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  1. Don't forget to remove any TB numbers from the photo before you upload it. (using a photo editor like photoshop)
  2. I would love more time to cache! Never enough time....
  3. I for one hope there will be a t-shirt for this year. I was bummed not having one offered for '08.
  4. HI Bob I to am a Mac person, and I have the 60CSx. I love them both. I use a program 'MacCaching' to transfer the way-points. As a free member you can download, right from the cache page, what is called a LOC file. It has the coordinates in it. Then I just drag and drop into MacCaching to load to the GPS. All pretty simple. Once you get into caching more and you become a premium member there is much more info that can be sent to the GPS. There are others who know much more about that, than I so I will defer to them. BTW, if all you need is the coordinates and if you carry a printout from the cache page, there is no need for any other software. Except you would have to enter the coordinates by hand into the GPS. I did that for about 4 years, but then I only looked for about 6 caches a day, like once a couple of weeks too! Brian
  5. one more try... I hope this is a good idea thanks again
  6. Wouldn't it be great to have the ability to see on the Google search map that a particular cache is on your watch list? I think it would be great. When I look for caches from a set of coordinates, the little eye glasses icon is there, so it seams that the database already applies my watch list info to the search. On the maps, the site could either color the icon background a different color, a la the grey color when a cache is disabled, or (which might be easier) just place the eyeglass icon next to the cache name in the listing on the right of the maps. It's so hard to remember all the great caches I've watchlisted that I wanna grab later, that it would be such a help as I plan my caching day, when using the Google maps. Thank you in advance for considering my request.
  7. Here is what I do. I'm a paper cacher, meaning I always take the print out from the site (the 'make this page printer friendly' link). That way I got the coordinates, clue, description and paper to note any thing I might. Like who was along, any critters seen, what I left and traded for. Then I keep them in a 3 ring binder with a printout of the on-line log. (that comes from the 'print PDF link with last 5 logs) It's a lot of work, but I like being able to show it to friends, or look at it myself without having to use the 'puter. Luckily I only find about 50 or so a year, otherwise my note books would over take the house! Happy caching!
  8. I use the map screen also. Unlike the compass screen, for me, I have a better time visualizing where the cache is in relation to me. Plus the topo maps just look so darn pretty. When I get about 100 feet away I zoom to the 50 foot level. Just like everyone else, as you get to within 20-30 feet start to look for where you would hide a cache...
  9. Well, here is a thought. Since you moved over 500 miles with the unit 'off' (i assume), the SportTrac might not know what satilights to look for. So I would suggest the following: Get to 'setup menu' then go to 'initialize' then go to 'Europe' then scroll to 'Germany' Hit done, and then give your unit a good 15-30 minutes on with a good sky view and it should find its self. I hope that helps, I really liked my SporTrak. Used it for 5 years and never had any problems with it. Brian
  10. I had a similar idea, but one using watched caches. It seams the system already knows which caches I'm watching as the little glasses icon shows up on the search pages. This would be real sweet. Thanks for such a great site, you guys seldom get the 'job well done' from all of us. so Job well done!
  11. And NO bag limits! However Catch and Release is the general rule. Cache and Replace!
  12. I just got a 60csx, which I love, and topo 2008 as well. I'm on a mac, so I have the maps on my buddys PC. I haven't really been able to sit there and see what I can full do with it. What I am hoping I can do is great a file structure so that I could have all of Ohio in one and Indiana in another so that I could select on the GPSr which state I wanted to look at with just one map switch. I hope to just select the Ohio file, and not each map segment. I hope that I have explained this correctly. Thanks to everyone who helps.
  13. I got it on now, and I hope this is not going to be a 'joke' interview.... if so, I'm sorry
  14. As my girlfriend would say, "it's my only true love" BTW, I do love her very much too.
  15. HI, I just bought a 60CSx yesterday, and I can't get it to show up either. Have you figured it out yet? I guess i'll still use the old 'finger' method. LOL
  16. work, work, work. I don't mind the cold I just bundle up. I like caching in the winter. It is intresting to me how quiet the woods are in the winter. Hey geowizerd, is that your walking stick? if it is its pretty cool!
  17. Now that is funny! As a mac user I gotta say that is funny! Sorry to hi-jack this thread...
  18. I have loved my sport trac map for almost 5 years now. To answer your question, reguires a question.' are you trying to mark where you are right then? if so, you must wait until you are locked onto 4 satalites. Might be a thought to head outside to do this. Make sure you have a clear view of the sky so you can get at least 4. if you are trying to enter coordinates by hand, then just enter yes when it asks you if you wanna continue. when you are at the edit screen you can manually adjust the corrs. to what is listed on the cache page. hope this is of some help. Ill be online tomarrow if you have any other questions.
  19. I would most deffinetly visit additional waypoints just for the experence. The more I cache, the more intresting spots I have found. It's amazing to me how many little hidden places there are on our wonderful planet.
  20. Hey I saw you were looking for an unlined log-book, but had to use a scratch pad. If you are still intrested in a more long lasting log-book, I would sugest looking for an art supply store for a small sketch book. It would be niclely spiral bound so it will last. It will also have nice thick paper. Hope you get it listed, I love looking for letterbox hybreds.
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