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  1. I noticed last night that the cool images of Signal at the treasure chest and of the Geocaching.com do not appear. I was bummed out, I really liked them as I keep the print-out for my caching scrapbook. I hope they come back. Also while I have your attention, I really miss the 'distance from home coordinates' info that used to be included on the print-outs. I know these are very small details, but the details are what really counts. thanks for an awsome website, and I trully appreciate all the hard work you all do so that I can cache. BTW, I love the new Google maps. I do miss the blue marker pin.
  2. Wow, very cool! I just found out I am #609 in Ohio, and in a heated 110 way tie for #23,735 in the world....watch out, I'm going to find two more tomarrow! edit: these are my Finds, I've only placed 2
  3. I hope you have a great time, I have never been to Zion. I am sure that it is beautiful. I have planed trips such as yours. I don't use PQ's, so I just search area's and read the cache desriptions. It is time comsuming, but I get to hunt caches that at least intrest me from the get go. Since you have narrowed it down to 156, it should only take an evening of looking at them. Better than watching TV! (unless you like baseball!) Hope you have a nice trip.
  4. I would pay whatever asked. If it went up to $50 a year ok, even an $100 same, I mean what else do I really do with my money anyway!
  5. I've been keeping a scrap book of all my finds since day one. It sorta just happened that way. I'm a non paper-less cacher. All that means is that I use the 'print friendly' option and get a nice sheet with all the cache info on it. I take it along for the hunt. I can make notes on it, like for what I traded, decripting the clue, or any other hints that may lie in the text. I don't know how many times I get a great laugh after I've found the cache and then the cache name makes sence. Oh the little joys... So then I keep all those sheets, and the digital pics i happen to print, in MANY 3 ring binders so that I can look back at them. Its also a cool way to show off to other non cachers my hobby without having to log in on the internet. Just the way I do it I'm sure there are less extragivent ways of going about it, and as you start your log it will change over time too. So I say just jump in, it will work its self out.
  6. well i love the simpsons too
  7. I would leave it, you never know someone just like me from Ohio might have to go to Utah someday and then might wanna find your cache. Good things come to those who wait and who search.
  8. thanks for the quick responces. the event is GCK5E6. sorry I do not know why they wanna use the same GC#. Thanks for the Markwell too. I remember reading it now that I see it. I'm only intrested in looging the event as a visit, not a bunce of times to log in pocket caches or coins. Just that I was at the specific event on a specific date. thanks for the thoughts.
  9. I've only attended one event cache about 2 summers ago. it is an ongoing event that is held every month i different places in north east ohio. My questions is, if I attend this event cache again is it okay to log is as attended eventho I already have logged it once two years ago. BTW the same GC# is used for each month. I just want to follow the correct protocal. Also, the event will be held in the same coffee shop as the time I last attended if that makes a difference. Thank you for the input.
  10. I realy liked that feature on the printer friendly pages. I'm a paper cacher, and I keep all the printouts from each cache I've searched for in a note book. Its real nice to be able to see at a glance when I look back at caches I've found (or DNFed) and remember just how far they are from home. I know its a small thing, but the small things count (like micros....hahaha) thanks for listening.
  11. The printer friendly page is nice and clean. One feature I liked was the distance and direction from home coordinates icon that used to be there. I hope it comes back. thanks for all the hard work guys, It really is very nice.
  12. Very happy to have filled in your servey. Thoughtful guestions.
  13. I'm glad that there are maps again!! One feature I used on the old maps was the ability to click on the map, and then be taken to the mapquest site to zoom in and out to make a printable map to take along for areas that I wasn't fimaliar with.
  14. I've always lived buy the notion that: 'It's a poor man who can only spell a word one way'
  15. how did you find out about the accounts that were started on the day you started yours, that would be a cool thing to see
  16. I read so much about PQ's, that I thought I would investigate them...well I guess I just don't understand how they 'work'. So here are my questions: 1. Is there a way to view the results just in my e-mail. meaning is the PQ sent like an e-mail with text or just links to cache pages. 2. Do i need to have some other software to utilize any PQ information. which one works best on the Mac platform. I guess I was hoping that I didn't need to do much else that just look at the info and then proceed as usual. Which means: i load by hand cache coordinates into my GPSr. Print out the cache sheets and away I go. I'm pretty low tech with my cache hunting. I hope I have explaned what I'm asking for...let me know if this doesn't make any sence. thanks in advance.
