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  1. These will work on the x00 models right? Never mind. just answered.
  2. Thanks guys. I've been looking into your suggestions. I'm surprised it's been so hard to find a transparent overlay of just the PCT. I do like the other trails included around Lake Tahoe. Spend some time up there jeeping with the guys. Thanks again.
  3. Found an online converter. Will give it a shot. I was looking more for a layer that could be toggled on and off like my aerial overlays.
  4. I downloaded the .kmz file for the Pacific Crest Trail from www.pcta.org and viewed it in Google Earth to see if it works for me. I then put the .kmz in the custom maps folder on my Oregon 400t. On reboot of the gps, it starts to boot, then shuts down. The only way to give it life again is to force usb mass storage mode. I remove the file, and all is good. With the file in, not good. The file size is 3.34mb. Any ideas? Please keep it simple. Only mildly CPU savvy. Or does anyone have a working PCT.kmz they're willing to share if I can't get this sorted out? Thanks, Eddie
  5. The one that hid the cache could have used bad coordinates.
  6. So which QR Code Generator do you like the best? All this is new to me also.
  7. Try: open the downloaded folder and double click the "copy to card" application file and away you go. restart the gps after it's complete. i think that's right.
  8. You may have already tried it but the "GPS Garage Sale" section of the forums, or Craigslist.com might be a good place to start looking while your saving for the big purchase.
  9. I thought of that too. But the fact that my gps had the Garmin/Custom Symbols folder made me think it was possible.
  10. This is what I've tried so far: -Read the wikis and forums. -Resized the 24 bit .bmp images to 32 by 32 pixels. -Moved them to the "Garmin/Custom Symbols" folder. -Tried to assign a new symbol to a waypoint in the "Waypoint Manager", but the new symbols are not displayed. I don't even get a "Custom Symbols" page to pick symbols from. -Retried everything above again. Some help on this would be great.
  11. I think it would be nice to have your filter transfer to the map page when you view it. Or better yet, make it an option to transfer to the map page.
  12. Does the filter results list transfer to the map screen somehow? Only showing what's wanted?
  13. Great unit while I had it. No problems. Returned it once when the Oregon came out.
  14. I'm with you on being able to clear the recent finds list. All that junk should be deletable if you wish.
  15. I have my data fields "show only when navigating" in geocaching mode. It seems to work good for me. I'm not crazy about clutter on the screen, except when I need it.
  16. So far so good on the download and start up. Everything looks fine. Will field test today.
  17. I understand. Thank you for the info and advice. I'll be calling Garmin to support the cause.
  18. There's got to be a better way. My old Vista HCX had a clear recent finds option, and thought my Oregon should somewhere also. I really don't need to see all the POIs I've searched for and navigated to, or not. I like to not clutter up GPSr with stuff like that. Oh well, Maybe that will soon be an option in a future update. But if anyone has any ideas, I'm willing to hear them. Thanks.
  19. What I'm looking to do is clear the list of recent points I've navigated to. For example, a POI or a waypoint. I do already clean up my recent finds for geocaching when I update my gueries.
  20. I'd like to completely clear the "recent finds" list once in a while on my Oregon 400t. Can't find that info on the wiki pages, the manual, or with searching the forums. Could someone enlighten me? 2.98 installed. Thanks.
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