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  1. Thank you for the update nykkole, it's very much appreciated. I'd like to emphasize on one detail, that has already been mentioned, but I consider it to be pretty crucial. Pagination is absolutely necessary. You can't ask users that want to list their older finds to scroll down the search results endlessly. Nobody wants to spend 10 minutes scrolling down, while more and more results appear on the same page (and lose all their effort on the page reload). I'm a software developer myself and I believe that adding pagination to the new search interface should be quite easy and it would improve the user experience a lot. I'm looking forward to further updates =o).
  2. I'm just going to add myself to the line of unsatisfied customers. The new search is functionally inferior to the old one. Especially the limitation of 1000 caches is ridiculous – I can't even see all the caches I found. I really hate it when functions are taken away from me and my comfort is lowered – as a paying customer, I expect improvement of the services, not the opposite. Also, the change of Basic Members not being able to see other members finds is very inconvenient for me. I often cache with my girlfriend, who is not Premium Member and we don't want both of us logging our finds during the trip – the best way to work until now was that I logged all the caches and she logged them afterwards based on my finds. If you don't want to enable this globally, please consider at least allowing seeing all of your friends finds. Otherwise, this change will really negatively impact my geocaching experience.
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