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  1. Is anybody else having this problem? I have been unable to download Garmin's WebUpdater software for over a week now. I see that other people have tried updates on new units in some of the etrex HCx threads, but that may mean that they already had WebUpdater installed.
  2. IndianaDan

    Screen Protectors

    The solution didn't hurt anything-- in fact, it made the application a lot easier than the protector I put on my cell phone. On the other hand, I'm not very happy with the "visibility" through the Invisible Shield. I was previously using my Vista HCx without the backlight at all when it was sunny, but the Invisible Shield adds a nasty glare/shadow pattern to the screen at an angle in bright sunlight, making it very hard to read. With the backlight on, it works great, though.
  3. I'll chip in $10 toward a copy of the 2008 version for rwsmith123 if anybody else is interested. Surely we can find seven more people!
  4. Wow. I guess I haven't paid close enough attention to the map software world-- I got that old etrex nearly a decade ago. Given how old consumer GPS is, I thought there'd be a thriving market in third-party map software by now, but to hear that there isn't anything at all is a bit of a surprise. I could have sworn I was seeing announcements for third-party garmin-compatible maps for places like Mexico just recently-- is it just the US that isn't covered? The National Geographic maps are nice, but they're all raster maps, right? 1:100k it is, then. It's a lot better than no maps at all! Here's hoping for a new Garmin product with more detail.
  5. I got a shiny new Vista HCx to replace an ancient, original yellow eTrex. I love having the maps there when I'm hiking, but despite my initial excitement about having coverage of the entire US, I'm pretty disappointed with the detail on garmin's Topo USA maps. The only thing they've got with better detail is their national parks maps, but those cover very, very few places I'm likely to be hiking anytime soon. Are there any Garmin-compatible 3rd-party maps equivalent to something like the 1:24k topo maps?
  6. I just bought an InvisibleShield for a Vista HCx after reading threads like this one full of rave reviews, and I'm pretty disappointed with it. Applying it was easy-- no bubbles and very quick compared to other protectors I've used, and it's nearly invisible when using the backlight-- but it makes using the device with the backlight off almost impossible. I don't know if it's the adhesive, or some sort of polarizing property of the plastic, but it's very difficult to read the display with only sunlight now that the shield is applied. It almost looks like the bottom of a lake when sunlight shines through the ripples in the water-- lots of patches of glare and shadow. I have a similar shield for my cell phone that does not have this problem, but they don't make one sized to fit the unit, and it's not an easy square shape to cut. Anybody know of any alternatives? I really don't want to waste battery life with the backlight, but I don't want the screen scratched either.
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