  17. I too am a Mac user!!!! This is how I have been participating in the 'obsession'. I am, however, not much of an ultra techie. I have a Magellen SporTrac Map, its about 4 years old and no longer for sale new. If you don't mind an investment in time, its pretty easy to geocache. I just look for caches by using the Map it feature on the site. I can read about the cache to see if I would like to hut it. I print out the cache sheet and then enter by hand the coordinates into the GPSr. I double check the coordinates just to make sure, it's no fun going to the wrong place. However, there are some pretty cool things that can be done if you use the 'power' features of the website. Many have said its easier to just get a real cheep windoze machine to cache with as all the GPSr software is only PC. I guess since I've never tried any of them I don't know what I'm missing. I sure hope you have fun however you go about it!!!
  18. Yes with great fondness I remember my first cache, it was "Nambi Pambi" Monroe falls riverside cache GC78C5. It was a long hike to GZ, and I remember thinking will I be able to spot it. As I turned off the bike and hike path into the woods, my heart was racing. The closer I got I was amazed at the Unatural Pile of Sticks and there it was. I remember giving a laugh in happyness! It was so quiet and the river was very pretty there, also a train passes as I was there. Amazing feelings as I walked on to the next of 192 finds in the almost 4 years that I've been obsesed!! Been taken to some cool places, wierd hides, unfound hides BUT never a dull moment. And never a moment that I don't think about the thrill I had that first day (found three all very different). Thanks to all who place so that I may find...
  19. Wow, it must be cold everywhere! as I was disableing the cache I got three replys, cool. I am thinking of a way to help keep it it place. So far in the life of the cache the river has risen about three times, but only this last time was it washed away! I guess the spring thaw will be the next big challenge! thanks for taking the time to read my post.
  20. Went out today to check on my cache, almost like geocaching right!? Well I ge to GZ, and oh no its gone! Well this is my first and only hide so I'm pretty bummed. So I think for a minute, the cache is close to the river, and it was real swollen about three weeks ago. So mabey, just mabey it floated down stream. With my heart heavy I proceed down the trail and about 100 feet or so what do I see? the missing CACHE!!!! YAHOO!! I can't belive it! well the cache is home with me for a day or so. I want to photo the log book to keep and there were a couple of kids sleading in the park. my cache: GCWDGN so I guess it goes to show you a 'lost' cache may still be found!! BTW can I log it as a 'find' ........haha, just kidding, no really just kidding!
  21. all i know is that the site always works for me, everytime. mabey i'm not around when its slow... i'm just glad its here!!
  22. My resolutions for '07: 1: cache at least once a month (work sucks on pretty, sunny days!) 2: get my mapping software up and running for my cache journal/scrapbook 3: hide another cache 4: if I can't add another state, at least get some finds in other states 5: keep on enjoying my favorite thing to do! all should be easy, especially #5! happy new year to everyone
  23. This is how I locate my finds, using my Magellen SportMap. I don't use the arrow or the updating coordinates screen. Instead I use the map screen which showes position on the earth's surface, relitive to all other hand entered waypoints (still very much a paperful cacher). I use the 'go-to' feature, and have position error and distance in the info feilds. I then look back and forth from 'reality' and my GPSr screen to see where I need to go and try to visulize where GZ is in relation to where I am. As i get closer to GZ I keep zooming in untill i get to the 100feet screen and then start the true search. Just the way I go about it...
  24. thanks for the info! now all i need is the software and a PC!! Having a Mac is usless with a GPSr!! but i still love my Mac.
  25. I have a SporTrac Map, and would like to uplaod my track to some (any) software so that I can make a printout of the days travels. I'm having a hard time finding old Magellen software, and was wondering if anyone has any experence with another mapping software. thanks.
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