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  1. As long as there is a log book, I will always write something. It might just be how hot it is, or how long it took, or if i am out of town why I am where I am. I guess I have always written a long log. I also read what ever is in there too.
  2. When I first started geocaching with either of my GPSr's I read and reread the owners manual.
  3. here is my area. for caching almost 7 years, it sure looks like I am lazy!
  4. I like to cache in the rain. I have a nice rain proof coat. I also have a small umbrella that I use to keep the rain off the cache when it is open. I guess I like it because there are less people out. Its nice to have the woods to my self!
  5. How are you able to get your pics so big? My only thought would be changing the DPI.
  6. This is the second time that I have had my GPS mysteriously reset the GPS software to 0. When this happens, it will not aquire sats but everything else works fine. Then I have to restore the software and it works fine. Does anyone know why this happens. I noticed that both times I had not used the unit for over a month. It only sucks because I only noticed when I was too far into my trip to turn back and grab my back up. Thank you all for your input.
  7. As a suggestion, you could always make a book mark for the 'other' place you cache. I guess it doesn't give you the once a week email, but at least you can take a quick look and see what is going on at the other place. I have bookmarks for all the different places I typically visit.
  8. I just want to ride the plane! Maybe it has the GC logo on the tail. That would be great! I would think it would have a TB number instead, now I would discover that one for sure!
  9. Here is an idea. Maybe make the DVD's a travel bug, that way many more people will get to see the film. It would also be cool to see where they travel too.
  10. Here is an idea. If you go to the page http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx you are able to select types of geocaches, and then you can choose to sort by zip code, state, coordinate, etc. It will the give you a list of that type only to view! I hope that helps. Brian
  11. I like the Geocaching Logo on the printer friendly pages, I really liked when there was Signal with a cache on the page. I also miss when the pages had the small icon that listed the direction and distance from my home coordinates. I haven't been able to check, but I also liked when a user posted a waypoint correction in a log that it printed with the printer friendly pages. Thank you for all your hard work!
  12. Oh boy now its fine, sorry to be so rash. Must have been a problem on my end. Thanks
  13. This morning I was looking at the google maps, and no caches will show up on them. I have reset Safari 3.2.1 on my Mac, and I cleared my cookies too. Also, the ads that show up on the left said 'server to busy' thanks Brian
  14. I wish I could say that geoccaching has kept me from doing chores. But alas work mostly keeps me from caching! Darn job, they make sure I show up!
  15. I just noticed when I have logged a cache as found, and add waypoint info to the log, it does not show up when I use the print pages feature with my log like it use to. I like to print out my logs to keep in my scrap book. Also, I thought it was useful information for others who took the printed logs with them in the field. I hope you bring that feature back. Thank you
  16. Since day (find) one I have been keeping everything geocache related in my 'notebooks'. I still am a paper cacher, so I print every page for every cache I look for. I keep notes on the page, such as what I trades for, critter sightings, etc. I also take many photos. When I am back hope, I put everything from the day into the notebook, (really just a 3 ring binder) and then get the pics I like the best printed and stick them in also. I also make a print out of the online log to keep as well. I guess I got a lot of time on my hands! But its a lot of fun for me to be able to look back anytime and see everything I've done. Luckily I only find 6 or 8 or so at a time, and cache about twice a month in summer otherwise my note books would take over the house! (I have 17 now!) Good luck keeping your memories together, it is very rewarding looking at the memories, and sharing them as well.
  17. after you place the geocoin in the geocache, go back to the cache page and post a 'note' to the cache. its just like a 'found it' log, except you don't get a smiley. as you are filling in the note, at the bottom (just like when you log it found) there is the place a trackable. hi-light it there, then post log and there it is! hope this helps
  18. I used a Sportrak map for over 5 years, and truly loved it. I only ever inputted the coordinates by hand. Just be careful, and double check before you head out it is a bummer to be in the wrong spot because I transposed the last three digits! To enter a caches coordinates use the button at the button, the man walking. Press it and it will 'mark' the spot you are currently at. use the center toggle button to hi-light the different data fields to what ever you need. I would change the way-point name to match the GCcode. Don't forget to take a printout of the cache page with you just to verify that all is correct when you get to ground zero. send me an e-mail via my profile if you have any other questions. I really enjoyed caching with my sportrac map, I am sure you will too! brian
  19. Glad to help a fellow Mac Cacher! Go Steelers!
  20. since you are on a mac, have you thought of using 'grab' program in your utilities folder to make a screen capture to print? I do it all the time and it works pretty good. i know workarounds are just that, but they are better than nothing. Brian
  21. One of my dearest friends, Jody, is an avid hiker. I guess once on a hike she stumbled upon a geocache. She told me about it. It took her a while to convince me to check it out. (She must have looked into it) After the second time she told me about it, and said 'I bet you will like this' I checked it out. That was almost 6 years ago. I even got to find a couple of caches with her.
  22. Here is what I do. If I have looked for any amount of time at GZ, and I do not come up with the cache, then I log a DNF. However if I am getting close to GZ and see some muggles, or get that 'shouldn't look here' feeling then I post a note and say Could Not Attempt (CNA). Mostly do that because I log everything I did that day, and I want to remember what happened. It also helps other cachers know what they might happen upon.
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