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  1. Way back in the day I saw one of these coins: GeocacheOhio 2006 Geocoins It is the shape of Ohio, with all the canals on it. I have recently become interested in canals, and would love it for my collection. I would be happy to buy it from you, and it doesn't need to be unactivated. (although that would be very cool) So if you have one you wanna part with, please PM or e-mail me. Thanks Brian
  2. Last night I dreamt a geocache was trying to find ME. with a nod to Seinfeld: http://www.hark.com/clips/qtjzhvrqls-had-a-dream-last-night-that-a-hamburger-was-eating-me
  3. For writing on metal pretty permanently, I would suggest using a Deco brand Paint pen. You can find them in art supply stores, or craft stores. The Sharpie brand is ok. Get the Deco brand, it really is better. Once you get either one, you must first shake it up, like spray paint. Then you have to 'activate' the paint by pressing on the nib in an up and down fashion (use a different piece of paper or cardboard for this) to get the paint to start flowing. Once its there, you might need to shake it or repress on the nib once and a while if you are working on a large project. Remember that it is paint, so it will take a minute or two for it to dry. But once it is dry it is pretty hard to remove. BTW, they also come in three line sizes, you would want an extra fine nib. Good luck with your project
  4. I think that is is a pretty good idea too. I almost always use the maps to plan a day of caching, so seeing a frowney would keep me on my toes.
  5. A few more thoughts from an artist. Be sure to clean the tire cover real well before you paint it. That will help the paint to 'stick'. I would also recommend using a higher quality paint, not the cheap acrylic in squeeze jars that are 99¢. Get something like Liquitex acrylic paint in the tube. Much brighter color and much better adhesion. I would also let it dry for a day before I coated with Crystal Clear from Krylon. While the paint will seam dry in an hour, it still needs a full day to really be set into the fabric. I wish you good luck with your project! Brian
  6. one thing I noticed: If I was connected to internet via wi-fi, it would crash. So I connected via 'wire' and it worked out fine, BTW I'm on a Mac.
  7. I too like to keep an analog copy of my finds, so this is what I do. After I make a log on a cache (found it, DNF or just a note) I go back to the cache page and down load a 'print with 5 logs'. That gives me a record of the cache and my log along with a map. Now when I am out caching I take a field notebook in which I record what ever I want to about the cache while I am there. Each cache gets it own page there. Next I put the printed cache pages with the log in a 3 ring binder, and then I tape the page out of the field notebook somewhere on those pages. Next, since I take so many pics when I am caching, I then add prints in between. All this work gets me a real nice scrap book of my caching adventures. But it takes lots of work, and lots of space. I am at 449 finds (in 8 years!) and they all fill up about 20 three ring binders, and two whole shelves. In fact i need to get a bigger shelf! I am sure you can come up with some suitable solution. It is nice to just run back and grab a notebook to show someone, or just to look back too. Happy caching
  8. try updating the ap to version 4.5.6 in itunes. before I updated it didn't 'work' at all.
  9. I might have had the same thing happen. I would try to have it look for caches, and it would come back with 'none'. What I did was up date my Ipod's OS to 4.1 (do this in Itunes) and then I updated the geocaching app to 4.5.6 (it's a free update) then everything was fine. I hope this helps brian
  10. I got to find one SW9, back in 2007. It was near a cache, http://coord.info/GCYYVW it was pretty cool!
  11. This is a good question. And this is my opinion. What I do is leave both logs on the page, the DNF and the smiley. It's part of the history of the cache, and it's fun to go back and read about the miss and the hit.
  12. What I have always wondered is, why is it called a 'Pocket Query'? My best guess is that it is a list of caches you can carry in your pocket. If anyone knows, please let me know. (for some reason I love understanding where words come from) thanks, BTW I just got my PQ for GeoWoodstock all loaded up!
  13. I am getting excited for GWSIX also, been slowly getting my gear together also. Thought I should remind you about rain gear, Let's hope we don't need it however. I am staying up in Jamestown. Had the hotel booked back in Feb! Looking forward to my first Mega, the train ride and getting my pic with Signal.
  14. Amazing that this and one other of the first three caches I found that day are still out there! This one has 271 finds on it! I still post the coordinates of most of the caches I find. I used to even write them in the log. edit: i can never spell coordinates!
  15. I like the new maps. One feature I miss is when I moused over the icon, a pop up with just the GC code and name came up. I am not referring to the balloon that pops up when you click on the icon. And thanks to all the lackeys for the hard work. brian i am using Safari 4.1.3 and OS X10.4.11 just in case.
  16. Saw this today! http://www.wired.com/thisdayintech/2011/05/0503geocaching-GPS-game-begins/ Just like on the website. Except no reference to the can o beans.
  17. I have been looking around at favorites, and thought it might me cool to show the number when using the map page. It could show in the small pop-up comes up from clicking on an icon on the map.
  18. I always had good luck with the left handed ones when I was a Boy Scout, never tried the ambidextrous type.
  19. I haven't started Favorite-ing yet. But what I was thinking was going back threw all my finds and giving 1 per 10 as I found them. That way old caches would get their due, and newer caches wouldn't be overly represented. Also I suppose as I think about all the caches I have found, many I did in the first years come back to mind just because of the excitement and newness of the hobby. BTW, merry Christmas
  20. Wow! That sounds like it was a lot of fun. BBQ and caching sure go good together. I hope you have as good a time next time.
  21. I manage an art supply store. Back in the 80's we used the 'elusive marker transfer technique' all the time to complete our projects. The only markers that work are the Chartpak AD markers, as they have a xylene base. All other brands do not work as they have an alcohol base. Those brands that do not work: Prismacolor, Copic, Tria, and Pro-marker. I might suggest using a spoon to lightly rub the design after applying the marker so that all the toner gets transferred. Also let the marker 'ink' dry just a bit after rubbing so that the toner has time to dry on the wood. If you remove it too fast the wet toner might leave little toner strings. It is a great technique for getting images onto surfaces that do not go into a printer.
  22. I love to cache in the the rain! It means that there will not be anyone else on the trail. BTW, before you hide your first cache, read the geocache hide guidelines first and get a good feeling about all that is required. It will help a lot. Have fun, I have cached for 7 years and think about it everyday!
  23. Yes you will, If you are like me and have 100+ caches on the watch list, the e-mails will add up fast. But it is cool to see all the activity.
  24. I am on a Mac to, since 1991 when I was in Art School. I just use the website Mygeocachingprofile.com then just copy and past the HTML into your profile. I actually only look at my stats there, i make my own maps.....ah art school makes you crazy!
  25. Yes I think that it is a great sig item. Most people who collect sig items like the handmade ones the best, I know I do. I make my own, and boy does it take a long time, but it is worth it. I might suggest using a paint pen. The paint is enamel so it dries fast and is waterproof. You should be able to get them at an art supply store or a craft store.
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