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  1. ...if you pay for a Project-GC membership. While it's true that the challenge checker map and "do I qualify?" checkmark are features for paying members of Project-GC, I wanted to add that using an individual challenge checker is not restricted to Project-GC paid members (or, for that matter, for Geocaching.com Premium Members). Someone who isn't a Project-GC member can run up to ten challenge checkers per day. It seems to me that by being allowed to use only the project-gc website, geocachers will either be forced to pay for the service or become limited in their ability to go geocaching by being limited in their ability to verify qualifiers. Don't both of these concepts (pay to use/access information and be restricted in searching for caches) go firmly against policies that Groundspeak argue against? Is this to become an additional revenue generating source for Groundspeak? Will premium accounts be now allowed premium access to statistics on project-gc without additional fees?
  2. I have the same problem. I leave my browser open when I am at work or at home. I often have to re-log in multiple times throughout the day. Often this happens several times in one active session of use without closing or even minimizing the browser. Running FF9.0.1 on WinXP. Private browsing mode is not enabled, history and cookies set to accept, and remember passwords is checked/enabled without using a master pw.
  3. Make sure you have the gps feature enabled on the phone, it makes a big difference. I had trouble at first with the spaceship also. After quitting and restarting the tutorial I was able to get it to work fine. With the play anywhere cartridges and options, you just need to go to a park so you have some walking around room. You can complete it but the only differenve is you won't be able to find and sign the associated cache and log sheet to sign.
  4. Yea, I've tried that. Even renaming the extension doesn't work. The unlock code is not saved into the inventory, either. I'm not sure there is a way to retrieve the unlock code at this point. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what the unlock code is supposed to be for anyway. It's not like without the code a person can't log a find/completion on it.
  5. So, is there a way to recover the unlock code from a completed cartridge? I did not know the ows/gws issue with uploading the unlock code to the Wherigo website when I started doing wherigos and didn't bother to write down the unlock code on a piece of paper. (who carries around paper when they have a smartphone these days?) I use the HTC Droid Incredible and the whereugo app works well.
  6. That's the way things are. It's always the minority that takes liberties with the lack of direct supervision and abuses what we've been given access to. When the few ORV users tear up an area, it gets closed to everyone, often inclusive of hikers, bikers and equestrians. Most geocachers I know or have seen in action, are not any better. I have seen grassy areas dug up to hide a cache, I have seen objects cemented to rocks, and I have seen delicate flora stomped into pulp all in the name of geocaching. Once a cache is placed, people do not take the trail that is already there, they create a new trail taking the most direct and more importantly, the most destructive path to a destination. Trails are there for a reason. There are threads with people complaining about some forest/park areas charging for or heaven forbid, not allowing cache placement. With the budget cuts for administration of our recreation areas, how can anyone not expect additional fees or additional closures to protect our favorite areas? I do what I can whenever I am places participating in either (both usually at the same time) activity to make us look better to the powers that be by picking up after the last person to come before me. Ask yourself... When was the last time you stopped while on a trail ride or geocaching to pick up a bag of trash or a discarded tire from beside your favorite trail and disposed of it properly? We have the right to visit and enjoy the places we like to recreate in. We do not have the right to do whatever we want with them.
  7. I missed it last year, but I understand that the park rangers place the caches for the event and then take them down. The bulk of the caches are never actually published. That keeps the impact to a bare minimum.
  8. Are all the caches being removed from the area? I didn't look at all the nearby caches, but none of them have logs that indicate that they are being asked to be archived. After reading the cache page and logs, I'm inclined to think that this likely a parking meter that has been cemented into the rocks. Am I correct? If so, that should be reason enough to be told to remove it.
  9. not to be flip, but doesn't GSAK use that info to perform some tasks?
  10. Now, how can we avoid getting frozen for scraping while using a specific program if we aren't allowed to know what the name of the program is???
  11. I had requested and dropped a set of those tokens some months ago. Got the coin at no expense to me other than carrying them around to drop off and the time to log them in a particular way. The pain was all the micros in the urban areas made it hard to get rid of them. Don't think I'd do it again, though. What I find and CITO are business cards that people have been placing in everything including micros (folded up in hideakeys). They actually take up a lot more space than a token and are advertising a business.
