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  1. I am selling a complete set on Ebay, forgot about this forum prior to posting the ad.
  2. email sent! FIngers crossed
  3. I have had several TBs and coins go missing. One was picked up and despite multiple (and polite) emails and postings....nada. Plain and simple: this cacher has my coin and it is going to be in their posession until they either die or get rid of it. I have accepted this and now wish them luck in their life, because I certainly have a better life without that hopeless anger. I still leave coins and TBs. I NEVER expect to find TBs or coins in caches, no matter when or where they were placed. Now, I go for the cache only and if I want a coin, I save and buy it. If I get to the point that I don't appreciate it, I drill, tag, pray and release it to the whims of man and nature. Whole point of this post: 1) There are people who do not share our morals, ethics and mores. 2) These people WILL steal your things if given an opportunity, heck they might even do worse! 3) We can only change our approach and reaction to these people I say keep on releasing travellers: take a chance, you might be surprised! Sorry for the long-winded moral dissertation [getting off soapbox]
  4. What a nice Christmas surprise! Thanks for the opportunity to own one of these great coins! God Jul! My pick would be: SG03-5 Bewitched: Antique Gold + Gold + Color Looks awesome!
  5. Ditto. 2 months since my supervising physician and I had a "split in the paths" so to speak. Thankfully, I already have another position, but getting hit with this before the holidays AND with student loans due each month has been tough. I am lucky, my heart goes out to everyone who is having trouble during these times...I have only gotten a small taste and it was difficult. Good luck and God Bless you and yours
  6. I drove a paltry 3.5 hours (on the way to a job interview) stopped off, ran, and I mean ran to the cache. The whole time I was driving to Portland OR, I had the song from "Smokey and The Bandit" going through my head! The job turned out to be a glimpse of living hell on earth, but I did get an Eartha! Drive safely and happy hunting to all!
  7. OK, now I am confused. Do we ALL need to send an email to you? I just want to get my coins fixed, if not, then of course I would like a refund. So are we still in a holding pattern with the "fix" option? What is the time line we are looking at? Thanks for any info!
  8. I have a great moose geocoin released in july in Eastern Oregon with the goal of spending time in the areas where you can find real moose. 2785.4km so far! Right now it is in Anchorage Alaska at a cache that is within 200 meters of where I used to live. I mean I used to ski or ride almost daily within a few meters of where it is located. Love this coin and people have been so good about moving it. Thanks for the great coin!
  9. I have also spun it around quite a bit and no problems here. I did start storing it in a cloth geocoin bag to protect it's translucent enamel portion. My soon-to-be-wife thinks that I should start calling the coin "My Precious"...in a Gollum voice....always nice to have the support and love of those closest to yourself.
  10. Got my two today and wow, they are really nice pieces of art! Now torn between Eartha and these for favorites. Thanks and great job!
  11. Just got the other one from the Portland, Oregon area cahces, "By the Boardwalk" Tons of muggle joggers out and about...had to be sneaky, sneaky. Got the Eartha geocoin...amazing piece of art work. Gonna take him on a little road trip down towards Coos Bay next, maybe drop something off there or along the way, or not, hehehe. If you have a chance, you HAVE to get your hands on one. Best of luck to everyone! Team Delorme rocks!
  12. what a neat creative way to display the tikis! shows them off like the mini works of art they are. rsg Thanks for the kind words! I thought they would look cool in a tribal dance arrangement from the perspective of looking through a window in a bamboo hut into the jungle. I have the tiki stackers framed also, but cant get it to load properly.
  13. Unable to post picture, cant figure out how to cut and paste with this application. any suggestions? I have two nice pictures!
  14. OK, so besides sitting in the odd cold and dark container, with the possibility of being held captive by unscrupulous cachers; the life of a geocoin sounds pretty glamorous. I have one in Copenhagen, another in Anchorage and others in similiar beautiful places. Anyone else have "coin envy"?
  15. I just bought a set from RD on EBay....and I feel that: Even if there were no challenge, these are beautiful pieces of collectable art. I would be happy to purchase a fourth coin. Thanks for your effort and best of luck with your challenges. I certainly enjoy the one you created for us.
  16. I feel your pain. As I was drilling a hole in a Crake Symbology coin last week to attach a geocoin buddy AND a keychain with it's mission encased in plastic, superglue. This is with 1/16th inch steel cable and ferrule. Excessive, your darn right! So now if one of my coins goes missing, I know it is somewhere out there readily identifieable and waiting rescue...might be a month, year or decade...it's still mine. I have a coin that I did not do that with, it was taken out of a cache, never logged. Maybe someday?
  17. How and where can I score one of these great coins? I have my 1st generation set framed in my office (can not figure out how to insert a picture) and cant wait for the last of generation two. Mahalo nui loa for your hard work and creativity.
  18. They are on sale right now..ordered mine and looking forward to seeing it soon.
  19. I think it cuts down on unintentional theft, where new cachers have no idea the coins are activated trackable coins, and not just plain old swag. While it may deter some casual thieves, I'm sure it doesn't deter a "collector" who doesn't intend to show their coins at events. While I dont like to have anything stolen like the next sane person. When I have a coin "indefinately borrowed" I do have a not-so-nice side of my being who takes a small bit of comfort that the coin with the hole in it is reminding them of their shortcomings as a person. I know, I know..that is not in keeping with my enlightened self, but hey I dont like thieves.
  20. Hi all, just over on the geocoins.de site and came across the new lunar geocoin....buy one and you get a square meter of the moon as a bonus. I know, I know....ocean front property in Arizona, but the coin does look cool and has a nice icon. While you are there you can also pick up the templar geocoin series for a lot less than Ebay. The only hitch is the shipping from Germany..ouch! Happy caching Oh, the link is: <indirect link removed by moderator - please only use links that lead directly to the coin you are referring to> OK here is the "direct" link...thanks: http://www.geocoinshop.de/index.php/cat/c1...ocoins-Neu.html
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