a City Open Space designated so by postings all around. I drove all the way around the perimeter and saw two entry points that were padlocked and a fence around the entire thing. Usually fences are meant to keep people out as far as I know. . . . . so there were alot of questions and other cachers have avoided this one for 2 months. I posted a needs maintenance because it seemed that an aspect of the cache DID need maintenance. From other cachers and cache owners I want to know if they's like to learn about issues through their cache by maintenance postings or if it hurts their feelings (honestly). Also, was the tresspassing issue unclear in my post? I would hate to have a LEO on my butt in that situation . . . Mines of Moria - GC1GKWF (Please don't bother the cache owner. I'm not posting this to flame them.)
  12. I was wondering which geocaches they were. It looks like they may have been some smalls and micros planted along the side (or inside) Patty Jewitt Golf Course. GC1D40P and GC1EAJ4 may have been encountered and GCW02K Teed Off Sounds like the one that police described to the news on-scene. That KKTV reporter sure needs to work on her research though. She sounded plain dumb and was even messing up non-geocaching related phrases. But I am hard on newsies, being one myself. I haven't been caching in a while, but this reminded me to go out and enjoy.
  13. There were some funny parts and some very valid points. I got a kick out of the Difficulty guideline. But . . . . This may have been meant to be taken in a certain light. However, to others this looks like a troll topic. EDIT: And I am on the fence here. Not making an accusation of the OP in this forum.
  14. I agree that you should really contact the owner before loggin an SBA. But if you found the cache (and yes there is a description of "a find"), then you're entitled to logging the find. Someone who deletes a log for vindication is being petty. Many have been a part of that group before, my self included. If someone has exerted the effort to make a find, they may not know the issue that tells them it SBA until they FIND it. (Of course with snakes, that's a "duh". Don't stick around if you don't feel comfortable.) But there are plenty of other concerns (e.g. environmental issue, commercialism, discovery of existence on private property-without permission -on the way out, etc.) where a find would have been made and then a new observation of guideline infractions afterward. EDIT: Spelling and Grammar.
  15. I've suggested before that there should be kidcaching.com or some such. Now I guess we need to add geri-caching.com or pacemakercaching.com? But for a real answer to the OP. Yes, IMO it's a fine idea. (Sounds like another blip on the need for kid-caches listings.) No, difficulty is difficulty as in puzzling issues. Not difficulty caused by a frightening event. I see where this is appropriate. My first thought was whatever. But that's where I need to allow for the fact that this is for all
  16. History in the making! The first ever forum reference to PSMs (Plastic Sleeve Micros). I'm going to find a spot now and pioneer the "Something Up My Sleeve" series. When I worked for Wally World, we had enough trouble with those sleeves getting stolen that I think anyone lifting one for a cache would attract an undue amount of attention. Not to mention the many discussions about hiding caches on a commercial property, including this current one, and if it is actually ok to do in the first place. It's okay, I was being facetious, though no one can blame you for thinking the idea was serious. Hopefully others will heed your warning. Some years ago when I worked at's Sam's club, a co-worker hid his drug stash under one ! A Plastic sleeves cache would be fun if in was in a lesser traveled area like this particular one was.
  17. "Preliminary reports indicated the package was a device used in a "geocaching" game often played by adults and Boy Scouts." "Adults and Boy Scouts?" Rick McDonald, Plano Police spokesperson said individuals playing the game will receive some kind of reward based on the amount of navigation systems they find. "Receive a what based on the amount of what they find?" Yup, that thar re-porter done did hisself some sho 'nuff bodacious research. Sounds like an accurate description to me. Look again. That quote goes in between the other two sentences . . . The layman will become confused by the quote of the officer that is placed after to fairly well-done description. And as a former radio news anchor and a current photo journalist who also happens to like geocaching; I'd like to see the positive promotion of the hobby instead of the last words of an article making people think we be even weirder than we already be! <EDIT: And I just looked at the byline. Two reporters did all that . . . (wow)> Nope, didn't miss it. Just noted something else since the private property equation gets old after about 1000 discussions and stories about bomb squads . . . . .. Discussion board . . .
  18. Let's be fair to the reporter, it was what the police said. I think everyone spent about as much time on this story as appropriate, almost none lol Yes, it is what the police said. But if the mission of the news is to inform the public, then the reporter did not do the job well . Now that Google is so everpresent, there is no forgiving not utilizing it. If you look up "GPS game" on google, geocaching.com comes up real quick and would give the reporter all that they need. I work in news and this reporter would be flamed eternally if they have reports like this in their record . EDIT: And even the website that the reporter cites in their article should have clarified things. It is the job of the reporter to hammer out the facts and statements they include. Basically in news we still tell you what we're going to tell you, tell you it, and then review what we told you (and/or give you a resource for more.) Just like in essays. It's the job of the reporter to clarify the subject. On original topic: I have only found Altoid tins and match-holders at Wally World so far thank goodness!
  19. Yeah I'd probably go for the lesser rating too if it was in the rocks compared to a fake rock among the rocks.
  20. Speaking stricly from the picture and the cache description (and hint), I think you've done well. I ran it through the rating system too and got the same result. IMHO, the difficulty indicates the ability to figure out the 'puzzle' or the way it was hidden. If someone decided to utlize the hint with their GPSr, I think one can readily surmise that it's likely a fake rock or at least in the rock stack. Someone could probably argue to move it to a 2.5 and I might be inclined to listen. But no, I think you're right on. Nice hide! I'll try to get over there to search when I head out that way next Spring.
  21. I agree in most cases that it is all part of the hunt. But I think that the hider should note if parking is particularly difficult or intended to be "part of the hide". I'm not saying tell us where to park, but just note that it's difficult for those who would just rather not deal . . . Also there are other exceptions that should be noted: 1)Special parking rules such as "Obvious parking closed from 'this time' to 'that time' and no available parking on street" (I encountered that issue late last night) 2)"Be careful of parking at the obvious choice, LEO is watching" etc. <EDIT for clarity>
  22. Duh, because your dog is not on display in an exhibitionary environment. And if the kid entered the fence area, then the comparison would be to some idiot opening up an electrical box that says NO! And the fatal mistake comparison couldn't work in this case. SBell provided a balanced example (needed in a comparison/contrast). You are attacking it from one side and assuming the facts in the case. Statements have been made and retracted on both theories. So we can't draw just one comparison or the other.
  23. Thanks Sbell! The words I was just ready to write, but more kind and eloquent.
  24. 4160 volts is usually run through 4/0 shielded cable, and it can safely handle 200 amps. 200 amps will kill regardless of what you think. If if doesn't kill you instantly, it will kill you within a few days from the "microwave effect" of your internals being cooked. I spent a week on a crime scene with high voltage electritions what do I know? <<<EDIT: Even more Non-constructive bickering and rude comments deleted>>> Yes now that we're talking amps. There you go. . . . . Yay for you, but that's not what you said initially. Adding conditions afterward is all well and good. Volts and amps are not synonymous or even quite like Fahrenheit or Celsius temperatures (measuring the same things differently). Don't even know why I care, so I'll quit . . .Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah . . .. Too wordy . . . too nerdy . . . not worth arguing with a self-proven genius . . . Going to go cache before work.
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