  12. I've come across and knowingly trespassed to find and log caches, including tonight. I've was caught once by a property owner who had no idea there was a cache on their property (empty loading dock). I've privately emailed COs regarding this and I've emailed reviewers as well. I've found a cache hidden on an active railroad overpass where the container was attached to supports for the rails and reported this to the CO and reviewers as a VERY hazardous placement. (Many logs indicate how loud trains are as they pass just a couple feet overhead. In each case, it was either ignored or nothing was done resolved. I'm not convinced that the reviewers (or GC.com since the reviewers are there to enforce the rules as an extension of GC.com) are that interested once they give the ok to a cache. Perhaps others have had more positive responses to reports of hazardous or caches placed without owner permission, from reviewers than I.
  13. I used wordpad (can use any text editor) to replace/remove that extra "1" with success. Easy enough to give it a string to search to make sure it doesn't remove all of the 1s. I used "cache/1/0/1" replace with "cache/1/0" It's an extra step that we shouldn't have to do, but a fix for now. I understand that GSAK can do this, but I've spent hours with the program and can't figure out how to get it to fix the symbols correctly or output all of the cache info in the pn40 format. Not a programmer so I haven't the foggiest idea how to run gpsbabel either. I use linux for everything except geocaching since there is nothing that works on linux. Again, I'm not a programmer, so gpsbabel doesn't work for me. I need a gui.
  14. I've had no problems with this at all until today, when I updated my PQs. I've paid a lot of money to have the membership and my pn-40 to all work together. I am VERY disappointed with this apparent change without testing before implementation. What use is being able to look at caches by GC code? There is very little usable information that is transferable onto the pn40 now. I got rid of my magellan because I disliked having to go through half a dozen steps to get caches transferred onto a gpsr. Now I have to go back to manipulating files myself to get them to work. I shouldn't have deleted the caches from my pn-40. they may have been a week old, but they were usable.
  15. O-rings can be found in a variety of sizes at hardware auto parts stores. Also, get a tube of door/window exterior silicone caulk. squirt a small bead around the base and let it dry thoroughly. Once dry, it will act as an o-ring, keeping insides dry.
  16. On the using stickers or whatever until some crazy starts to use them as well in bomb making; what use would one have in planting a bomb that only one person will find? An ammo box hide is normally not going to be in an urban area where there could potentially numerous victims. The hides in urban areas are normally going to be those fabulous altoids tins, film canisters, or nanos hidden under the stairs. Those aren't going to be confused for bombs if accidentally discovered, therefore won't benefit from being identified as a cache on the outside. I think the bottom line here is; It's the larger caches that are of concern, not tins of altoids. If your caches are being accidentally found by kids, mothers, or the police and being mistaken for bombs, you need to do a better job of camouflaging and hiding them. (and why yes, I did continue on to the hides after reading the no trespassing signs. What, do you think a little sign is going to keep me away? Either way, it's not a good idea. Neither is putting knives in caches. I have removed a few.)
  17. Some good points being made here. We as responsible geocachers and cache owners can be proactive and potentially help reduce the number of false alarms by our geocaches from the bomb squads. Remember that the addition of a sticker, costing around $1, or writing on the outside, or in some other way on the outside of a cache, identifying it as a geocache and where to go for more info can go a long way in preventing hysteria in the public. I'll have to say that most of the caches that I have found are not identified on the outside as geocaches and probably only half are identified on the inside as such. Also, as a note on some of the discussion on private property, I'd bet that most caches hidden on private property are hidden without permission, all the parking lot hides notwithstanding. I've come across a lot of hides right next to or after walking past signage proclaiming "Private Property, No Trespassing, No Loitering" etc., often. Just the other day, I was actually "caught" by a property owner while standing at a loading dock to their empty building (not abandoned) just recently; they know about geocaching, but had no idea that someone had hidden a cache on their property.
