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  1. My error also happened when I was dropping three T/Bs into this cache.
  2. I tried to log a maintenance visit on one of our caches this morning. We got an error message saying there was not enough disk space. I cannot get to the page to get the Gc number but it is called Best Western Eastbound Travel Bug Rest Stop. Now we get the following: An Error Has Occurred The process cannot access the file "e:\caches\xml\87382\87382.xml" because it is being used by another process.
  3. Some of us read a lot and post little. But we have found two caches that you have found. Come on to Clarksville and try your luck. We and Golfnutz have a few caches for you to find. Welcome to the sport.
  4. Yet another satisfied customer here. We upgraded from a Garmin III to a 60CS as soon as it became available. In addition we purchased the Auto Nav Kit. This is a bean bag for the dash and the City Select Maps. We love it.
  5. We have cached several times in the DFW Metroplex area. There are tons of caches there. We do not mean to slight anyone but our favorites seem to be placed by one of three cachers. Akulakat - master of disguise Sandbassking - interesting hides and themes 9Key - hilarious, off the wall, wierd, strange and interesting I'm sure there are lots of others, but these are always interesting.
  6. Exactly! Each person plays there own game. All I would like to do is keep track of local cachers who play as I do. If someone does not log DNF that is the game they play. I do not care about them (for this purpose) or the stats the choose to avoid.
  7. You are sure right about that. One of the many things I have learned is that others are going to do as they want. I can't control that. This would only be usable for cachers that use the DNF log as I think it was designed for. That includes most of the locals I want to follow.
  8. We try to enjoy caching even when we fail to find the cache. Other locals do the same. Often times the DNF logs are the most enjoyable to read. How about an option in the stats that show the DNFs? That way I can keep up with their caching.
  9. While on a caching trip to Memphis last summer we found a cache called Center Field. A couple of hours later we accompanied my brother in law and his significant other to the same cache. I was looking at the one we found when he said "here it is". They were about 15 feet apart. I caller the cache owner later and ask why. He said that he had gone to check on the cache and couldn't find it. So he replaced it. Since it was log only he never knew the were both there.
  10. Back when poppy had more hair he was often told he looked this guy. http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/f7fcfaea-d...49f19d90c9e.jpg But this website says there are alot of them. http://www.menwholooklikekennyrogers.com/
  11. Thanks to the Sax man for the info. Here are our 10 states finds for almost the first year of caching. It's really hard to tell where we have been.
  12. Well I would show our finds if I could just figure out how to post the photo. It's a wonder we ever find anything.
  13. Duh! Where to check to see if version loaded is 3.20. I can't find it. Thanks.
  14. I have not seen this topic mentioned before. When there are several travel bugs listed in a cache the disclaimer below runs over and blocks the name of some/one of the bugs. This is no big deal just making you aware. Note:To use the services of geocaching.com, you must agree to the terms and conditions in our disclaimer.
  15. We have had the CS for nearly 2 weeks. We have found 75 or so caches using it. IMHO the finest feature is the maps and the autorouting. That is quite a change from the old Garmin III. We highly recommend it.....poppy
  16. Clyde I am using 3.00 Beta. How do you control the waypoint name. I want it set back to display GCxxxx and I cannot find where to change. Thanks for all the work.
  17. nonnipoppy

    Gsak To Pda?

    Call me and I will walk you thru it...poppy
  18. nonnipoppy

    Gsak To Pda?

    I sure will try. Filter the GPX file the way you want. Then Click file >export > GPX/LOC file. Save that as a GPX file with a different name. Then convert that file using cmconvert just as you have been doing, and load it as you have in the past...poppy
  19. The big payoff for us as a cache owner is the logs that people write. It doesn't matter if it is a note, a DNF, or a find. We love to read the story. As previously noted here the DNF logs are ofter much more interesting, amusing, and enjoyable than a quick found log. edit spelling and punctuation
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