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  1. I tried to activate 5 new geo coins recently. The GC server was acting funky when I was doing the activation. Now 4 of the coins are all OK but 1 does not show in my inventory. It shows to have been activated but will only allow me to post a note. Any help will be appreciated
  2. Perhaps a different approach is in order. I get PQs as a GPX file and use CacheMate to load to PDA. I then use Easy GPs to load the GPS with the same GPX file. We leave tomorrow for Dallas. We got multiple GPX files, merged them with Watcher, and loaded the PDA with that merged info in case we need it. BTW the methods we use we all learned from these forums. I personally am somewhat IT challenged....poppy
  3. Thanks for the help....
  4. Help! I'm sure there is a way to join two different GPX files and have a GPX file when done. I tried GSAK and can't seem to export a GPX file for CacheMate. Any help?
  5. My brother in law just purchased a used Palm IIIxe and CacheMate software. The install seemed to go well but when searching for nearest caches he gets an error message that MathLib is not installed. I have the same Palm and software and had no problems. Can anyone help the computer/PDA challenged?
  6. WE went paperless about 2 months ago. We use a Palm IIIxe we purchased off ebay just for caching. Cachemate was our answer and it won over my caching partner nonni. She was not excited about the idea initially but really likes it now.
  7. I have it on order ar Tiger GPS.
  8. We went paperless about two months ago and love it. Use the cache mate program called cmconvert. This in the cachemate directory and I put an icon on the desktop for it. Open the GPX file. select all. convert . I found it really easy from here on.......congratulations
  9. If you do a pocket query and highlight all the states ( shift enter) it will give you all the ones based in the US. BTW I had the same problem and Elias kindly led me in the direction explained above...good luck
  10. OK I know you ask for no more but........I just found the thread and felt you guys needed to see this one. It is called Rolo Teepee and we found it last summer in Colorado. Rolo Teepee
  11. I have posted a few times but do not type well so it is an effort. We started caching in May and have found 350+ caches. There is a great deal of great info on the forum and I look as often as I can. The repetition (ad nauseum) of the gripes get old very quickly and waste what little time I have available. In addition not being as eloquent as others leave me on the sidelines.
  12. We are located about 3 hours from Memphis and that is the only place we have cached in that direction. We feel that Memphis is cache rich. Wow what a great bunch of caches we found there. Manic mechanic Arkansas Bugman and others make it quite the spot for us.
  13. I ask a similar question a while back. The recommendation that I took was Palm IIIxe. Bought it off of ebay $50. We use Cachemate, quick, simple and cheap.
  14. When we had a few finds we felt as you do. But as our find count climbed we discovered the caches that we enjoyed the most were the hardest ones to find. We are older than the average cachers and like seeing if we can be fooled. As a result the difficulty of our local caches has gone up sharply and the locals seem to enjoy them.
  15. I want to order a 60CS. I have had experience with GPScity who has no current mechanism for ordering this GPSr. Tiger GPS has the mechanism but I am unfamiliar with them any recommendations?
  16. If you do not loginto Geocaching.com and search by your state I believe the results are listed with the newest last. That is how I do it.
  17. My wife likes to purchase Christmas ornaments each year that somewhat signifies the past year for each member of the family. So the question. Does anyone know where to purchase a christmas tree size ammo can or replica?
  18. DUH! It is really simple.I guess that is why I don't do IT for a living. Thanks
  19. I believe that was it. Thanks Stunod BTW everytime I see your post the name makes me wonder if you were/are in law enforcement. I guess it's the old donut joke.
  20. I have tried several times to get the info for (500 or all whichever is greater) locationless caches as a gpx file to download into a PDA. The query will not allow me to use no "from location" therefore I use my home zip 72830 . The result is never more than 20 or so caches. Does anyone have a suggestion. Thanks
  21. In a discussion about paperless caching I recently read a post about a place that sold used Palm PDAs. I think I recall the were refurbished or checked out and I thought guaranteed. Can anyone help out with the site? thanks
  22. For what it's worth. The post above by Embra refers to a question that I posted looking for a better way to have the cache info, other than all that time and resource consuming printing. First I'll say I am mostly clueless about PDAs. I can work the palm but adding programs and manipulating files was WAY over my head. Following the advice I recieved in the above mentioned thread. I purchased a Palm IIIxe off of eBay. About $50 shipping about $12. I downloaded and installed CacheMate. $7 Next I built a PQ and got it into the palm. I feel the results were spectacular. We couldn't be happier. I recommend this approach to other in my situation. I do not have time or the inclination to learn Spinner, Plucker, GPS Babel and others. I have nothing against them. That route seems far to complicated for a simple mind. Now can anyone explain to me how to remove Plucker from my Kyocera 7135?
  23. Thanks for these responses. I'll get a PDA and then ask for some direction in getting the caches abd logs loaded. Thanks folks
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