  18. Also note that sometimes, the powers that be will acknowledge an error but decline to correct it, instead proclaiming the error to be the "correct truth." eg, The Four Corners Monument commemorating the location of the intersection of CO, UT, AZ, NM. It is acknowledged that the four corners monument was originally placed in the incorrect place, but is now acknowledged to be correctly placed and the correct intersection of the four states, and is used as a spatial marker for geodetic measurements. http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/INFO/fourcorners.shtml
  19. These replies; so much anger some contain. Anger leads the way to the dark side of the Force. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but aren't there options to leave a note that a cache needs maintenance if it appears to actually have something wrong with it instead of using a DNF to indicate a problem? The DNF simply indicates that I (note the no finger pointing) couldn't find it; for whatever reason. If an easy park-n-grab cache gets a few DNFs in a row, then it may indicate a potentially muggled cache. If a 5 star difficulty cache gets a few DNFs in a row, it may indicate that it really is a tough one to find. Regardless, it's always best to leave at least a short description for clarity. Case in point I was able to log a find (FTF as well) after two others logged a DNF. Just because someone "gets" to log a DNF, doesn't mean the cache isn't there. I for one, will make more of an effort to be a little more verbose in my logs. As a cache owner, I recognize that there is more pleasure in reading about the exploits and failures of fellow cachers than the gratuitous TFTC. As a side note, if one were only to put out a magnetic skirt hide with no imagination, then one couldn't expect much more than a "TFTC" log. I for one want more. My first cache had some effort put into it's design and placement, so shall the rest. I want to make the search worthwhile of an entertaining log.
  20. With all this talk of the loss of the googleEarth kml and using googleMaps to view caches in an area, I haven't read about this potential option. I have seen the link to select "create pq" on the googlemaps page while looking at caches in an area. Mistakenly, I selected it thinking that it would create a pq of the caches visible on the map; instead it took me to the create a new pq page. I would love to see an option created to either using a "map select" tool like the little arrow to select a small region containing geocaches and put them all into a pq or perhaps more correctly into a gpx file. Another option would be increase the functionality of the googlemap features by being able to create a gpx file from the caches visible on the map page at a given time. Of course, either of these would have to abide by a maximum number of caches, such as 200 or 500 or whatever. This way, instead of selecting an area defined by a circular radius from a given spot, one could select caches found within a specific area. I do realize that GSAK can do this, but again we're talking about increasing functionality of the map/selection feature in the first place and not filtering out what you don't want from what was already generated and adding extra steps in the process (and figuring out what the coordinates you want to use for the boundary).
  21. I've tried it out for week or so and will be turning it off now. It's not truly a twitter option. It's voluntarily signing up to receive advertising from TextMark's service. Before I get flamed, I know I don't have to click on the advertising, but it is still sending me an extra text; this is a cost to most people, even if it is free, the cost is receiving and acknowledging the text and then having to delete a useless text message. It does not really save a step in the posting of finds or dnfs or whatever. If it actually posted a log to a cache while posting to a twitter or FB account as well, that would be of more use. As it is, I'm no longer going to "pay" for this option by asking to double my text usage and receive advertising. edited to add: Since my PN-40 saves a field note after each find, I'll try out downloading/editing those at the end of the day since I have to log on to gc.com to actually post field notes anyway. This way I'm not limited by twitter and don't waste my caching time trying to write a short post before moving along to the next. Just my opinion, yours may differ.
  22. Clearly, no amount of people's complaining will change this issue. Regardless, I will chime in as well. Personally, I did not utilize the GE kml on a regular basis, but when I did it was useful and easy to use. The alternatives being bandied around are more cumbersome, including using the imbedded map option. Other points to consider: the GE map was bigger; refreshed faster when panning; takes much longer to preview a pq now than GE ever did using kml. If Groundspeak is taking away key features, that we thought we were already paying for with our membership, they should introduce other useful features. Take something away/give something in return. Twitter is cute, but not a useful feature. Twitter already exists without using the SMS textmarks feature which doubles the amount of texts one uses by sending a reply with advertising. Plus, typing on the computer is faster than using a phone or gps to leave a field note that one has to download or revisit anyway in order to post. I would be happy with having the option to actually log a visit to a cache (find, dnf, etc.) via text just like sending a "tweet," maybe call it a "ribbet." If there were only potentially ~200 users (at a given time?), how much of a load could the kml have truly placed on the GC servers? I'm no programmer or IT geek, but wouldn't it take more memory/bandwidth/etc to generate and display 500 results from a single pq by the number of people downloading and viewing at a given moment, than to display a few (I could never see more than a few hundred caches in GE at a time) by 200 people? Sad to see it go.
  23. NE 6987mi from your home coordinates Turkey Sunday, December 21, 2008 Found it CraigsOutside found Gokart05 [botanik Park] (Traditional Cache)
  24. In support of all the comments that this will be a great application to use on the iphone. Not only will this help those existing geocachers that have or will be getting iphones, but... can you imagine the growth that this activity could potentially see from users of the iphone that stumble upon this new app? Also, I do have to put in my support of a version of the geocaching app for the Palm platform.
  25. I have one that I don't use. Let me know if you still need it via pm/email. Craig
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